Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple Punganur

Sri Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple Punganur Sthala puranam

This is the place, where Parasurama did penance for  Sri Varadaraja Swamy. Sri Parasurama installed The Varadaraja Swamy Idol and requested Viswa Karma (the architecht) to built the temple for Manikya Varadaraja Swamy.

Bhrugu, Bharadwaja, Angeerasa, Vashista, Markandeya, Athri, Koundinya sages joined with Viswa Karma in building this temple.

Later, Janamejaya ( Son of Parikshit, Grandson of Abhimanyu, Great Grandson of Arjuna) renovated the temple and named this place as Punya puri. As time passes by, Punya puri changed to Punganuru.

Punganur is also called as Parasurama Kshethram.

Important festival days

Mukkoti Vaikunta Ekadasi , Mukkoti Vaikunta Dwadasi days will be celebrated in a grand.

Vaisaka Masam which is second month in Lunar Calendar, is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu.

Annual Brahmotsavam will be conducted during Vaisaka Masam, which starts on Vaisaka Suddha Astami and continues for 11 days.

Kalaynotsavam another major event, which will be celebrated on Vaisaka Suddha Chaturdasi.

Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple Punganur History

Temple was renovated many times. This temple architect reminds Cholas and Pallavas culture. This temple is of 1000 years old.

Every Friday,  Swamy Nijaroopa Darshan is available after Panchamrutha Abhishekam.

How to reach Manikya Varadaraja Swamy Temple Punganur?

  1. From Tirupati Central bus station, Direct buses available to Punganur at regular intervals
  2. From Punganur Bus station, it takes 15 mins by hired auto.

Temple Gallery

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