Narayan Nagbali 2020 Puja Dates

Narayan Nagbali 2020 Puja Dates, Trimbakeshwar and Ujjain

Jan 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
5Jan Sunday
8Jan Wednesday
12Jan Sunday
16Jan Thursday
22Jan Wednesday
25Jan (Shavan) Saturday

Feb 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
1Feb Saturday
4Feb Tuesday
8Feb Saturday
11Feb Tuesday
14Feb Friday
17Feb Monday
21Feb Saturday
28Feb Friday

Mar 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
3Mar Tuesday
6Mar Friday
11Mar Wednesday
16Mar Monday
20Mar (Shavan) Friday
27Mar Friday
30Mar Monday

Narayan Nagbali Apr 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
3Apr Friday
6Apr Monday
9Apr Thursday
12Apr Sunday
16Apr (Shavan) Thursday
23Apr Thursday
26Apr (Akshaya Tritiya) Sunday

May 2020 Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates

Date Day
1May Friday
5Apr Tuesday
8Apr Friday
13Apr Wednesday
20Apr Wednesday
23Apr Saturday
27Apr Wednesday
30Apr Saturday

Jun 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
2Jun Tuesday
5Jun Friday
10Jun Wednesday
16Jun Tuesday
20Jun Saturday
24Jun Wednesday
27Jun Saturday

Jul 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
3Jul Friday
7Jul Tuesday
14Jul Tuesday
17Jul Friday
21Jul Tuesday
26Jul Sunday
30Jul Thursday

Aug 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
4Aug Tuesday
10Aug Monday
14Aug Friday
17Aug Friday
23Aug Sunday
27Aug Thursday
31Aug Monday

Sep 2020 Narayan Nagbali Puja Dates (Pitru Paksha)

Date Day
6Sep (Pitru Paksh) Sunday
9Sep Wednesday
12Sep Saturday
15Sep (Pitru Paksh) Saturday
22Sep Tuesday
27Sep Sunday

Oct 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
4Oct Sunday
7Oct Wednesday
11Oct Sunday
14Oct Wednesday
20Oct Tuesday
24Oct Saturday
31Oct Saturday

Nov 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
3Nov Tuesday
7Nov Saturday
11Nov Wednesday
17Nov Tuesday
20Nov Friday
30Nov Monday

Dec 2020 Puja Dates

Date Day
1Dec Wednesday
5Dec Saturday
8Dec Tuesday
11Dec Friday
14Dec Monday
18Dec Friday
25Dec Friday
28Dec Monday

Best Days for the Pooja

  1. Performing Pooja during Pitru Paksha days yields best reults.
  2. Pitru Paksha and Amavasya is the Best for this Pooja.
  3. If not Amavasya day will yield the best results.
  4. Good to perform Pooja on Ashlesha Star day.

Pooja Benefits

  1. Unsatisfied spirits attain salvation.
  2. Relieves from fear and danger
  3. Restores well-being in the family.
  4. Bless with Good and healthy children.
  5. Mental peace and harmony in the work-life.

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