Saneswara Theertham

Saneswara Theertham

Sanesawara did Penance here for Lord Sri Venkateswara, Whoever takes bath here will not be haunted by Saneswara. Bath in this theertham is good for strong planetary position. Saneswara theertham is located deep in the Tirumala forest. It is 2 hours 30 mins trekking from Kukkala Doddi Village to reach this place. Hill Rocks will be in dark color. Best time to visit Theertham is in the months of Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan.


How to reach this place?

1) Guide is required other theertham can’t be identified easily

2) From KukkalaDoddi, trekking towards Papavinasanam.


Saneswara Theertham Video


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