Thirukannangudi Temple History, Timings, and Darshan

Thirukannangudi Perumal Temple: History, Timings, and Darshan

Vashista Maharishi is said to have worshiped Lord Krishna by making an image out of butter. The butter didn’t melt because of his holy powers. So that Krishna could have some fun one day, he ate the butter figure. As soon as Vashistar saw this, he began chasing Gopalan, who ran toward the makizha maram. Some Mahāāās were deeply meditating under that tree. They caught him and tied him up next to the tree with the power of their prayers, or bhakthi. Because of this, the spot where Gopalan was tied up became known as Thirukkannangudi.

Thirukannangudi Temple Mythology and History

The Lord showed up here in front of Brahma, Sithirar, Gowthamar, Uparisaravasu, Brighu, and the Madarar maharishis. He showed up when they did penance under the mizha maram (little flower tree) that can be seen behind the Perumal sannidhi. People say that Lord Brahma talked about how great this tank was and how great the Perumal, who is Damodara Narayanan, was.

Thirukannangudi Temple Sravana pushkarini History

There is a holy tank called Sravana pushkarini behind the Perumal sannidhi. As the name suggests, all sins will be forgiven just by hearing the name of the pushkarini (sravanam). There is a word for “tank” in Sanskrit, and it is called “Sravana.” People who take a bath in the pushkarini will definitely be saved, and not even the Yama kinkaras, who work for Yama, the God of Death, will be able to bother them. The sthala vriksha, or kamizha maram, that was talked about earlier in this chapter is to the east of this tank. Many people believe that if they sit in the shade of this tree for a while, they will get better. People say it can fix even leprosy. A long time ago, there were a number of ashramams to the south of this mak-izha maram where the rishis stayed and prayed to the Lord. Manu, the king, was riding his carriage through the sky one day.

The chariot stopped moving all of a sudden. Therefore, he came down from the sky to find out what on earth was pulling his chariot back and stopping it from flying through the sky. It looked like a lot of rishis were praying there, and the power of their holy thought was stopping his chariot from moving. He got off the horse drawn carriage.

He met Gowthamar, Brighu, Saithiar, and other rishis who were praying there. He showed respect for them. They told him about how great this place was. He chose to stay where he was and meditate there. Lord Brahma was happy with how much these people had done to please him. He showed up with a kamandalam in his hand and told them to pick their blessing. Madarar asked Brahma to give them a glimpse of Lord Narayana as a blessing. Gowthamar and Brighu also thanked Brahma and asked to see Narayana. Brahma told them that as long as they prayed on the holy banks of the Sravana Pushkarini, their wish would come true and God would soon appear to them. Even people who read about how great Sravana Pushkarini is will be blessed with Lakshmi’s grace, Brahma told them. In the pushkarini, people who bathe in it will be freed from rebirths, and people who taste the water in it will definitely reach heaven. People who sit for a short time under the makizha maram and pour a small amount of water from the pushkarini at the tree’s root will also definitely reach heaven and see Lord Narayana. Brahma also said that Vishvakarma had built the yaga mantapam and that he had done an aswameda yaga on the banks of the river Sravana Pushkarini at the goddess’s request.

He said that besides the Sravana pushkarini, it has eight other pushkarinis, and each one stands for a different way. People say that these tanks have become holy since they are connected to this Krishnaranya kshetram. Now that all of this was said, Brahma began His discipline there. Perumal and Thayar showed up in front of Brahma. Brahma put them both on a chair and began to worship them. Some of the nearby rishis, like Madarar, Gowthamar, Brighu, and Saithyar, also came to see the Lord. They prayed to God and Thayar to stay on the edge of the tank and keep seeing the followers. After they asked, God in His archavataram is said to have shown up here in the month of Panguni (March–April) on Ashtami thithi under the Rohini star on a Friday. Brahma did a utsavam for Damodara Perumal on Pan-guni Rohini, which is the day that God showed up there.

A Rathotstavam was also held on the ninth day. People think that Brahma and other rishis have worshiped the Lord here at Thirukkannangudi on the banks of the Pushkarini for the last three yugas. Brahma gave this place the name Pancha Badra, which means “five-fold significance.”

Temples near Thirukannangudi

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