Pitra Dosh Puja in Ujjain: Cost, Dates, Timings, Vidhi, and Benefits

Pitra Dosh Puja in Ujjain: Puja Cost, Effects, Benefits, and Pooja Procedure

  • Puja Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • Puja location: Ramghat, near Harsiddhi Temple, Ujjain.
  • Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Timings: 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Dress Code for Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

  • Men are to wear Dhoti, Gamcha, or Kurta Pajama
  • Women wear a saree or Punjabi dress. Please avoid black and green-colored clothes for this puja.

Effects of Pitra Dosh

  1. Land related issues
  2. Health issues
  3. Hurdles in the work
  4. Sudden death in the family
  5. Pregnancy delay
  6. Marriage delay
  7. A dead person appears in dreams frequently.
  8. Differences between Husband and wife.
  9. Disputes within the family.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Procedure in Ujjain

  1. Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja also called by Moksh Narayan Bali Puja
  2. This Puja can be performed in 1 or 3 days.
  3. One day of simple puja cost Rs. 3500.
  4. Three days (Narayan Nabali Puja) is a complete Puja, which costs Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 18,000 (Excluding Food and accommodation)
  5. Puja cost includes Puja materials and Pandit Ji Dakshina.
  6. One can only have Ujjain Mahakaal Darshan before Puja.
  7. After Puja, one cannot visit the Temple for Darshan.
  8. One should take a headbath and leave the clothes after Puja.

Pitra Dosh Puja 2024 Dates in Ujjain

MonthPitru Dosh Puja Dates
Jan 20244jan, 8Jan, 13Jan, 18Jan, 21Jan, 23Jan, 25Jan, and 31Jan
Feb 20241Feb, 4Feb, 6Feb, 15Feb, 18Feb, 22Feb, and 27Feb
Mar 20241Mar, 3Mar, 6Mar, 8Mar, 13Mar, 16Mar, 20Mar, 26Mar and 30Mar
Apr 20242Apr, 4Apr, 9Apr, 12Apr, 16Apr, 20Apr, 22Apr, 26Apr, 29Apr
May 20241May, 7May, 10May, 14May, 17May, 19May ,24May ,27May, 29May
Jun 20243Jun, 6Jun, 10Jun, 13Jun, 16Jun, 20Jun, 23Jun, 25Jun, 30Jun
Jul 20243Jul, 7Jul, 11Jul, 14Jul, 17Jul, 20Jul, 22Jul, 28Jul, 31Jul
Aug 20243Aug, 10Aug, 13Aug, 15Aug, 20Aug, 23Aug, 30Aug
Sep 202412 Sep, 18Sep, 21Sep, 24Sep, 28Sep, and 30 Sep
Oct 20243Oct, 7Oct, 9Oct, 14Oct, 17Oct, 21Oct, 24Oct, 29Oct
Nov 20243Nov, 7Nov, 9Nov, 14Nov, 17Nov, 21Nov, 29Nov
Dec 20241Dec, 4Dec, 6Dec, 12Dec, 18Dec, 21Dec, 26Dec and 31Dec
2024 puja schedule

For more details, Please call or WhatsApp 737-687-7047

A minimum of 1 to 2 weeks of booking is advisable. Amavasya days will be crowded.

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja Benefits

  1. Removes Dosh related to pregnancy delay
  2. Removes Dosh related to marriage delay
  3. Peace of mind and family well-being
  4. A good relationship between Husband and wife
  5. Positive vibes and recovering from illness

Auspicious days for Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja

  1. Amavasya day
  2. Pitru Paksha Days
  3. Mahalaya Amavasya Day
  4. Any Shukla Paksha Day
  5. Auspicious dates as mentioned in the chart.