Mukkoti Karthika Masam

Mukkoti Karthika Masam

Mukkoti Karthika Masam Festival dates and Timings, Pooja details

Date Day Pooja details
23-10-2017 Karthika Somavaram Ekadasi Rudrabhishekam
30-10-2017 Karthika Somavaram Mahanyasa Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam
6-11-2017 Karthika Somavaram Rudrabhishekam
13-11-2017 Karthika Somavaram Chandanabhishekam
20-11-2017 Karthika Somavaram Viboothi Abhishekam
27-11-2017 Karthika Somavaram Laksha Bilwarchana
3-12-2017 Sunday Karthika Deepam, Pournami
4-12-2017 Monday Sahasra Pattabhishekam
11-12-2017 Monday Rudrabhishekam, Rudra Homam
15-12-2017 Friday Laksha Kumkum Archana
29-12-2017 Friday Vaikunta Ekadasi
1-1-201 Monday New year, Pournami,

Sarva Darshan 4:00 onward

6:00 pm Procession

2-1-2018 Tuesday Arudra Star

Procession at 6:00 am


Abhishekam on Mondays during Karthika Masam is available from 5:30 am onward.


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