Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja Ticket Cost: Rs.3092

Sarpa Samskara Pooja Timings

  • Day 1 Pooja Timings: 8:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • Day 2 Pooja Timings: 6:00 am –  8:00 am

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja Booking

Tickets can be booked 3 months in advance.

On arrival, tickets are subjected to availability.

The ticket should be booked online in advance.

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja days

During the months of Sravana Masam, Karthika Masam, Margashira Masam will be more effective for this pooja.

Please check the calendar before planning for this pooja.

Pooja not performed on Dashami, Ekadasi, Gokulastami, Shivarathri, Grahana (Eclipse) and during the annual festival for 15 days.

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja Tickets Direct Booking

Direct tickets available…but it depends on the rush for this pooja and cancellations…I have gone there directly by looking at the unavailability of booking for next 45 days… Visited Dharmasthala on 14th aug…then visited Kukke. In Kukke, it has taken 2 days for me to understand how to get booking for this pooja…there will be few cancellations and postponements exists every day in online bookings..those slots will be filled by the waiting list devotees who give their names in the protocol office room at least one day before. I have given 1 day before. Next day early morning, I reached Sarpa Sanskara Seva counter by 7:45. Then I noticed that they called for online bookings and Brahmins.later started calling the names of the waiting list of devotees(given by means of Kukke priests who perform the pooja or by individuals like me by giving it in protocol office. I have got confirmation around 8:15 am. Here I have faced language issue. Complete info is not available. To figure it out it has taken a lot of effort and 2 days time. Try it directly if you want to do it urgently. But it needs 3 to 4 days and depends on the rush.

Kukke Sarpa Samskara Pooja Dress Code

Men should wear Dhoti

Women should wear Saree or Chudidhar.

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja procedure

Day 1 Procedure

  1. After reaching Kukke and check-in at Hotel.
  2. Take a holy dip at Kumaradhara river which is 2 km from Main Temple. Auto rickshaw will be available to Kumaradhara river.
  3. After completing the bath, men should wear Dhoti and then plan to visit Aadi Subramanya Swamy Temple which is 5 mins walk from the main temple.
  4. Perform 6 Pradakshinams here and then visit Main temple Ticket counter, which is on the left side. The counter will be opened at 9 am.
  5. On showing Online receipt they will give you the token number and the actual ticket.
  6. Carry the ticket to Sarpa Samskara Mantap which is right 3 mins walk from the Main temple, in the opposite lane to Aadi Subramanya Swamy Temple.
  7. Male devotees should remove their shirts. Here at Sarpa Samskara Mantap, all devotees will be divided into 8 groups.
  8. 8 priests will represent 8 groups. Sankalp will be done by the main priest for that group for each of the devotees.
  9. After completing Sankalp for the whole group, a separate priest will be allotted for each devotee.
  10. Now you are allowed to take a seat as defined by the numbers. This Pooja place is already installed with Snake Idol, 2 Snakes made out of wheat flour, one towel and flowers for the pooja.
  11. Now allotted priest will come to your place to perform this pooja.
  12. Well before starting the pooja, you need to offer the new towel which is already available to the priest, which he will wear it.
  13. There will be four Agni Gundam ( a place where Homam will be performed) at the four corners and 4 priests will b performing Homam.
  14. Priest allotted will take one of the wheat flour snakes and will wrap it in a cloth and drops it in Homa Gundam.
  15. First-day pooja indicates Dhana Samskaram which means you are performing final rites to the snake which you or your dynasty (family) might have killed knowingly or unknowingly.
  16. The priest will take the second wheat flour snake with him and drop it some other place.
  17. This marks the first-day pooja. As this pooja is for final rituals to the snake, you should not enter the main temple and also not to participate in pooja for that day.
  18. After reaching the room, you can take the bath and relax for the day.

Day 1 Food arrangements

  1. Whoever participates in this pooja, food will be provided by the temple administration. While leaving Mantap, the priest will let you know the lunch and Dinner Timings.
  2. Lunch will be available from 1 pm and Dinner from 6 pm.
  3. Dining Hall is located next to Sarpa Samskara Mantap.

Day 2 Procedure

  1. The second day, holy dip at Kumaradhara River is optional. If you want to have you need to have a bath at 5 am otherwise you can complete bath at Hotel itself and start to Sarpa Samskara Mantap.
  2. Do remember that you don’t need to perform Pradakshinam at Aadi Subramanya Swamy Temple as you have participated in the final rites on the first day. Do wear Dhoti for the second day as well.
  3. Please be there at Sarpa Samskara Mantap by 6 am and pooja continues for 2 hours.
  4. It is going to be the same pooja place and the same priest for the second day as well.
  5. There will be Rangoli drawn in the shape of Sanke with 6 wheat flour Pindas (round balls).
  6. You need to perform 3 Pradakshinam to the snake idol for every Pinda given to the priest.
  7. Pooja will be completed by giving these round balls to the priest.
  8. Now you need to take blessing from the main priest. If the devotee is aged then they should offer Namaskar to Homa Gundam.
  9. There will be 11 Brahmachari (bachelor) brahmins who will be sitting in a row by age wise. You need to take blessings from them while leaving the hall.
  10. After completing this, you need to perform Go (Cow) Pradakshinam to the two cows, which will be there outside the Mantap.
  11. After Go Pradakshinam, you can have breakfast at the Dining Hall.
  12. Nagapratista will be at 12 pm, please be there little early to complete Sankalp at the main temple.
  13. After Sankalp at the open corridor, you need to find the priest who is available at that moment.
  14. After Sankalp enter Nagapratista Mantap which is next to Sankalp hall.
  15. Pooja will be performed to the group of devotees here, after which Prasadam cover will be given to you, which contains coconut, dhoop sticks, and Prasadam. You need to have this Prasadam daily for 12 days, after having a bath and before breakfast.
  16. For the next 12 days, your food intake should not include garlic, onions, Nonveg.

Dos and Don’t for Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja

  1. One should not visit any Vishnu Temple on the same day. Head bath is compulsory before visiting any temple
  2. Not to offer Sastanga Namaskar this temple
  3. Ladies should not perform during their pregnancy. Should perform after 8 days of the menstrual cycle and also not near to cycle dates, at least 3 days.

Kukke Subramanya Swamy Sarpa Samskara Food habits

  1. After reaching home, you need to prepare a sweet from these coconuts. Only after eating the sweet made out these coconuts, you can have any type of food.
  2. Meanwhile, if you want to have outside food, then you need to eat a piece from this coconut before taking any outside food.
  3. You need to have this Prasadam daily for 12 days, after having a bath and before breakfast.

Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara Pooja Benefits

  1. Will get relieved from killing Naga Dosha
  2. For Career growth
  3. Delay in marriage
  4. Will be relieved from fertility problem

How to reach Kukke Subramanya Swamy Temple?

  1. From Bangalore, KSRTC runs direct buses to Kukke. The bus starts around 11 pm and reaches Kukke hill at early hours. Private buses do run to Kukke on a daily basis.  Temple 335 Km away.
  2. From Mangalore, Temple is 183 km, KSRTC direct bus is available.

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    • Dear Noratmal Choudary,

      Please let me know the mont your are planning to perfrom this pooja. I will let you know possible dates


      • Dear Sir

        I want to perform this puja in the last week of August 2016 or 1st week of September 2016, please let me know the dates available.

        Thank you

        • Dear Sir,

          Online booking quota is not released for Aug and Sep months. So far it is release till 6th Jul. Tickets will be released online 3 months in advance.
          Ticket should be booked at eseva. kukke. org website


  1. Noratmal choudhary

    Sarapa dosa

    • Dear Noratmal Choudary,

      Please let me know the month you are planning to perform this pooja so that I can let you know the best dates for this pooja


  2. Raghavendra prasad

    Can 2month pregnant women can attened sarpa ssamskara? Please reply.

