Temples in Tirumala

Must Visit Temples in Tirumala

Temples in Tirumala which a devotee should visit before and after Lord Venkateswara Swamy Darshan.

Before going for Darshan, a devotee should take  a holy dip in Swamy Pushkarini and go for Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan which is at the entrance of Pushkarini. Only after Aadhi Varahaswamy Darshan, a devotee can have Lord Venkateswara Darshan. Tirumala is also called Aadhi Varaha Kshethra.

Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy Temple which is located right opposite to Mahadwaram (main Temple), next to Akhilandam where devotees lit lamps.


Temples In Tirumala

Temples In Tirumala


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      you can book 2 tickets at a time by using single login ID also you cannot have the option to book more laddus .


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