Sampangi Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple

Sampangi Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple Description

From the Mahadwara, one enters the courtyard of the Temple. Cheek by Jowl with the Gopuram, there is a small mandapam with two wings on their side and a pathway in the middle. This is the Sampangi Pradakshinam, that forms the outer Prakaram inside the temple complex. The Mandapam measures 11 mt square. Sampangi Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple Stands on 16 pillars. The open space here is about 3.6 mt wide but on the other sides, it is hardly 1.5 mt wide. There are several structures in Sampangi Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple.

The Bali Peetam and Dwajasthambam are located here. The sampangi Paradakshinam has a small mandapam in each of its four corners. These were constructed by Saluva Narasimha around 1470. The mandapams have four pillars measuring about 3 mt sq. During Vasanthotsavam, the processional diety is seated here.

Sampangi Pradakshinam Tirumala Temple

The sampangi Prakaram, that is the pathway for circumambulating the temple, lies between the first and the third Prakarams. The Sampangi Prakaram Contains Prathima Mandapam, Ranga Mandapam, Tirumalaraya Mandapam, Saluva Narasimha Mandapam, Aina Mahal and the Dwajasthamba Mandapam.

Previously, the south, west and north-facing prakarams of the Sampangi Pradakshinam were mere open spaces. In due course, corridors of the mandapam type were constructed touching the walls on one side and with pillars at the other end. On the south side, the corridor is about 6 mt wide, leaving an open space 9 mt wide for Pradakshinam.

In recent times, a number of storerooms or Ugrams have come up in the corridor. On the west, the corridor is 9 mt wide with three rows of Pillars. A large part of this space has been converted into rooms for storing provisions like Jaggery required of the food offering. The pounding and cleaning of these provisions also take place here.

The rooms for keeping the long and heavy dresses of the Lord, His bedrolls, Padi Pottu where the sweet and fried preparations are made, Yamuna Thurai where flower garlands are strung, the room where the soiled clothes of the Lord are kept, are all located here. The Vijaya Nadi i.e, the divine sprin, is also located nearby. Currently, this pathway is closed to the public.

In the Ramanuja Kutam here, provisions for pilgrims Annadanam are kept. The open space or Pradakshinam on the western side is 6 mt wide and that on the eastern end is 7.5 mt wide.

Legend has it that is called the Sampangi Pradakshinam because there were Champaka Trees here at one time.

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