    • Dear Sir,

      No, pregnant women should not attend Sarpa Samskara. It applies for all Dosha Nivarana pooja


  3. Sir

    we need to do sarpasamskara Pooja to my 2year old daughter she born in 26th may can you please let me know when is the good day to do this Pooja according to that we need to book the ticket and we need to come there please advice us.
    My mail ID
    [email protected]

    • Dear Sir,

      Please perform pooja on 6th May. You can book tickets online by loggging to kukke. org website


  4. Gnharish.harish @gmail.com

  5. Sir. My brother is coming from USA this week .kindly help to get a slot for sarpa samskararas on 3rd April pleaae.

    Warm regards

    • Dear Sir,

      Sarpa Samskara slots are fully booked. Next available is in May only. If you have recommendation, then it will work


  6. i am single lady ,i have nag dosha. i wanted to do sarpa samsankara pooja . a single lady can do pooja alone ?
    if yes, then planning to come and do pooja on 17,18 april. please repond it is very urgent.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, you can perform this pooja as a single. Sarpa Samskara to be booked in advance, tickets will not be issued at the counter. tickets to be booked at eseva. kukke. org.


  7. We have done sarpasamskara pooja and i have prepared sweet with the coconut. After coming back after 3 days i got periods, so can i eat that sweet during period or i have to wait until period completes. Please let me know.

  8. Dear Sir,
    our Astrologer told to perform the Sarpha samskara pooja for my son on Ashelesha nakshathrae. And he told this pooja will be performed only on these day. But in the temple site, this pooja is performed on another days also. Please advise us, performing this pooja at Ashelesha nakshathara only is good ?

    Thanks and regards,
    Muthu kumar

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, performing Pooja on Ashlesha Nakshatra day is preferable compared to other days. Yes, pooja will be performed on other days as well. We need to check the astrologer for Ashlesha Nakshatra Day and book the tickets online at eseva. kukke. org.


  9. DEAR SIR,

    Let me know the available dates to perform SARPASAMSKARA WITH NAGAPRATHISTA pooja
    in this month…

    • Dear Sir,
      Sarpa Samskarana to be booked 90 days in advance. For Nagaprathista there is no need for online booking, tickets will be issued for the same day pooja over the counter. Please login to eseva. kukke. org website to book sarpa samskara.


  10. please tell me what is difference between kala surpa dosha and surpa samskara?

    • Dear Sir,
      Did anyone suggested you on the Sarpa Samskara Pooja. Have you or any of your ancestors killed snake?


  11. We would like to perform Sarpasankara in May as we are visiting India. But we don’t see any availability in May. Is there a way we can get the tickets for May?

  12. Dear sir,

    Please let me know the next available dates from now for sarpa samskara.


    • Dear Madam,

      Next available date is from 5th Jun. Please check the availability at eseva. kukke. org


  13. Dear Sir, We are planning to do sarpasamskara at Kukke temple. If I book online in advance, will the temple provide accomodation? Can we choose the room type (like AC or Non A/C etc). How many rooms to be booked for 4 adults and one child? What are the room rent amounts? How to book accomodation? Both my child and myself have naga dosha. My date of birth is 1st Dec 1978, moola nakshatra – dhanur rashi and my child is born on 21st May 2011 – poorvashada nakshatra – Dhanur rashi. Since I have not performing pitrukarma, my father and mother has to sit for the pooja. Please let me know if you need nakshatra of my parents also so that you can provide a good date for us. Please provide a date to book the pooja and information on all the above points.

    • Dear Sir,
      Accommodation to be booked separately. Only food will be provided by the Devasthanam (temple admin). One room will be enough for 4 adults and 1 child.
      Room Rent Rs.750 – Rs.1200 will be ideally good for 2 days stay. Sure, please reply with father and mother DOB details.
      If possible perform pooja on 7th Jun. Sarpa Samskara to be booked online at eseva. kukke. org.

      You child don’t need Sarpa Samskara Pooja for now. You son can perform Naga Pratishta Pooja which is one day pooja only.
      Did any advised you over Samskara Pooja?
      I will let you know the accommodation booking procedure today as I need to check with staff today

      • Sir, please send me your phone number to [email protected]

      • Sir,
        Can only my father sit along with me and my wife for sarpasamskara pooja or should my mother also participate? Also in case my wife can’t participate due to her periods, can only my father and me finish the pooja? Since, my son doesn’t need sarpasamskara, he can perform nagapraishta. Should I buy separate tickets for my son for nagapratishta or can he do nagapratishta along with me on the 2nd day of sarpasamskara pooja?

        • Dear Sir,
          You can tell your son name and Gothra while performing Sankalp on the second day. So ticket is not required. Yes, you and your father can perform this pooja.

      • Dear Sir, Can I myself sit for sarpasamskara pooja with my wife if parents are not able to attend?

        • Dear Sir,

          Yes, you can perform this pooja with your wife. Parents are optional for this pooja

  14. Dear Mr. Kamal,

    How many people can perform puja on 1 sarpsamskara seva ticket? We are 4 adults and 1 5yr old kid. Would we have to buy 2 ticktes? Please let us know.

    Also, I am assuming puja can be performed on any days that are open for booking or else temple wouldn’t have opened them up for non-puja days like ekadasi, temple festivals etc. Please confirm.


    • Dear Amit,

      On 1 Sarpa Samskara Pooja, One can perform this pooja as a single or as a couple. How many are planning to perform this pooja?
      Yes, temple is skipping Non Pooja days. Only Pooja days will be available for online booking.

      • Dear Kamal,

        Thanks for your response.
        Me and my my wife are planning to perform this puja as a couple. In addition, my brother and sister are unmarried and are also planning to perform the puja as singles.


        • Dear Sir,

          It should be 3 tickets in total. 1 ticket for couple, 1 ticket for your brother and 1 for your sister

      • Dear Kamal,

        Thank you so much for the information. Really appreciate your help!

        last couple of questions: (1) How do we book for accomodation once we have the sarpsanskara ticket confirmed? (2) If we have booked, say June 7th ticket, will the room be available for 6th night (when we arrive at the temple) and 7th night so we can leave on 8th after the puja is finished?

        • Dear Sir
          1. Temple will not provide accommodation. Devotees should look for private accommodation. All Private hotels are close to temple
          2. I believe hotel private hotel check-in hours differs. It is 2 days Pooja. for 2 days you have to stay at Kukke for this Pooja. You need to stay at Kukke on 7th and 8th as well. Yes, You can leave after Pooja on 8th Jun.


  15. Respected Sir,

    I would like to know whether Sarpa Samskara can be done after 27.04.16 & before 05.05.16.

    Please send me the details regarding the above pooja and oblige.

    Mutgi Prakash

    • Dear Sir,

      Tickets to be booked online at eseva. kukke. org. Pooja will be available from 5th Jun. Please let me know if you need more details

  16. Sir,
    Can we perform Sarpasamskara pooja during Shukra Astha?

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, pooja can be performed on Shukra Astha. Please let me know the month you are planning so that I can let you know best days for this pooja.

  17. Dear kamalji ,Thanks for your reply. Can you please tell me the best days in June and July 2016.
    Mutgi Prakash

    • Dear Sir,
      Please perform pooja on 6th Jul. It is really good for this pooja. For booking, please login to eseva. kukke. org website

  18. You are kind and helping natured person Kamalji

  19. Dear sir

    After reaching home what we should do with pooja items have given from the temple like dhoop stick & coconut.

