Pitra Dosha Puja in Haridwar Date and Timings

Pitra Dosha Puja in Haridwar Date and Timings, Cost an Puja Procedure

Haridwar Ganga ghat is known for floating the ashes of the dead in the Ganga. Participating in the pitra dosh puja in Ganga ghat helps to satiate the souls of dead ancestors, reduce the effect of bad karma, attain moksha, and get rid of all financial issues. On Amavasya, peoples perform rituals such as til tarpan, shraddha, and pind daan on Ganga ghat for satiating the souls of ancestors.

Significance of pitra dosha puja in Haridwar

Participates in pitra dosh puja on the banks of the holy river Ganges to attain moksha, reduce the effects of bad karma and attain financial stability.

Pitru dosh nivaran puja:

In a horoscope, pitru dosh indicates that a person has not done enough for his ancestors or they remained dissatisfied with him because of some reason. It can also occur when a family member dies an unnatural death or if someone has not offered his respects to the souls of their loved ones. To remove pitru dosh one should perform shradh puja.

Benefits of pitru dosh nivaran puja:

  1. This puja is beneficial to recover from the bad condition in the family and lead a successful and progressive life again.
  2. It also removes hurdles in professional and career life by proving greater opportunities to progress.
  3. It also removes hurdles in professional and career life.
  4. Couples facing childbirth problems will be blessed with a healthy baby.
  5. It also removes health issues.

Effects of Pitra Dosha Puja in Haridwar

  1. There will be no male child born in the family to carry on the generation or no child in the family.
  2. Frequent abortions may take place.
  3. There can be children in the family who do not want to get married or despite many efforts, no suitable match could be found for the marriage.
  4. Lack of interest in Business or education or profession for family members even though they are qualified.
  5. Children in these families may be born with physical or mental limitations or even the ones who are born normal.
  6. Health and hygiene-related issues at home and for family members.
  7. Scarcity always revolves around these families and they hardly find any luck or prosperity in whatever they try to do.

When to perform pitra dosh puja:?

  1. Amavasya and Ashtami are traditionally considered to be the most auspicious days for carrying out the Pitru Dosh Niwaran.
  2. This pooja is also performed by some people on the day of Pitru Paksha.
  3. In addition, this Pooja needs to be carried out on the very final day of the Pitra Paksha. This pooja needs to be performed after examining the individual’s Kundli and seeking advice from a knowledgeable person.

Dress code for performing the pooja:

A person has to bring only new clothes like a white dhoti for male for female saree, etc.

Pitra Dosha Puja in Haridwar Dates

Month Pitra Dosha Puja 2023 Dates
Jan 2023  1Jan , 4Jan , 8Jan , 12Jan , 15Jan , 19Jan , 22Jan , 28Jan , 31Jan
Feb 2023 4Feb, 7Feb, 10Feb, 15Feb, 19Feb, 24Feb,28Feb
Mar 2023 4Mar, 7Mar, 10Mar, 14Mar, 18Mar, 24Mar, 28Mar, 31Mar
Apr 2023 3Apr, 7Apr, 11Apr, 14Apr, 20Apr, 23Apr, 27Apr, 30Apr
May 2023 3May, 7May,12May, 17May, 20May, 25May, 28May, 31May
Jun 2023 3Jun, 8Jun, 14Jun, 17Jun, 21Jun, 24Jun, 28Jun
Jul 2023 1Jul ,5Jul, 11Jul, 15Jul, 18Jul, 22Jul,26Jul, 29Jul
Aug 2023 2Aug, 7Aug, 11Aug, 15Aug, 18Aug, 22Aug, 26Aug, 29Aug
Sep 2023 3Sep, 8Sep,11Sep, 14Sep, 22Sep, 25Sep, 30Sep
Oct 2023 3Oct, 6Oct, 9Oct, 12Oct, 20Oct, 23Oct, 28Oct, 31Oct
Nov 2023 4Nov, 7Nov, 16Nov, 19Nov, 25Nov, 28Nov
Dec 2023 2Dec, 5Dec, 9Dec, 13Dec, 16Dec, 22Dec, 25Dec, 29Dec