Orchha chaturbhuj mandir

Orchha chaturbhuj mandir History, Timings and Route info

Dress Code: Any decent outfit

Darshan Duration: 15 to 20 mins during weekdays. 60 to 90 mins on festival days.

Best Time to visit: Sep to May.

Orchha chaturbhuj mandir History

This temple was built by the King Madhukar Shah during 1554 and 1592 AD. The queen Ganesh Kunwari wanted to install Lord Rama Idol after the construction. The temple construction was delayed due to Mughal Invasion on the Western Bundelkhand and the death of Prince Horaldev. Hence, Maharani installed Lord Rama Idol in her own palace. Later the temple was renovated by the King Veer Singh during 1605 – 1627 AD. The present form the temple architecture reflects Bundela style.

History of Raja Ram Mandir

It is said that Maharani is an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and the King worship’s Lord Krishna. Once the King and the queen travelled to Mathura and offered prayers to Lord Krishna. The queen expressed her wish to visit Ayodhya as well. The king asked her to travel on her own to Ayodhya. While on her travel to Ayodhya, she asked her servants in Orccha to construct the temple for Lord Rama. Impressed with queen’s devotion Lord Rama expressed his willingness to travel to Orccha on three conditions.

He will take a seat wherever He is placed, He is the Raja and He will rule Orchha. On her return, she placed the Idol in her kitchen and resumes the work. Hence, Rani Mahal becomes Raja Ram Mandir. As per the Lord Rama’s wish, the King leaves Orchha.

LakshmiNarayan Temple, Orchha

The temple walls were painted with Lord Ram and Krishna’s life stories. Walls were also painted with war with Britishers.

Rai Praveen Mahal

Rai Praveen a beautiful dancer and a witty poet. Prince Indrajit Singh fell in love with her which leads to construction of Rai Praveen Mahal.

Places to visit in Orchha

  • Raja Mahal
  • Jahangir Mahal
  • Rai Praveen Mahal
  • Lakshminarayan Temple
  • Chathurbhuj Temple
  • Raja Ram Mandir

It takes 5 to 6 hours to cover all these places.

Orchha Heritage Walk

  • Elephant’s stable
  • Houses of the ministers and cooks/ servants
  • The bathing place

Heritage walk can be planned after having Lunch.

How to reach Orchha chaturbhuj mandir?

  • The nearest Railway station is at Jhansi which is 15 Km away.
  • The direct bus is available from Jhansi to Orchha with high frequency.
  • Orchha railway station is small and train halts here for 2 to 3 mins max.