Significance of Trekking The Holly Hills

Significance of Trekking The Holly Hills: According to Thaithraya Upanishad, the Jeevatma/soul passes through five stages in its spiritual evolution, namely,

Annamayya, Pranamaya, Manomaya,Vignanamaya and Anandamaya kosams.

The piligrim to TIRUMALA approaches with Annamaya kosa. After a bath in Azhwar Theertham which is presumed to issue from Lord’s right toe and with faith in teachings of Nammazhwar whose shrine is near that theertham, the piligrim enters upon Pranamaya stage on his ascent to the Tirumala Hill.

When the pilgrim reaches the Mokaala Parvatham, the knee breaking ascent, the piligrim changes into Manaomaya kosam, a period of serious searching’s of the heart and the mind. SriRamanujar whose shrine is very much here is supposed to help him with meta physics of the real relationship between Prakruti, Jeevatma and Paramatma.

After reaching the hill top, and taking bath in Swami Pushkarini which is supposed to possess the virtues of all the sacred rivers pilgrim gets inspiration from Gnana Piran(SriBhoovaraha Swami ) and true knowledge or the Vignanamaya kosa.

The final stage is reached when the pilgrim worships Lord Venkateswara in His Aananda nilaya vimanam. So, worship of Sri Varahaswamy (Vignanamaya stage) should precede the worship of Venkateswara in Anandamaya kosa. When Anandam takes possession of the soul, there is no further need for vignanam as such. TIRUMALA is called Varaha kshetram.

Significance of Trekking The Holly Hills


  1. Need process of divya darshanam and is there a need for tickets to be procured, is it online?

    • HI Sir,

      There is no online bookings for divya darshan tokens only while trekking you can get the tickets


      • When we went by walk on 26th december we were not given divya darshan token at gali gopuram. they said it is only available at the place where we deposit luggage at alipiri foothills and only stamping is done at gali gopuram. Many were unaware of this and we went for free darshan.