Must see Temples in Tirupati

Must see Temples in Tirupati

Must see Temples in Tirupati during your trip.

Sri Padmavathi Temple

Tiruchanoor, is about 5 km from Tirupati and 5.5 Km from Railway station. The temple of Sri Padmavathi Devi, the consort of Lord Sri Venkateswara is situated here.
Alamelu mangapuram is home to the temple of Sri Alamelu (Padmavati), consort of Sri Venkateswara. It is believed that the goddess Alamelu, an Avatar of Lakshmi, was born the daughter of Akasha Raja, the ruler of this region, and wed Venkateswara of Tirupati.

Sri Kapileswara swamy Temple

The great Shiva Linga in Kapila Theertham was established and worshiped by a great saint whose name was Kapila Maharshi in ancient days. That’s why the Lord in this temple is called Kapileswara swamy, and this place is called Kapila Theertham as The sacred waterfall called “Kapila Teertham ” (also known as “Alwar Teertham”) is located here.

Sri Govindaraja swamy Temple

According to scriptures available with the TTD, the presiding deity of Govindaraja in leaning posture was shifted from Chidambaram (Tamil Nadu) when the local Chola emperor announced dismantling of the statue. On learning about its shifting to Tirupati, Vaishnavite savant Bhagawad Ramanuja arrived here in 1130 A.D and consecrated the same as per ‘Vaikhanasa Agama’ doctrine at the place where it exists today.It is said that the temple had Sri Parthasaarthi (Lord Krishna as the charioteer of Arjuna) on the main altar but Sri Ramanujacharya added the deity of Sri Govindaraja Swami


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