Srirangapatna Brahmotsava

Srirangapatna Brahmotsava Date and Timings, Vahana Details

Dress Code: Any decent outfit

Darshan duration: 20 to 30 mins during weekdays. 30 to 45 mins during weekends. 2 to 3 hours on festival days.

Srirangapatna Brahmotsava

Makara Sankranthi Brahmotsava

This festival will be celebrated in the month of pushya.

Vaikunta Dwara will be opened on the 6th day of the Brahmotsava for the devotee’s Darshan. The main deity will be decorated with Butter. In the night the main deity will be dressed with Vaikuntamudi crown.

Vaikunta Mudi festival (the wearing of Vaikuntha crown) will be celebrated in a grand. It is expected that 50 to 60k devotees will have Darshan on this special days. Laksha Deepotsava will be celebrated infront of the temple by the devotees.

Vaikunta Dwara (Door) will be kept open for the whole day which will be a feast for the eyes who visit the place on this occasion and feel happy to have the blessings of the Lord.

Ratha Sapthami Brhmotsava

Big Chariot festival (Dodda Rathothsava)will be celebrated on Shukla Sapthami which comes in magha masa.

  1. Ankurarpane will be performed
  2. Rathosava flag hoisting
  3. On the 5th day, Prahladotsava Purana will be conducted.
  4. On the 6th Day, Gajendra Moksha Utsava will be performed.
  5. On 7th day at 6:00 am, Soorya Mandal Vahanotsava will be performed.
  6. 0n the 7th day, Gajalakshmi Utsava and Mantopothsava will be performed.
  7. 0n the 7th day, around 1:00 pm, Rathothsava will be performed pulling the chariot around the temple.
  8. On the 9th day, Avabrutha Snana (bath) Seva will be performed
  9. At the end descending the flag marks the end of Brahma Rathothsava.