Solapur Siddheshwar Yatra

Solapur Siddheshwar Yatra Date, Timings, Importance

It is the 15 Day Cultural Festival.

Starting Day: Shakambari Purnima in the month of Magh.

Ending Day: Following Amavasya day.

As per the folklore, A young girl Kumbharkanyya expressed her wish to marry Siddarama. Siddarama denied her request instead granted permission to marry his Yogadanda, which is believed to be presented by the Lord Srisaila Mallanna.

It is one the major event during this festival, that bamboo sticks are decorated and performs wedding ritual treating them as Bride and Bride Groom. The decorated Bamboo sticks are called Nandi Dwajas, the devotees used to tie these sticks around their waist.

This festival is 900 years old and attracts devotees from Maharastra, Karnakata and, Andhra Pradesh.

Solapur Siddheshwar Yatra

DayEvent details
Day 1Thailbhisheka
Day 2Akshata
Day 3Homa is performed
Day 4Fireworks

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