Nadi Jyothisham Secunderabad: Cost, Benefits, and Booking Procedure

Nadi Jyothisham Secunderabad: Cost, Benefits, and Booking Procedure

Life is full of unknowns. Fortunes change all the time, even for people who were born into wealth. A lot of it depends on luck and hard work. 98% of events happen because people sweat and 1% happen because they are inspired. But all the sweating is for nothing without that one percent of motivation. Men and women have both come from nothing in a lot of different situations. The path from “Log Cabin to White House” is set in stone. There are a lot of driven people who don’t want to talk. Some people lose everything in life because they have too many goals. Even though they have a lot, only a certain few people are truly happy. On the same good land, people are living in plenty and people are struggling to get two square meals a day. Health, wealth, and beauty are all things that can change. Nothing will last forever. People still want to know what the future holds for them, even though they know that life is short. Vaitheeswaran Koil Nadi’s astrology is authentic and can be trusted.

Nadi Jyothisham Secunderabad

Nadi granthas were written by sages such as Agasthya Nadi, Kowsika Nadi, Suka Nadi, Mahashiva Vakyathulya Nadi, Mahashiva Sukshma Nadi, and others. It is clearly written in Nadi granthas about previous birth and karmas, present birth and relationships, education, properties that one possesses, family, health and longevity, etc. Even though they are really basic, only skilled readers will be able to understand these poetically written palm leaves, which are mostly written in Tamil. There are 128 different types of thumb impressions, which are the basic requirement for subsequent analysis. Each type of thumb impression has distinct qualities and leaf bundles are available.

As soon as the bundle with the thumb impression is found, the Nadi reader sits with the client and goes over each palm leaf one by one. This has an abundance of names with historical and recent data. Once a few leaves are examined, one leaf emerges that accurately contains the following information: the name of the customer, his parents’ names, his birthdate, birth sign, planets and their positions, the number of siblings, the number of marriages (if any), the name of his wife or husband, the number of children, etc. It also contains details about the client’s present employment and that of his parents. It is not guaranteed that everyone gets their “Nadi leaves” in the prescribed order.

These leaves discuss a variety of topics that surprise and sometimes embarrass people, such as political careers, accidents, divorce, love affairs, and unexpected wealth.

  • Kandam 1: Name of individual in the current birth and name of parents, Number of brothers and sisters, family forecasts such as Name of spouse or wife; the number of children, if married. Provide an introduction to the profession and a synopsis of the next 12 Khandams (12 Chapters).
  • Kandam 2: Speech, Eye-Sight, Family, Education, and Finances.
  • Kandam 3: The number of brothers and sisters, Positive or negative relationships with siblings, fortitude, bravery, perseverance, and accomplishments.
  • Kandam 4: Mom’s health, Assets, Real Estate, Home, Cars, Extravagance, and Life’s Joys.
  • Kandam 5: Children: Births, Problems with conception and how to solve them, Adoptions, A thorough forecast of the child’s or children’s future.
  • Diseases, Debts, and Enemies (Kandam 6). Court cases: Solutions for all issues.
  • Kandam 7: When Should I Get Married? If Not, Why Wait? Duration, compatibility, problems in marriage, the separation between the bride’s home and the bridegroom’s, and the Lagnam planetary position in the prospective bride or groom’s horoscope.
  • Kandam 8: Month, Date, Day, Time, Star, Lifespan, Accident, and Danger to Life, Age Lagnam, the Death Place.
  • Kandam 9: Prophecies about fatherhood, wealth, visiting temples, good fortune, holy men’s upadesam, and giving charity.
  • Kandam 10: Future forecasts regarding occupation, employment, business, relocation, and other good and bad things.
  • Kandam 11: Earnings, any subsequent marriages, etc.
  • Kandam 12: Next birth or accomplishment of Salvation (Moksha), Foreign trips, and expenditure and its justifications.

Nadi Jyothisham Cost in Secunderabad

Agastiya NadiRs. 2500
Siva NadiRs. 4500
Vadishwara NadiRs. 6500
Nadi astrology charges

For more details, please call or WhatsApp 94441-76673

A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to find the right palm leaf.

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