Poolangi Seva

Poolangi Seva Procedure

This Seva will be performed in Ekantham only by the temple priests. Online booking, Current booking and Lucky dip booking are not available at this moment for this Seva.

Poolangi Seva Details

After the mid-day Puja on Thursday, the Lord will be dressed only in Dhoti and Uttariyam. The Kasturi will also be removed leaving only a thin mark. Later in the evening after performing Suddhi the flowers which are brought for decorating the Murti will be taken inside the Sanctum Sanctorum. The Lord will be dressed with an ordinary Dovati. This process is called Sadalimpu or Sallimpu which means loosening or removing.

After evening Puja and Offering Naivedyam to the Lord, a laced velvet gown will be put on the Murti and the body will be decorated fully with garlands of flowers extending from the crown to the feet. This decoration exclusively with flowers is called Poolangi Seva.

It is believed that this Seva was in place from 8th Century.

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  1. Hi sir/Madam
    My baby weight is 8kg ..Whether we need to bring the birth certificate or not.. How many of them can go for weighing … Any timing for weighing procedure sir/madam. It has a separate queue or we can come in the free darshan queue or any special queues …

    • Dear Sir,
      If you kid is under 12 months then you can avail special darshan thru Supadam. If you kid is above 12 months then you would need to book Rs.300 (e-special entry darshan) tickets online at ttdsevaonline website.
      1. Enter Darshan line and keep going
      2. After Entering Mahadwaram i.e main temple gopuram. You can check for Thulabharam on the lefthand side.
      3. Detach from the line and move to Thulabharam site
      4. Staff will weigh the person and let you know the amount to be paid at the Bank which is available there.
      5. On paying amount. get the receipt and show the receipt to the staff
      6. Now they will weigh the person with actual item (like jaggery, coins..etc)
      7. After completing this event, join back darshan line.


  2. we are 35 member looking for suprabhatam seva ticket can you guide me

    • Dear Sir,
      One can book 2 Seva tickets using 1 login ID. For 35 tickets, you would need 18 login IDs. Sevas quota will be released online on 2nd Sep at 11 am.

      Steps to be followed while booking

      Keep your ID proof details in hand
      Make sure your bank account is having good balance if you are using Debit Card.
      Have patience while booking, it may go up to 2 hours
      Photo dimensions should be 150 x 150, it should not exceed 20 kb. Try to limit your photosize to 18 kb
      For multiple bookings, please create additional login IDs
      If you are facing error “Booking limit exceeded” , try booking from different ip
      Only one photo needs to be uploaded while booking. For the second person it is only details required
      Children below 12 years don’t need tickets. It is free entry for them

      Please let me know if you need more details

  3. Dear sir,
    Please let me know the sevas which are performed infront of the moola first?

    • Dear Madam,
      Suprabhatha Seva, Archana, Thomala, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu, Nijapada Darshanam, Tiruppavada, Poorabhishekam, Vastralankara Seva, Sahasra Kalasabhishekam

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  6. How can I see Poolanki seva. Pls. Detail the procedures.

  7. How Can I get poolangi seva tickets