Nagapanchami Kala Sarpa Dosh Pooja

Nagapanchami Kala Sarpa Dosh Pooja Timings, Ticket cost and Pooja details

28th Jul auspicious day for this Pooja. The crowd will be high as many planned to perform Pooja on this special day.

Pooja Timings: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Pooja Duration: 1 – 2 hours.

Auspicious time: Rahu Kalam Timings in a day.

Ticket cost: Rs.300, Rs.750, Rs.1500, Rs.2500  or Rs.5000.

No.of persons allowed: Single or Couple

The extra person needs additional tickets and cost Rs.50 or Rs.200 for one person.

Pooja duration: 45 mins followed by main Deity Darshan

Pooja material will be provided by the temple itself. No need to purchase any Pooja materials from outside.

One will attain best results by performing pooja on this special day.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit will be accepted.

Anyone can perform this Pooja. No restriction on the age. Parents can perform this Pooja on behalf of their children.

Pooja locations: Sri Kalahasti, Trimbakeshwar, Ujjain and Rameswaram.

Nagapanchami Kala Sarpa Dosh Pooja Benefits

  1. To avoid delay in the marriage.
  2. To avoid delay in the pregnancy.
  3. Removes Hurdle in the job opportunities
  4. For good career growth.
  5. Removes Kala Sarpa Dosh.
  6. For business growth.
  7. For Higher Studies.
  8. For abroad opportunities

Reference Link: Sarp Dosha Pooja