Simhachalam Kappa Sthambam

Simhachalam Kappa Sthambam History, Benefits and Timings

Timings: 6:30 am – 9:00 pm.

Ticket Cost: Rs.25 per person

Simhachalam Kappa Sthambam Significance

This is a sacred pillar which is believed to possess a divine spirit. It is said that the devotee’s wishes will be fulfilled by the pay Toll to the Pillar.

Sri Santhana Venugopala Swamy Yantram was installed at the bottom of the pillar. It is believed that the childless couple will be blessed with a child on after Holding Divine Pillar.

As per the folklore, Devas installed this pillar at this temple. This pillar is located at the Garbha Griha Exit path.

How to reach Simhachalam Temple?

  1. Temple is 16 Km from Visakhapatnam city.
  2. The direct bus is available from Vizag to the temple.
  3. From Simhachalam, the temple can be reached either by footsteps or by roadways.
  4. It is 1000 steps to reach Temple entrance.