    • Dear Sir,
      You need to keep the dhoop stick in Pooja room. With coconut you need to prepare dish like coconut rice and place this in your pooja. After pooja you can have this food

  20. Hi kamal ji .I saw u r replys those are very good
    i have one doubt please clarify. july is ashadamasam .we want to go to pooja in july .that will be any effect on our pooja .otherwise so please tell me which days are benfits for pooja.please reply sir

    • Dear Madam,

      Ashadam will not have any effect on this Pooja. Please perform this pooja on 6th Jul.

  21. Thank q sir.but july 6th is ramjan.on the special day they will perform pooja

  22. Hi

    My pooja date 14th may

    1.shall we came 1days prior means 13th may evening i’ll reach by 5pm is it okay?
    2.Room facility you will provide or i need to arrange out side?

    Kindly suggest me properly so i can preper my self

    Thank you

    • Dear Sundar,
      1. Yes, 5 pm on 13th May is perfectly ok
      2. Room should be booked separately.

  23. We have Pooja on 30th may.so it will contibue till 31st may till 12.30 rt ?
    please guide how to book a room ? should we inform them v hv online seva booked

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, Pooja will be performed for 2 days so Pooja continues on 31st May as well.
      Room should be booked separately. I will try to get the link.
      No need to inform them as this pooja will be performed only for advance booking devotees only. So you can report next day i.e on 30th May only

      • Thanks a lot.Please waiting for link to book the room.

        • Dear Madam,
          There is no Devasthanam accommodation. It is only private accommodation available at Kukke.
          Please let me know if you need details for private accommodation

  24. Dear Sir,
    Is it must to collect the original receipt prior the day of pooja.
    I booked a slot on july 8th. I Can reach by early morning of 8th july, i there any problem.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, it is must to collect original receipt only they will know the exact count. At what time you will be reaching Kukke?

      • I will reached by the 6’clock morning on the day of pooja.
        I have to come from Vijayawada by train route.

        • Dear Sir,
          6 clock is good time to start. After check-in at hotel start immediately to Kumaradhara for the head bath which will take 30 mins. Plan to be there at ticket counter by 9 am.

  25. Dear Kamal Sir
    Our Puja is booked for 14th August . If we reach kukke at 6:30am (morning) on 14th August , then, is it possible to get original puja receipt for the puja on same day ?
    Also, plz tell if 14th AUg is good day for puja ?


    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, you can easily get the receipt from the counter. 14th and 15th Aug is good for this Pooja.

  26. We are performing sarpa sanskar on may 28th in the name of my husband..have a baby boy who is 8months old can we take him to pooja?is there any restrictions?

    • Dear Madam,
      Sarpa Samskara Pooja involves Pinda Pradhana to the Snake so it is advisable to keep little ones away.

  27. Hi Kamal ji,

    We have booked the Pooja on 15th Aug.I have a couple of doubts.
    1. People say that we should darshan Darmasthala first before coming to Kukke. Is it true?
    2. After sarpasmskara pooja, people will say that we should directly go to the home and should not go to any others house on the way? is this also true?

    could you please clarify?


    • Dear Sir,
      1. After Pooja at Kukke one should not visit any other temples so pilgrims used to visit nearby temples before this pooja. It is not mandatory to visit Dharmasthala before this pooja.
      2. Yes, you should not visit any other temples or relatives home or friends home after this pooja. It should be straight to home only.

  28. I have done my daughter tula bhar on 14th may 2016. Swamiji have given coconut . What we have to do that coconut and also for naga pratiste also have given coconut .. please let me know what needs to be done with those coconut ..

    • Dear Sir,

      You have to prepare Prasadam using this coconut and after offering this to Lord in the Pooja room you can have this Prasadam.

  29. Hi Kamal,

    I had performed the pooja last october , however when my parents went an showed my horoscope recently to a priest(local) they said i have sarpa dosha , my parents informed them that pooja was done at Kukke but they said no and i need to do some other pooja.

    Not really sure what they are talking about, would appreciate if you could throw some light onto this.


    • Dear Sir,
      No need to perform any other Pooja after this. Please mail your details to [email protected] let me check and get back to you. Don’t worry, Kukke Sarpa Samskara pooja is the best.

  30. Dear Sir …

    I have booked for sarpa samskaar & the date is july 9th 2016 …so can u guide me when i should cum to take the original tickets , should i book a room seperately ……plz advice what all precautions shuld i take ..like booking the room ..food…

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, room should be booked separately. You need to fill till you complete this Pooja. Food will be provided by the temple admin itself so don’t take outside food for 2 days. Don’t forgot to take bath for 2 days in Kumaradhara before this pooj. Usually devotees skip head bath at Kumaradhara on the 2nd day and takes bath in hotel room itself. Orignal ticket will be issued 9 am so be there at temple by 8 am. Please let me know if you need more details

  31. Dear Sir

    plz provide me the link for rooms booking … .

    • Dear Madam,

      Only private booking is available. Devasthanam don’t have any accommodation. Please let me know if you need details regarding private booking

  32. Sir,
    Myself and my wife want to perform Sarpasamskara. Can you kindly let us know the suitable days for this in the month of May’16 and June’16

    2. Also can you provide information about some decent accommodation, if possible with tariffs.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Dear Sir,
      For Sarpa Samskara pooja advance booking is required. It is not like Ashlesha Bali pooja or Naga Pratishta, Sarpa Booking queue will be little high and advance online booking is required. Tickets available only from 5th Jul only at eseva. kukke. org

  33. Hello Sir,
    My husband has Kala Sarpa Dosha. So we have booked Sarpa Samskara pooja on 8th June. But my brother-in-law’s wife is two months pregnant. So can we perform this pooja? Also let me know if I can perform any other pooja such as Rahu pooja at Kukke Subramanya.

    Thank you

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, you can perform this pooja there is no Dosha in that. If possible after Sarpa Samskara pooja, try to perform Ashlesha Bali Pooja. Rahu Ketu pooja can be performed at Kalahasti Temple


  34. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to come on 31st of this month for thulabhara and sarpanamaskara but its not planned before so we are unable to book through online so can we come directly for that pooja.

    • Dear Madam,
      Sarpa Samskara Pooja to be booked in advance. On arrival may not be possible. On arrival tickets will be issued only for the Brahmins as they don’t need separate Purohit. For others Purohit required so only advance booking required. Please book tickets at eseva. kukke. org.

  35. Sir.
    We want to get sarpa samskara pooja. Can u pls give us an appointment date.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please login to eseva. kukke. org website to book Sarpa Samskara pooja online

  36. Individual sarpa sansakara aslesha pooja to do. Im already pragnent now they will do and how much for cost of pooja..pls reply

    • Dear Madam,
      Pregnant not supposed to perform this Pooja. You can plan after delivery.T

  37. Sir.

    Am pregnant now. .v booked sarpa samskara pooja previously for this month end. Can my husband attend the pooja. .Please reply..
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, your husband can perform this pooja which will not be a problem but you should not go to the Homam place.

  38. Dear Sir,

    We have booked for Sarpa Samskara seva on 04.07.16. We have some clarificatipns and tried temple contact numbers,but unable to get the line.

    We will reach Kukke on 3rd July around 6 pm and hope this would be fine. We would like to know, on second day, when we will be allowed to leave Kukke We need this to book our return tickets. Also, regarding accommodation, do you have facilities in devasthanam, and if so, kindly let me know the details.

    Thanks & Regards,
    98410 46364.

