Palguna Theertham

Palguna Theertham

Legend of Palguna Theertham

Arundhati, wife of Sage Vasista, did penance near a lake on Venkatachala. Pleased with her austerities goddess Lakshmi revealed herself before Arundhati on the full moon day of the month of Phalguna (March) and granted her prayer. She named the lake as ‘Palguna Theertham’. Those who bathe in this Theertha following the procedure laid down on the full moon day of Phalguna (March) will be blessed by Lakshmi. Some sages have their hermitages near this theertha.


It is 2 hours trekking through the forest area from KukkalaDoddi Village. Mentor is required to reach this theertham, one can easily lost the track without proper guidance.

Palguna Theertham video


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