Surutapalli Temple Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam

Surutapalli Temple Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam

Surutapalli Temple Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam Ticket Cost: Rs.216


Surutapalli Temple Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam will be performed anytime during Temple Timings : 6 am –  1 pm and 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

About Dakshinamurthy

Dakshina means Southern Direction and murthy means Idol. Dakshina murthy is actually Lord Shiva, who sits facing southern direction.

Dakshinamurthy is regarded as the Guru of all Gurus – the embodiment of knowledge and the destroyer of ignorance. The Gnaana Mudra is interpreted thus: The thumb denotes God and the index finger denotes man. The other fingers stand for the three congential impurities of man, which are arrogance, illusion ( maya) and bad deeds of past birth ( Karma) . When a man detaches from these impurities, he reaches God.

Another interpretation is that the other three fingers denotes the three states of life: Jagrithi ( Fully awak through senses and mind), Swapna ( Sleep state when the mind is awake) and Sushupti ( deep sleep when the senses and mind withdraw into Aathma)

One must worship Dakshinamurthy for Gnana.

Best day to worship Dakshinamurthy

Thursday is best day for Dakshinamurthy Abhishekam or Pooja.

Dakshinamurthy at Surutapalli Temple is very powerful, whoever does abhishekam or pooja or lighting lamp with lemon, for 21 continuous weeks, will be benefited from this pooja and their wish will be fulfilled.