SriKurmam Temple History

SriKurmam Temple History – Sri Kurmanadha Swamy

As per the Legends, there was a King named Suta, who ruled over the region around a hill named Svethachala. His queen was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once it so happened that on an Ekadasi day the King made amorous advances to the queen and the lady prayed to the Lord to save her. Immediately, a wide stream flowed between the couple and separated them. The disgruntled king wandered about for some time, sought the advice of the sage Narada and settled down at the confluence of the Vamsadhara and the Sea for doing penance. Ultimately,  Lord Kurmanatha appeared before him and granted him mental peace. Lord Vishnu created a tank, known as the KshiraSamudra (ocean of milk) on a fine spot. His Consort, Goddess Lakshmi came and settled down here. King Suta constructed the temple.

Another interesting story associated with a prince of Anandapuri, who on seeing the divine nymph, Tilottama, dancing before the god, fell in love with her. The nymph cursed him and the prince fell prey to a nasty disease. He did penance here for three hundred years and relieved from the curse by the grace of the Lord.

Srikurmam Temple Timings

Opening Hours : 6:00 am – 7:45 pm

Abhishekam Timings: 4:30 am – 6 am; Ticket Cost – Rs.200 per couple

Kalyanotsavam Timings – 9 am; Ticket Cost – Rs.516 per couple

TimingsPooja name
6:00 amSuprbhata Seva





Mangala Snanam


Sarva Darshan

12:00 pmRajabhogam
7:00 pmNitya Thiruvaradhana



8:00 pmPavalimpu Seva

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How to reach Srikurmam Temple?

  1. Temple is 13 km from Srikakulam Old Bus station.
  2. Temple is 15 km from Srikakulam main bus station.
  3. Tempe is 25 km from Srikakulam Railway station.
  4. The Nearest airport is at Visakhapatnam which is 110 km away.

SriKurmam Temple History

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