Mahabalipuram Shore Temple, Best Time To Visit

Mahabalipuram History

Duration Details
2nd and 5th Centuries AD It is said that this place might have been built
7th and 8th Century AD This place made as a port and flourished during cholera reign
1070 -1117 AD It is said that the seawater submerged the temples on the shore
7th Century Siva Temple on the shore was built
690-710 AD Rajasimha Pallaveswaram temple was built by Rajasimha Pallava


Temple History

As per the Legend, Lord  Vishnu appeared before Pundarika in his actual form at this holy place. Pundarika means Lotus who offered Lotus to Vishnu. Pundarika thought of offering garland Lord Vishnu at Ocean of Milk. The sage was not sure on what to do, he was restless, he thought of drying the sea to reach the place.  Lotus flowers which he was carrying remains fresh even after a year. The waters too never got exhausted. Lord Vishnu in the form of an old man appeared before Pundarika. Lord tried to prevent Pundarika from his effort but the Sage remained strong. Lord Vishnu asked him to bring food as he is hungry. The Sage returned to the shore but took the food accordingly from Mamallapuram and reached the shore, but the old man was not around. The sage noticed the idol of Lord Vishnu down on the sands. The sage realized that it is none other Lord Vishnu who appeared as an old man. Lord Vishnu appeared before him in his actual form. Thus Lord Vishnu is seen there since then lying on the barred flor, hence “Thalaysayana”. Sage Pundarika Tirtha is said to be more holy than the Ganges. It is believed that sage Agasthya and Garuda took a holy dip in this Tirtha and attained Moksha.


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