Subramanya Swamy Temple Gudivanka Kuppam

Subramanya Swamy Temple Gudivanka Kuppam

Sri Valli Devasena Subramanya Swamy Temple Gudivanka Kuppam, Gudupalli Mandal.

Temple is located at a distance of 16 km from Kuppam Town. Subraymanya Swamy Temple is located on hill top, a small stream flows at the foot of hills. Temple means Gudi and Stream means Vanka in Telugu,  Thus the place got the name as  Gudivanka. Temple is located is exactly located at the border of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states.

The best time to visit Sri Subramanya Swamy Temple in Gudivanka, is in the month August i.e. Krithika masam. During Aadi Krithika, which is the auspicious month for Sri Subramanya Swamy, lakhs of devotees from Andhra pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu visit this temple and offer their prayers.

Devotees pierce themselves with shoolam in to their tongue, with pins and spikes in their mouth, some will pierce pins on their backside and hangs themselves from the cranes.


How to reach this Subramanya Swamy temple ?

From Tirupati Bus Station, there is direct buses which runs to Kuppam at regular intervals and from Kuppam it takes 30 mins to reach Gudivanka. It is 15 mins walk to reach hill top from. Path to hill top is a mud road.


Subramanya Swamy Temple Gudivanka Kuppam


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