Sakthi Katari Theertham

Sakthi Katari Theertham

Sakthi Katari Theertham most powerful and sacred Theertham in Tirumala. It is the Place where there will be no power to evil spirits. Whoever approaches this theertham with evil thoughts will be punished. This theertham is located deep in the Tirumala forest area. It will be hours trekking to reach this Theertham. Taking bath here will get blessing from Goddess Durga.

Water falls from high hills and mesmerizing beauty of the hills around.

It is an hour trekking from Old Papavinasanam Theertham to reach this place. One should be attentive here while crossing paths as edges are too sharp and one can slip down easily.


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  1. Hi sir, when will be the sakthi katari theertham open and how to reach it

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