    • Dear Sir
      Pooja will end by 2 pm on 5th Jul. There is no Devasthanam accommodation, it is only private accommodation at Kukke. Please let me know if you need more details

  39. Is pooja can performed on saturday and sunday.. i am planning to go to pooja on 7/10/2016 and 8/10/2016..
    Let me know if anything wrong

  40. Hi sir.
    As I need to perform 3 kinds of pooja such as sarpa samsara, Ashlesha pooja and naga prathistapane to perform all these pooja how many days should I be there and we r planning on Fri, Sat and sun .so all d dates for seva is been booked upto july as there is any other option to do d poojas in the month of June any Fri to sun.which is very urgent. ……..

    • Dear Sir,

      Sarpa Samskara pooja should be booked in advance eseva. kukke. org. Seva tickets available from Aug. For Ashlesha Pooja and Naga pratishta pooja advance booking is not required

  41. Hello Sir,

    I’m looking forward Sarpa Samskara Pooja to be done on Aug 21st and 22nd and shows availability on the site as well. Please let me know if that is feasible day to perform rituals. Thanks in advance.


  42. Dear Sir,

    We have booked for sarpa samskara dosha pooja on 16th Aug. So on 17th afternoon we are allowed to leave kukke right? This question i am asking is to know conform my return bookings. Please let us know.

    Thanks in advance.


  43. Dear Sir,

    Yesterday we are started to booking for sarpa samskara pooja, but when i went that web site eseva. kukke. org. i had given all details including bank details, but system issuing error(payment did not go throw). i was used 2 banks credit cards. Tell me what is the procedure(i tried many times but it is not taking).

  44. Dear Sir,

    We have booked sarpa samskara pooja on 6th of June .Is it possible to change the date to 7th June.


    • Dear Madam,
      It is not possible to change the date. Is it 7th Jul? if so Sarpa Samskara pooja will not be performed on 7th Jul

  45. Dear Sir,

    After I reached kukke, where can i report to get the room. I have booked sarpa samskar pooja on july 8th, I will be there at 6 A.M on the day of pooja i.e july 8th.Before get the original receipt of pooja can I get the room.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can check-in before getting an original receipt. First Check-in to hotel room then take the bath at Kumaradhara theertham. After the bath, you can collect the original receipt. It will not take more than 30-45 mins to complete all these activities.

  46. Sir compulsory do we have to wear dhoti or normal formal attire can also be wear?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, Dhoti is mandatory with upper cloth. Not to wear Shirt during this pooja.

  47. Hello Sir,
    Me and my family performed Sarpa samskara pooja on 8th June. The priest who performed our pooja gave us haldi kumkum powder and asked us to apply it while taking bath for 3 days.He also advised me if my periods are near then, to apply it after I complete 8 days of my period. He has also told us not to eat onion garlic for 12 days. So as my period was nearing I did not apply that powder. But my periods got delayed and occurred before completing 12 days. So I could not complete those 12 days and also did not apply the powder.So what should I do because 12 days are over.

    • Dear Madam,
      No problem. You can apply now which is still fine. Kumkum not to be applied only during period days + 8 days. Now you are good to apply kumkum and follow the food restriction for another 12 days.
      Please let me know if you need more details.

      • Thank u so much sir.I haven’t eaten onoin garlic since we performed pooja.I can follow as u suggested.But my husband’s cousin’s wife is pregnant and expecting her delivery in the next week.So what could be the solution?Can I apply kumkum for 3 days and stop?Also we are planning for a baby and I am taking treatment for it.So shall we proceed?I am in a big confusion Sir.Please help.

        • Dear Madam,
          There is no harm in applying Kumkum. This pooja is meant for children so you can continue with your treatment as there is no harm in applying Kumkum during treatment. Only pregnant not supposed to participate in the pooja so there is no restriction on the other things.

  48. Hi Sir,
    Could you please clarify below questions.
    1)Me and my wife are planning to perform sarpa samskara pooja in kukke. do we need to buy 2 tickets or 1 is enough for both.
    2)Do we need to wear new clothes or any used clothes also fine(as per the dress code)
    3)sarpa samskara pooja to be performed by only those who had naga dosha or its good for anyone who wish to perform .

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir,
      1. One ticket will do for the couple
      2. No need for new clothes. You can use the used clothes
      3. Anyone can perform this pooja as many don’t know Dosha in their horoscope

  49. Dear Sir,
    I have booked online Sarpa Samskara Pooja 11-Aug-2016 and 12-Aug-2016. On the Seva Receipt it is mention that ” Original Copy must be shown”, and Original copy given at temple office one day prior to the seva date before 7.00 Pm.
    It means I have to come on 10-Aug-2016 before 7 Pm for taking the original receipt or can I come directly on 11-Aug-2016 at 5 Am.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can get the tickets a day in advance before 7 pm. It will be easy if you collect a day in advance so that you will have enough time to take bath at Kumaradhara river and visit to Aadhi Subramany Temple.
      If not possible, you can get tickets on the same day at 8 am but it will be hurry as you need to rush to Mantap

  50. Hi Sir,

    Please clarify why SarpaSamskara will not be done on 7th July 2016. We had booked sarpasamskara seva online last month for 7th July 2016 and we have got confirmation as well with order number. Suddenly when we read in one of your comment saying sarpasamskara won’t be done on 7th July 1026, we are bit worried, if it is not done on 7th July then what about our seva ? when will it be done ? we didn’t even get any notification regarding change of date or anything. Please respond.


    • Dear Madam,
      Please allow me a day to check with staff and get back to you with all the details

      • Thanks Sir,
        Waiting for your inputs.

        • Dear Madam,
          Yes, Pooja will be performed on 7th Jul. Here is the communication from that, Tickets are not available anymore so only they said pooja can’t be performed for others. You are good to perform pooja on 7th Jul

  51. Sir I need to perfome sarpa samskara pooja, please tell me how to book for this seva? I went to online booking page but that is not working

  52. Dear sir, I wanted to perform sarpa samskara please let me know how to book? I went to eseva.kukke.org but it did not work

  53. I need to perform ashlesha bali puja….july 3rd pooja available sir

  54. Hi Sir,
    I want to do Sarpa Samskara pooja on july 19 is that possible ..?
    is there is any availability
    Could you please provide contact details to enquire about pooka .


    • Dear Sir,

      Prior booking is required for Nonbrahmin devotees as Separate purohit will be assisting during the Pooja. Jul month is fully booked. Tickets are now available from 17th Aug at eseva. kukke. org.
      please leave your contact number at [email protected]

  55. Sir i already booked for sarpasamskara Pooja on 10th sunday July 2016 we are in banglore 9th evening we will reach kukke temple, i booked online i didn’t get the seva ticket on 9th what time we will get seva ticket and what about Rooms

    • Dear Madam,
      You are good to collect Seva ticket even on 10th Jul. On arrival rooms booking is little challenging. There are many private vehicles where booking can be done for kukke

  56. sir how many members can be involved in one group fpr sarpa samskara?

  57. Sir I want sarpa samskara pooja tickets on 23rd july 2016 when I searched in seva online no tickets are available.

    Can you please let me know the approach to be followed to get the tickets on 23rd July.

  58. Hi Sir,
    I want to do Sarpa Samskara pooja on july 22 is that possible ..?
    is there is any availability
    Could you please provide contact details to enquire about pooja

  59. shivakuMar n patil

    We want to do sarpa samskara pooja booking please tell us date and time. We ar from kalburgi

    • Dear Sir,
      Please visit eseva. kukke. org website to book Sarpa Samskara pooja. If possible perform this pooja on 1s Sep or 30th Sep

  60. Sir,

    We have booked for sarpasamsjara on 17-07-2016. While reading through the procedure on your site, we understand that pooja will be performed on 2 days. Is it going to be on 17th and 18th for us? Please confirm the timings as well, for us to plan our journey times. Also, are we already alloted rooms in the lodge?


