Thirukadaiyur temple

Thirukadaiyur temple History, Timings, Shasti Poorthi Details

Thirukadaiyur temple History

As per the Legend, Lord Siva blessed long life for Markandeya as this place. Markandeya was relieved from the death rope of Yama. One can see the marks of the death rope on Siva Linga during Nijaroopa Darshan.

Another interesting folklore associated with this temple, Abirami Bhattar an ardent of Goddess Parvati while in deep meditation answered wrongly to the King Sarfoji as full moon day while it is No moon day. The King who got angered with irrelevant answer and order to behead Abirami Bhattar if Moon doesn’t appear in the sky on the same day. Abirami Bhattar was placed on a cradle with fire camp on the below and started cutting one thread (balancing cradle) each time when he finishes the hymn on Goddess Abirami. At the end of the 79th hymn, Goddess appeared before him and brought the moonlight by throwing her earring. The King pleaded Bhattar for his ignorance and honoured him. The main deity is called by Amruthakadeswarar and the Goddess Parvati here called by Abirami.

The deity here was self-manifested. As per the folklore, Devas started consuming Amruth without offering prayers to Vinayaka. Lord Vinayaka decided to teach a lesson for Devas, for which he kept the pot in secret place. Devas realised their mistake and offered prayers to Vinayaka. The pleased Vinayaka then returned the pot. Devas who then placed the pot in Thirudayur and offered prayers for Lord Siva. Devas opened the pot to consume the nectar at the end and noticed the Siva Linga emerged out of the Nectar Pot. Hence the deity called by Amrita Kadeswarar.

This temple was built during the reign of Cholas in 11th Century.

Temple is known for Shasti Poorthi at the ages of 60 and 80 years.

Thirukadaiyur temple Timings

Morning Hours: 6:00 am – 12:00 pm

Evening Hours: 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm / 9:30 pm

How to reach Thirukadaiyur temple?

By Air

  1. Temple is 145 km from Tiruchirapalli Airport.

By Train

  1. Devotees can get down at Mayiladuthurai station if they are travelling Via Trichy.
  2. The devotee can get down at Nagore as well.

By Road

  1. Temple is 15 km from Karaikal, which can be reached by bus.

Thirukadaiyur temple Images

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  1. Hi my father is completing 60 years by july 1st. Astrologer said we should go one month before completion of 60. Which date is special to perform poojas?