Sri Paada Theertham

Sri Paada Theertham

Sri Paada Theertham is located deep in Tirumala Hills. It can be reached from Alipiri Mettu. 3 Hours trekking to reach this place. Holy Theertham in Seshachala Forest.

Mentor is required to reach this place as you pass through forest area, route goes by identification and not by regular path.

Bath here give good memory and peaceful life. Sages used to mediate here as this place is calm and away from public interaction.

Best time to visit this Theertham is during the months of N0v-Dec-Jan.


Sri Paada Theertham Video


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  1. kishan kumar poondi chetlur raghunathan

    Hello Sir,

    I am a devotee of Lord Balaji and also he is our family deity.

    I am also a nature enthusiast, trekker and very much interested in trekking to each and every waterfall in tirumala hills.

    Please tell me what is the procedure to obtain permission from the forest department to reach some of the theerthams located deep in the forest ?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dear Sir,

      If you are interested you can plan to visit Sesha Theertham which will be opened on 21st and 22nd Apr. I will let you know other Theerthams dates when available.


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