    • Dear Madam,

      on the 2nd day, Pooja will be completed by 10 am after which you will darshan. so another 2 hours for darshan + lunch. You are good to leave Kukke anytime after 12 pm

  61. Dear sir,

    I am planning to come to Banglore on 17 Sept 2016 & perform puja on 20 Sept 2016, Is that a good time? I am coming from Delhi. Also, Do I have to bring any family member since I am travelling alone.

    • Dear Madam,
      You can perform this pooja all alone. No need for family members. Yes,20th sep is perfectly good for the pooja

  62. we are 4 mem im our family my fathet in law is elder one butt he is youngest among his brothers who should perform this sarpa samskara his elder brother or my father in law

    • Dear Madam,

      It is individual pooja. If your father-in-law performs this pooja then it is beneficial for his family. If his elder brother performs this pooja then it is beneficial for his family. After marriage, it will be separate pooja. Only mother and father pooja will reflect on children. Brother and sister poojas will not have any affect on the family

  63. What would be the entire cost of sarpa sanskara Pooja?

    • Dear Reem,
      It costs Rs.3093. Please visit eseva. kukke .org website to book the seva ticket

  64. Dear Sir,

    I am staying out of India on vacation i am coming to mangalore .Me and my sister have to do sarpa samsakra .Our schedule to visit temple 18th aug.But, that date is booking available.?Till now we did n’t do any booking..because of date problems..Now how to do bookings and send DD to temple ? and is it possible to get our own schedule? if not what will be the other alternative? We desperately want on that date itself..Could you please suggest us .

    • Dear Madam,
      DD booking is not available. It is either online or by recommendation. You can try with recommendation from higher officials which will work

  65. Dear Sir,

    Please suggest it is good days to perform puja on 06-10-2016 and 07-10-2016?

  66. My brother is not married yet and he has to do the sarpa samskara Pooja and also the kala sarpa Doshan can my mother do this as my father passed away last year and also my brother doesn’t live here.

  67. My whole family has sarpa doshna and Kala sarpa doshna we have had so many problems within the family. We have had 2nd marriages in the family and family members passing away all of a sudden without no cause. Can my mother do this poojas or if married does it have to be the husband and at present he is not here.

  68. Satish Chandra.R

    Dear Sir,

    May I know, which the best time to perform sarpa samskara pooja. I tried to book for the same and unfortunately, I couldn’t able to do so. This time, I want to book for the pooja and request you to give me auspicious month for which me and my spouse can perform the pooja at the earliest. Can we do booking in August or September and what is the exact price for the pooja?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please perform this pooja on 20th Sep if possible. For booking ticket, please visit eseva. kukke. org website. It costs Rs.3093

  69. Hii , we are form bangalore our family planing to come kukke subramanya for ‘sarppa samskar’ i cant getting exact date for pooja please suggest me the best date fot this pooja…

    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,
      Please book pooja tickets online at eseva. kukke. org. Plan to perform pooja on 30th Sep

  70. Dear sir,
    in pooja we wear compulsary new chudi dar

  71. Hi Sir
    Good Afternoon

    I already booked ticket for sarpasamskara on 22/08/2016. according my premises iam unable to attend for the pooja. please tell me How can i cancel my sarpasamskara ticket?

    • Dear Sir,
      Cancellation is not available. However, the booking can be postponed to another date subjected to genuine reason(s), for which the postpone process should be done or intimated, 3 days (72 hours) prior to the already booked seva/pooja date.

  72. Hai sir

    Unfortunately I lost my sarpasamskara ticket booking details. how can i get pooja ticket from Sarpasamskara ticket counter before pooja? Aadhar is sufficient for take the pooja ticket

  73. Dear Madam, Do we have to stay for complete 2 days in the temple or we can leave after 2 pm of the second day? I need to do the booking.

  74. Hi Sir,
    We have booked for sarpa samskara pooja on Aug 11 2016 but we will not be able to attend the pooja due to some issues.Kindly postpone the pooja date.im trying to cal the number from past two days to inform about postponement.
    08257281300 the number is always busy.kindly suggest me what are the next steps.

  75. Dear management Team,

    We are trying to call from past two days.Please give us if any alternate number is there

    Please reply as soon as possible we have to postpone the pooja which was booked on Aug 11th

    Please suggest is there any way

  76. My phone Number is 8807320581

  77. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am planning to do sarpa samskara pooja on 12/8/2016 & also ashlesha bali pooja I planned to do,
    is it right to do continously 2 poojas & 13/8/2016 is dhashami, is it good for pooja these days.
    kindly guide us

  78. I have booked for sarpa samskara on 29th Sep 16. and have received all confirmation with out hotel staying.Please confirm how we will get hotel confirmation.

  79. Pls give me 27 Aug 2016 pooja date

  80. Kootagal post and hobli ,Ramanagara taluk and district

  81. is it possible to get the sarpasamkshara done in proxy as we cannot come personally?

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, anyone can perform this pooja on your behalf. While performing Sankalp, all they need is your birth Star,Ghothra and Name

  82. Hi
    Direct tickets will be available at temple for sarpa sankara puja? Or is it mandetory to book tickets through online?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, it is mandatory to book tickets in online. Direct tickets will not be available

    • Direct tickets available…but it depends on the rush for this pooja and cancellations…I have gone there directly by looking at the unavailability of booking for next 45 days… Visited dharmasthala on 14 th aug…then visited Kukke. In Kukke, it has taken 2 days for me to understand how to get booking for this pooja…there will be few cancellations and postponements exists everyday in online bookings..those slots will be filled by the waiting list devotees who give their names in protocol office room atleast one day before. I have given 1 day before. Next day early morning, I reached sarpa Sanskara seva counter by 7:45. Then I noticed that they called for online bookings and Brahmins.later started calling the names of waiting list of devotees(given by means of Kukke priests who perform the pooja or by individuals like me by giving it in protocol office. I have got confirmation around 8:15am. Here I have faced language issue. Complete info is not available. To figure it out it has taken lot of effort and 2 days time. Try it directly if you want to do it urgently. But it needs 3 to 4 days and depends on rush.

  83. Hi sir,

    I have booke for sarpasamskara on 28th sept. I have told in the online receipt to collect the original receipt one day prior to pooja day. But we are travelling from mysore and will be reaching the temple 28th morning, so can we collect the receipt on 28th sept. morning. Please confirm.

  84. Sir. Am not able to book. Pls help me

  85. Hi,

    I would like to perform Sarpa samskara pooja and I am planning book pooja in the beginning of October.
    my question is, hotel/rooms for staying will be provided by temple/trust or we will have to take care of our own?

    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,
      Accommodation will not be provided by the temple trust. It should be managed on our own

  86. Can i come singile do pooja or is it mandatory do pooja with wife ? How much total 2 day pooja cost please

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can perform pooja as a single. It costs Rs.3093 for 2 days. Please login to eseva. kukke .org website to book Seva ticket

  87. Dear sir
    I have booked sarpa samskara ticket on 28th sep but I want change 2 oct pls tell me process

  88. Sir I have a sarpa dosa in my horoscope chat pls suggestion which puja is the best and what is the deferent between sarpasamkarna and naga prathista …

    • Dear Sir,
      Sarpa Samskara is the Pooja where rituals will be performed for 2 days. It includes Naga Pratishta as well. Yours is just Dosha so Nagapratishta will do.
      Sarpa Samskara for something serious where the whole family is affecting.

