Srimukhalingam Temple

Srimukhalingam Temple in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh

Srimukhalingam Temple History

Someswara Temple dates to 6th – 7th century A.D.

Madhukeswara temple dates to the first half of the 10th century A.D, built during the times of Chalukyan and Orissan rulers.

Bhimeswara temple dates to 980 – 1015 A.D built during the reign of Aniyankha Bhima.

Srimukhalingam Siva Temples

Sri Madhukeswara Temple

The temple of Sri Madhukeswara Temple is the earliest of the three temples. The temple faces east and is accessible through a flight of steps and in front stands a plain Dwajasthambha, on a circular pedestal. The main shrine is enclosed in a high raised prakara wall with two entrances, one in East and other in South. The eastern entrance has a wagon-roof with tiered structure and kalasa sort of cusp adorns it resembling the khakara deul type of the Orissan temple. The eastern gateway leads to Nandi-mandapa which is covered with lime plaster and the mandapa houses the image of Nandi, the vehicle of Siva. The doorways are covered with designs of foliage scrolls, sculptures of a few erotic couples and other intricately carved designs.

A raised rectangular platform leads to Jagamohana, which also houses a bull. Beyond the mandapa in the temple, a typical Panchayatana example in having four small subsidiary shrines at the corners with the main temple of Sri Madhukeswara located at the centre. The temple proper has two structures, the first being a square deul and a rectagular Jagamohana plan and the temple proper has a triratha plan and is of the Pidha deul type.

Inside the Garbhagriha is found a Linga, which is unpolished. In front of the sanctum sanctorum is a flat-roofed Jagamohana supported by six plain pillars. Of the four corner shrines, two are found on the eastern side and the remaining two about the prakara wall. Each of them rises to about 30 feet in height and 12 feet in width and enshrines manusha lingas.

This temple is dated to the middle of the 8th century A.D

Sri Aniyamka Bhima or Bhimeswara Temple

The temple of Sri Aniyaka Bhima or Bhimeswara is situated on a platform, faces east and stands close to the Sri Madhukeswara temple and is separated from it by a prakara wall. The temple has a curvilinear superstructure over the sanctum sanctorium. The plan of the temple is the tri-Ratha and niches found on the central projection house the images of Dakshinamurthi, Brahma and Narasimha in southern, northern and western sides respectively. The temple has many inscriptions and some of them mention the name of the temple as Sri Aniyamka Bhimeswara, after the builder Vajrahasta II (982 – 1016 A.D).

Sri Someswara Temple

The last of the three temples in Sri Someswara situated at the entrance to the village. A polished manusha Linga is enshrined in the Sanctorum. The Bhadra projection of the wall has niches or corners on the facets. In the major niches, images of Ganesa, Karthikeya, Mahisasuramardhini etc., are housed. These niches are highly decorated and carved with intricate designs. The door-jambs on the western side have figures of Ganga, Yamuna, Dwarapalakas and on the lintel Navagraha and Gajalakshmi panels are situated. On the cardinal directions, panels of Surya, Siva and Lakulisa are carved above the mulamanjari.

Srimukhalingam Temple Darshan Tickets

S.NoEventTicket Cost
1Free Darshan
2Special DarshanRs.15
3Hair OfferingRs.10
6Lord PhotoRs.10

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How to reach Srimukhalingam Temple?

  1. The nearest Railway station is at Urlam, Railway Station Road, Kothapolavalasa, Andhra Pradesh 532425, which is 21 Km
  2. Temple is 46 km from Srikakulam
  3. Nearest Airport is at 164 km from Visakhapatnam

Srimukhalingam Temple

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