Nala Kona Falls

Nala Kona Falls Near Tala Kona Falls

Nala Kona Falls which is at a walk able distance from Tala Kona Falls contains medicinal properties. A bath in these falls will cure bone related problems. And will be more energetic after bathing here. Water here comes out of Rocks at a low height.


How to reach Nala Kona falls?

15 – 20 mins walk to these from Tala Kona falls. No need to trek any hills to reach this place.

Well before starting to Tala Kona falls trekking, there is a direction on the right side from forest entry gate, which will take you this place.

It is at left when coming down thru steps, from TalaKona Waterfalls to forest entry post.



1) If you don’t know swimming then don’t try to get into water without proper accessories

2) Don’t trek alone to this place, Guide is required.


Nala Kona Falls Photo Gallery


Falls Video




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