  89. Dear sir
    had booked sarpasamkarana ticket on 29thsep but I was sent a mail regarding change the puja date on 2 oct or 3 oct but still I am not received reply mail pls help me

  90. what is the deferent between the sarpasamkarana and naga prathista and which varam and thidi is best …

    • Dear Sir,
      Please perform this pooja on 26th Sep. For Normal Sarpa Dosha pooja, you can go for Naga Pratishta

  91. I’m going to do this pooja in next month.I’ve booked tickets in online for it.One doubt is can 3or 4 people(entire family) can attend for pooja on single seva ticket.Can someone give info abt this plzz…..

    • Dear Madam,
      One pooja person, father and mother allowed. Other than this no extra persons allowed

  92. Please let me know, which day is better for performing sarpasamskara pooja in coming September and October??

  93. Hi,
    Please confirm is Temple will provide accomodation as well if we book Sarpasanskara?
    What are the timings of Second pooja also If we book SEVA online then we have to book for one day or two days?

    • Dear Sir,
      You have to book one ticket only which will be performed for 2 days. Accommodation will not be provided by the temple. It is self-arrangement.

  94. Dear sir,

    Can we perform sarpasanskarana pooja OR aslesha Bali pooja on a pournami day?
    October 16th is a pournami day. We r planning to do it on 16th and 17th. Please let me know!

    Thank you!

  95. Swami i have done online e save booking through the website for 19 and 20 september, but on 19th there is sankasta chaturthi so on tht day sarpasamskara pooja will be performed or not.because 19th is monday and 20th is tuesday so by seeing it will be precious day so i had booked on july month itself.please kindly give me confirmation.

  96. Sir,
    I had done online e seva booking for sarpasamskara for 19th september monday but on tht day there is sankasta chaturthi so on that pooja will be performed or not ,please kindly confirm me, the pooja will done for 2 days ,that is on 19th and 20th right sir,beacuse i had done booking in July month itself .

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, pooja will be performed on 19th Sep. Devasthanam will not released tickets for online booking if there is any upcoming events

  97. I have booked this pooja online , i want to know whether any hotel room is booked for us on basis of this ticket and if so which hotel, and whether we can take this hotel the day before pooja.

    • Dear Madam,
      Accommodation will not be provided for the pooja ticket. It is self-arrangement by the devotee

  98. Sir we book for pooja 29 sep but we have twin kids they r 3 years old my doubt is couples should sit to pooja or only my hubby? No one coming with us . pls reply

    • Dear Madam,
      Couples can sit in this pooja. So you can also participate in this pooja along with your hubby.

  99. Hi Sir, Shall I go alone for sarpasamkara pooja? Is it family members are necessary to offer pooja?


  100. i will perform puja on amavasya day ? it is good are not pls give me your reply little bit urgency

  101. Dear sir
    Pls find the below reference no and provide correct puja date 29 sep or 30 sep …i was called so many time but not lift the phone pls help me

    ebs payment id 58578491
    marchant reference no:kksv82950

  102. Dear sir
    30th sep I will plan to sarpasamkarna puja but day is amavaya is good or not

  103. sarpadsha pooja

  104. Shall we go dharmastala after performing puja at kukke.


  106. Pls provide your input

  107. Hi,

    I want to pre pond the sarpa samaskara pooja in this month, i had booked for 10th Oct 16, but due to some personal problem i need to cancel it or pre pond for this month end. please suggest.
    Also let me know my marriage is on 5th Oct 16, so can i marry post this pooja, if yes then after how many days i shuld marry after performing this pooja. please reply..


    • Dear Sir,
      I believe postpone is available. I need to check on preponement. Please let me know your marriage date?

      • Dear Sir,

        Can we cancel the said sarpa samaskara Pooja as of now ? if yes what is the refundable amt ? if not What is the procedure to post pone for 4-6 months from 10th Oct 16.


        • Dear Sir,
          Bookings once done cannot be cancelled/refunded under any circumstances except for special cases for which a prior written consent of the Trustees/Excutive Officer of Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple is provided for the same.

          booking can be postponed to another date subjected to genuine reason(s), for which the postpone process should be done or intimated, 3 days (72 hours) prior to the already booked seva/pooja date.

    • Dear Sir,

      Awaiting reply..

  108. Dear Sir,

    I read some where that sarpa samskara puja should be performed by only who have undergone Pithru samsakra. What is the process for people who have parents and want to perform this puja.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir
      You are good to perform this pooja. Those who have Parents are good to perform this pooja with no prior pooja requirement

  109. Dear sir,

    Can i perform puja alone(without wife)?

  110. Dear sir
    Pls provide you puja date and time

    Puja ticket :KKSV82950

    • Dear Sir,
      Plan to reach kukke a day in advance to find accommodation if it is not pre-booked. You can collect Laddus on reaching Kukke itself for the next day poojas.

  111. Dear sir,

    My wife is pregnant, shall she perform puja along with me or shall i perform alone?

  112. Dear Sir,

    If my wife is pregnant, shall she perform puja along with me or i can only perform puja? And if she gets period on puja date shall i perform alone?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can perform pooja all alone. It is not advisable for the pregnant or periods women to perform this pooja.

  113. Dear Sir,

    Reply on my comment dated 9th Sept 2016 at 6:01 PM is yet to revert, please reply on priority, please provide your contact number so as to clarify directly on phone. Kindly let me know whether i can attend/perform said Sarpa Samaskara Pooja after 5 days from my marriage or not ? if not can my mom perform the Pooja instead of me on my booked ticket.

    Awaiting your prompt reply..

    Pritam Shetty

  114. Hi sir i have a query
    I had booked for sarpasamskara for 19th September so on 18th can we frst go to dharmasthala and same day evening can come fr kukke tmple can collect the original ticket by showing online receipt..
    There is any particular colur dress code like white or red dress/ saree
    Nagaprathistapna puja is included in sarpasamskara puja.
    Ticket is booked in my name ,even my mother and youngt brother can participate in puja and even Brother can aslo perform puja with me.
    And after this puja fr 2 days means on 19th nd 20th after sarpasamskra on 20th can my brother perform for ashlesha puja only fr him individualy..

    Plz kindly reply sir because this is first time we are performing pooja so dont hav much idea so .help me out..
    Thanks in advanceor Dharmasthala

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, you can visit Dharmasthala before Kukke temple visit. Your mother and brother can sit next to you during the Pooja but they can’t perform this pooja as this pooja will be performed as a single or couple.
      Yes, your brother can perform Ashlesha bali pooja on 20th Sep which is absolutely fine

  115. Dear sir

    what I am asking pls provide my sarpasamkarana puja date because acknowledgement not showing puja date and time but you have reply process pls find the below my ref no and cheak and confirm pls pls


    sarpasamkarana puja ticket no ;KKSV82950

    • Dear Sir,
      On booking the ticket, you might have recieved the confirmation mail stating the booking details. Could you forward the details to [email protected] so that I can check and let you know the exact status

      • Dear sir already has sent a mail but still I am not getting reply pls help little bit urgney

        puja ticket no ;KKSV82950

        I what to sarpa samkarana puja start date only ( I think 30th sep but pls confirm little bit urgency pls pls

        • Dear Sir,
          Looks like your booking is not successful. Could you call up your bank to process refund?
          I will update you status tomorrow on this about the ticket confirmation

      • Dear sir
        Already has sent somany mails but still I am not getting any mail confirmation .who is concern person I was ask so
        many time but still I am not getting any help what I do …

        I now sarpasamkarana puja date 30th sep but I want confirmation mail little bit urgency

        ACK NO OR TICKET NO :KKSV82950

  116. Hello Sir,

    I have booked on 31st October for Sarpa Samskara pooja, which is on Deepavalli festival date.
    Please let me know if you conduct the Sarpa Samskara pooja on the same day [ 31st Oct ]?

