Puttur Kattu

Puttur Kattu or Esalapuram Kattu (Puttur bone setting) History

Puttur Kattu dates back to the year 1881, when the native medicine invented accidentally by Gopala Raju.

Bone setter Gopala found the herbal medicine from the locally available plants to treat the fractured bones. One day it happened to notice the limping of a sheep lamb and taking a kindness to it, applied a herbal paste prepared from the plants located in the puttur hills. He is surprised to notice the quick recovery of the sheep lamb. Later, Gopala Raju tested this herbal paste on other animals before successfully applying this medicine on Humans. Gopala Raju served wounded soldiers during World War I and became popular. This bone setting procedure then called by the name “Puttur Kattu”

The importance of herbal paste preparation and application procedure was taught to his sister’s son, Suraparaju Subbaraju, who later carried the legacy to serve humans. He was invented by British Government to treat wounded soldiers at Chennai Government hospital during World War I and this has been gazetted. Currently, Suraparaju Prathap Raju, Son of Suraparaju Subbaraju did setup a hospital in Puttur.

Puttur Kattu (Bone setting) Procedure

People who have a fracture or sprain or a muscle or nerve pull will be treated here. Bone setter first checks for X-Ray if they have any, otherwise to determine the location and severity, he will press the dislocated region hard, it will be little painful act. Then the bone setter mixes the secret herbal medicine with egg whites and applies the paste on the dislocated region and bandage will be tied up.

For fractures, bamboo sticks will be placed around the region and bandage will be tied up on top it. Bamboo sticks will be placed after set righting the fractured bones and to avoid any dislocation further. Oil will be provided which should be poured on the bandage area for a week.

Again, after a week, this bandage (kattu) will be replaced with fresh bandage (kattu) and this process continues for 3 weeks in total, which means 21 days from the day of First Kattu. Usually 3 kattus for 3 continuous weeks are required for the fractured area to set right.

Puttur Kattu Timings at Puttur Town

Everyday Timings: 7:30 am – 6:30 pm

Rs.500 per visit (minimum) , it varies with the severity.

Hospital Name: Bone Setters of Puttur, Esalapuram, Rachapalem Post, Puttur Mandal – 517583

Puttur Kattu Treatment

  1. Bones Fracture
  2. Bones disjoint

Famous personalities who were treated

V.V.Giri , The then President of India.

Dr. NT Rama Rao, famous politician and film personality.

Dr. Prathap.C.Reddy, Apollo Hospitals Chairman

Krishnam Raju, Film Aritist.

Puttur Kattu Chennai Address

#34/1, Dr. Alagappa Road, Opp. Shri Raj Mahal, Near V.K.Hospital, Purasawalkam, Chennai – 600 084

Contact number: +91 94417 75500

Puttur Kattu Timings

Tuesday: 5 am  – 6 pm

Wednesday : 5 am – 2 pm

How to reach Puttur Kattu Hospital ?

  1. Bone Setting Hospital is 2 km from Puttur Railway station. Share auto rickshaw running to hospital at high frequency. Puttur is 34 km from Tirupati
  2. Tirupati to Puttur bus frequency is quite high. Bus routes, Nagalapuram, chennai, Tiruttani, Tiruvallur, Nagari goes via Puttur.
  3. Puttur Bone setting hospital is 31 km from Tirupati International Airport.
  4. Chennai to Tirupati, runs via Puttur Railway station.

Reference Link: Esalapuram Kattu


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