Naga Theertham

Naga Theertham Tirumala

Naga Theetham, holy water body in Tirumala Hills. Whoever takes bath here will rectify have Naga Dosha. After bath one should performs 3 Pradakshinams to the Idols which is next to Theertham. Bath and Pradakshinams here, will result in strong planetary positions.

If one can’t take bath, at least sprinkle water on the head to get rid of Dosham.

This theertham is located deep in the forest It takes around 1 hour 30 mins trekking from Kukkala Doddi Village Forest.

Best Time to Visit this Theertham is in the months of Jan-Feb-Mar.

Naga Theertham Gallery

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Naga Theertham Video


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  1. how to reach nagatheertham from bangalore ?

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