  117. Sir we have to book for sarpasamskara puja….so can u plz let us know…available dates to book the ticket for puja

  118. Hi team,
    Can v eat non veg prior 2 days before the puja eg
    My puja date id 23rd oct can v stop eating from 21st onwards

  119. Plz provide me with the direct number of the contact person of sarpa samskara

  120. Dear sir,
    One Brahmin preast told me to perform Sarpa Shanti Pooja in Kukke temple. But among the Sevas list Sarpa Shanti Pooja is not available!!, my doubt is whether Sarpa Shanti Pooja is same as Sarpa Samskara Pooja or is it different?

    Waiting for your reply

  121. Respected Sir,

    I would like to perform Sarpasamskara pooja, but i have few queries please provide your response:

    1. After performing pooja on 1st day or 2nd Day, can i go for Thulabharam seva ?
    2. How many hours pooja will be performed on 1st and 2nd day of pooja ?
    3. At what time pooja will be finished on 2nd day ?
    4. Shall i bring my 2yrs kid for sarpa samskara pooja ?
    5. How many days before of menstual period we can come for pooja ? because in the above details it has been mentioned that we have to eat prasadam for 12 days continuously after 2nd of pooja, so if i get menstual period in between those 12 days ? shall i continue after 5 days of it ?

    Please do reply me as soon as possible, so i can plan and book the tickets and seva fees.


    • Dear Madam,
      1. Yes, you can perform Thulabharam on the 2nd day
      2. 1st day, pooja end 3 hours 30 mins. 2nd day, it is 2 hours
      3. By 8 am
      4. Yes, kid is allowed
      5. You can perform 3 days before for this pooja. Yes, you can continue having Prasadam after 5 days but you have to continue the deity during periods.

      • Dear sir,

        May I please know why it is to perform 3 days before the mensural cycle?

        Also if the mensural date is two days before the pooja and for safe side I am planning to take tablets particular that delay the periods, Would that be ok? Please let me know!

        • Dear Madam,
          3 days means, Pooja will be performed 2 days and you will be journey after Pooja. So one day to relax and arrange the materials in the Pooja room. So only suggested 3 days for your good.
          It is fine with 2 days in this case

  122. Dear sir,

    1) Can we enter main temple after aslesha Bali pooja?
    2) Can we perform prarthana seva and maha pooja after the aslesha Bali pooja on the same day?
    3) can we enter the main temple on the second day of sarpa sanskarana pooja?
    4) can we perform prarthana seva and maha pooja on the day 2 after the sarpasanskarana pooja.


    • Dear Madam,
      1. Yes, you can enter main temple after pooja
      2. Yes, you can perform both if time permits.
      3. Yes, you can enter main on the second day
      4. You can perform Both pooja on the 2nd day as Pooja ends by 8:30 am

  123. Dear sir, we planned earlier to visit Dharmastala first and then Kukke sarpa samskara puja. But due to time constraints we are coming directly to Kukke on Tuesday morning. We have puja on Tuesday and Wednesday. Can we go to Dharmastala on Tuesday afternoon once puja is completed or only Wednesday it is allowed? We have return journey to Hyderabad on Wednesday night. Please clarify.

  124. Dear sir
    during navrathari will there b sarpasamkara pooja conducted .
    please reply.

  125. Dear sir..my father’s forefathers has killed snake unknowingly… it has effected many of our family members. Either they don’t have kids.. or they suffered with abortions.. even i have female children and a male childpassed away when he was 6 months.can we perform sarpa sanskara pooja.. please reply.

  126. Dear Sir,
    due to some personal problems we are unable to attend the sarpa samskara poja booked for the dated 5/10/16 and the order number is KKSV83560 pls do the need.thank you.


    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if it can be postponed now. As one week intimation is required. Please call on this number +918257 281300

  127. Hi Kamal sir, I have booked for sarpasamskara on 2nd of November,2016. But because of some unavoidable circumstances I want to prepone it to 1St of November I.e only by one day.regarding this I have already mailed to EO of the temple, but no reply has come back.please do the needful sir.my order no. Is No:KKSV86557

  128. Sir,
    We are coming to do sarpa samskara on 7th & 8th of oct is this good day to perform on navarathri days.
    1st day after pooja mntioned that need not got to main temple after pooja & take bath and relax so how about 2nd day after pooja need to take bath again or what?

  129. Hi sir
    We are from Hyderabad, we want to perform Pooja regarding Santana Praapthi, please suggest the Pooja regarding this and also tickets availability from 8 oct to 11 oct
    Please also guide us about formalities to be followed

    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can perform Pooja on any of these days 8th,9th and 10th Oct but not on 11th Oct. Please take bath at Kumaradhara Theertham before Pooja.

  130. Nagabhushana Reddy

    Dear Kamal sir.. Namaskara. We are planning tonperform sarpasanskara and I have one query. Is it required the head of family to perform pooja mean elder person or any one can perform in family pl suggest. I am the elder son in family. My father and mother need to perform or I can perform pl. Confirm. Await your response.

    • Dear Sir,
      Anyone can perform this Pooja. It is not mandatory. Your father and mother can perform this Pooja

  131. Dear sir

    I am planing to come by train in morning around 7AM. its possible i want to perform Ashelasa bali pooja on same day. and i have to return same day. There is any hotel near by temple for morning fresh up/stay

    Regards & Thanks

    • Dear Sir
      Yes, you can perform Pooja on the same day as it will be performed in two slots. Yes, private hotels do available for the stay.

  132. Dear Sir,
    Online booking is the only means to book tickets for Sarpa Samskara Puja. I am planning to visit the temple for the same puja on 8th and 9th of Oct and tickets are not available online. Could you please guide us whether we can get the slots for 8th and 9th?

    • Dear Sir
      I really doubt if you can perform Pooja on 8th and 9th Oct as crowd is little high and tickets may not be available.
      But you can perform other Poojas on these dates

  133. Sir will sarpasamskar pooja be performed on 12th which happens to be ekadashi ?

  134. Sir we have our date for sarpa sanskara on 13th any formality to be followed before doing pooja as u hv mentioned no non veg onion garlic for 12 days after pooja. Any thing else..

    • Dear Madam,
      Please take head bath at Kumaradhara river before this Pooja. Don’t take outside before this Pooja.Before Pooja there is no other required. It is post pooja which is required

  135. How to book sarpasanskara November 2016 month date

  136. Hi

    Thank u for detailed info. small query , on 2nd of pooja at what time it will end as I need to comeback Bangalore to take a flight

  137. I need to book tickets for sarpa samaskara pooja

  138. hi kamal,

    can u please tell the sarpha samkara pooja timings of Day 1 and Day 2, what is the process to book temple accomdation

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms are allotted under curremt booking only at Kukke Devasthana.

      8:30 am – 12:30 pm
      8 am – 10 am

  139. I want to book pooja

  140. Hi,

    Planning to visit kukke in the month of feb 2017, can u tell me the available dates for pooja.

    Thank u

    • Dear Sir,
      You can book pooja tickets 90 days in advance .For feb month, it will be released online on Nov month

  141. Sir plz let me know the new kal sarpa dosha nivarna which is costing ₹15000/- declared in the times of India today. How this puja is performed and does it require any online booking or counter booking is available kindly guides us we want this do this Pujara need your guidance.

  142. Dear sir,

    Regarding the prasadam of sarpasanskarana, I was told that only our family should eat it and not to given to outsiders.

    We prepared the sweet out of the coconuts and I told my mom not to offer to anyone. But when guests came In the hurry she forgot and offered the sweet to them.

