Sriharikota rocket launch

Sriharikota rocket launch

Sriharikota rocket launch, Center, Satellite launching pad

In the year 1961, Homi J Baba established Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) to perform space research. Later, DAE emerged as Indian National Committee for Space Research in the year 1962. On 21st Nov 1963, Space research center launched Two-Phase sounding rocket which was imported from five countries. Aryabhatta, Rohini Satellites were launched from Russia. In the year 1969, It is renamed as Indian Space research Organization and identified Srihari Kota for building Space research center as it is 13 degrees to the orbit. With the success from ASLV and PSLV, ISRO in the year 10 Aug 1979, established SLV-3 e1 for satellite launching.

Srihari rocket center was built on an island between Pulicat Lake and The Bay of Bengal. It stretches on an area of 44,000 Sq,km. Right now, Sriharikota is holding two launching pads and the third one is in progress.

Sriharikota rocket launch pad

At initial days, research center used to launch Sounding rockets followed by SLV,ASLV rockets at launch pads. Later they built the permanent launching pad for major rockets. The research went from 1990  –  2005 before building the major launching pad. Center realized the necessity of launch pad for satellites in the year 2002.

With the cost of Rs.300 crores, SHAR built the advanced launch pad and PSLV C6 was first launched from this station.

Mission control was built with Rs.20 crores and started operations on 2nd Jan 2012.

Multi-Objective Tracking Radar Center was built with Rs.245 crores, to track 10 rockets in one stretch.

With Rs.628.85 crore, Vehicle assembly building (VAB) construction is in progress.

SHAR Entry Timings

Dates: Wed and Fri

Timings: 10 am –  5 pm

Entry fees: Free

How to reach Sriharikota rocket launch?

By Air

  1. The nearest airport is at Tirupati which is 106 km away

By Train

  1. Nearest railway station is at Sullurpeta which is 15 km away

By Bus

  1. Direct bus to Sullurpeta is available from Tirupati, Nellore, and Chennai.

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