    I am very upset over it.
    Please let me know if it’s ok.
    Also what is the reason to not to offer it to outsiders.


  143. Hi Kamal
    Can you please advice how to book temple accomodation,as we booked SarpaSanskara for 4th Dec 2016…awaiting for your advice…
    Thank you

  144. Hai sir I want to book online ticket for Malaysians Shaun in temple can I know availability of tickets in Nov month

  145. Sir,

    Is it a must to perform sarpa samskara pooja on Monday and tuesday or tuesday and wednesday only as I have heard that aupicious days for performing pooja on these particular days. But, I think performing pooja with devotion is more important than these particular days. I saw 3 days back in your blog only that brahmins need not book in advance unlike non-brahmins and I can pay for the pooja at the counter for the two days prior to the sarpa samskara pooja. Please, clarify me on this regard to my email id.

    Thank You

  146. Dear Sir

    If need to get Sarpasanskarana pooja urgently can I come and check for cancellations. Will they be available?

  147. Namge sarpa samshkara puje madisabeku

  148. hello sir,
    i tried to book ticket for pooja and the dates avilable from jan 1 only but i want to perform pooja some early do i have any other alternatives to do early in this month or dec

  149. Hello sir,

    I did booking for SARPA samskara on 28th DEC,2016, but due to ladies problem , I think It may not possible to perform pooja on the booked date, is it possible to postponed dates for 1-2 weeks?? Its only a query

    • Dear Sir,
      yes, you can postpone the pooja whch will not be a problem. Please call on the Sarpa Samskara numbber in the ticket

  150. Hi Sir:

    We need to do the sarpa dosha pooja in this month.
    Please let us know how to proceed and we are not from karnataka to get the recommendation letter.

    Please help us in this case

  151. Dear Sir
    7th and 8th November only we did the Sarpasamskara pooja at Kukke. My doubt is as follows:-
    1) 9th Nov we visited Dharmathsala and one Ram Temple nearby there only. Also visited (Anantha and Padmanappa temple) at Kuduppu. Hope no issue.
    2) 10th November my daughter who is 8 year old had dosha and sambhar unknowingly at my elder brother’s house, wherein Onion contained in sambhar. I am worried whether my pooja will be successful or is there any issue since she had onion contained sambhar before ompletion of 12 days restrictions. Please advise.

  152. manasa priyadarshini

    hello sir,

    we are planning to visit temple for sarpa dosha pooja this is month ,will u please let me know regarding procedure for booking tickets online and about accomadation over there. we are from telanagana india.

    • Dear sir,
      You will get the devastham accommodations,please go through the link to know the details of pujahttp://gotirupati.com/kukke-subramanya-sarpa-samskara-pooja/

  153. Hi Sir,

    My pheancy has naga dosha. She wanted to do Sarpa Samskara in this month. Is this possible to do it urgently without advance booking as the booking date is too far around Jan 5.

  154. Hi.. We have booked a slot on 12 January 2017.. My doubt is that can we purchase doti, towel from our home town or else is it mandatory to purchase in the template.. How many personal can participate in a pooja at a time.. As we are planning to at least 5, if possible more, based on feasibility at the temple will come over there. Pls suggest us. We are basically from Telangana. Is devastana acomadation houses are comfortable or can we take private hotels..

    Venkatesh kokkula

    • HI Sir,
      you can get in temple itself,dosha person only can do this pooja thats better,you should be stay at devasthanam hotels not outside


  155. i want to do perform sarpa samskara seva in the month of Jan.17. Can I get the booking please?

  156. Dear sir
    Pls Send the sarpa samskara web site id

  157. Dear sir
    We are from tirupati
    We are make plan to visit kukke subhramnya temple and to do sarpasanskara pooja we did the DEMAND DRAFT for dec30,31 is it possible to get the pooja on that days
    And we didn’t get any reply from temple side since one week after we send the courier
    Please let me know what to do now
    Thanking you

  158. Hi Sir,

    As we have booked on 28th feb 2017 though online but unfortunately we have some work on that day. How can I get the amount return.


  159. Dear all..,
    I have to book for naga sarpa dosham pooja @ kukke temple… May i know the procedure… If any link is there please shame me.

  160. Dear all..,
    I have to book for naga sarpa dosham pooja @ kukke temple… May i know the procedure… If any link is there please shame me.

  161. Dear all..,
    I have to book for naga sarpa dosham pooja @ kukke temple… May i know the procedure… If any link is there please shame me.
    I don’t know how to book in online…


    • Hi Sir,

      You can book in online at “kukke.org” depends upon the availability you can book the tickets.


  163. Please inform whether there is any railway station to kukke as my wife can not travel by bus for health reasons. Also inform whether Telugu knowing priests will be available there.

    • Hi Sir,

      Kukke is the ghat section there is no train facilities till hassan you will get the train and only kannada priest available.


    • there are trains goes to kukke from bangalore (yeswantpur station) and also there is train station near to kukke, please google it.

      • Hi Sir,

        Direct busus available from bangalore to kukke but there is no railway facility due to ghat section.


  164. Dear sir,iam rathnakarrao from andhrapradesh i want know about sarpa samsakara puja at kukke subramanyam temple my question is who is eligible to perform this puja i heard somewhere if parents are alive its not perform sarpasamskara puja is it correct

  165. we r 3 persons planning to go kukke for sarpasanksar how many person r allowed per ticket and we dont understand local language do priest guide is in english or hindi will they guide us properly and before starting the pooja will they accompany us for pradikshna n all

    • HI Sir,

      Yes you can get the guide at the temple premises and 2 persons can be allowed to perform the pooja.


  166. Hi sir,

    Please assist to know how many days will take to perform sarpasamskara along with aslesha bali n nagapratishte as one of my neighbour has told that they performed this pooja for 5 days.


    • Hi MAdam,

      Sarpasamskara will be performed for 2 days including naga prathista and ashlesha bali pooja will be available only on mornings so next day you can perform the ashlesha bali pooja .


  167. Sir,
    I have to book for naga sarpa dosham pooja@
    Kukke temple but the slots are full i want do this pooja next week is it posible

    • Hi Sir,

      There is no immediate bookings sir in advance you need to book but if you want to book immediatly then on arrival you can try at temple office.


  168. Very informative, Thank you very much.

  169. I have to book for Naga Sarpa Dosha Nivaran Puja on 18.03.2017. anether day postponed possible or not possible

  170. Sir I have booked nsgadoshanivarana pooja on 18.03.2017 you can provide two days staying any rooms. I am coming from Andhra Pradesh. But idon’t know your Kannada. Pls and me sir.

  171. I have a booking under the name of Harsha vardhan my son.but due to unavoidable cicumstances,both of my sons won’t be able to come along for the pooja.I would like to clarify that if i mother can perform puja for them r not.

    • HI Madam,

      it is upto the temle decision if you carry your sons id proofs on request with with the temple authority it can be decided.


  172. while booking pooja ticket for my son(Harsha) i have given my I.D proof.but my son is unavoidble circumstance not comming to pooja. Whose I.D proof bring the pooja.I am Harsha mother i can perform pooja for them or not

    • HI madam,

      On request they may accept but You can try with his Id proof to perform the pooja.


  173. Janet Mary Coates

    we want to partake in sarpa dosha nivarane pooja, kindly guide us

    • HI sir,

      You can perform the sarpa samskara pooja at kukke you can book the ticket in online you can book based on availability.


  174. Hi sir,
    Could you please let me know the marriage pooja-3000 rupees details and process.

    We need to do this on 1-apr-2017 and 2-apr-2017.

    • HI Sir,

      You can book through the online bookings at kukke website then they will give the availability dates to book.


  175. Give me a date for the Naga pratishta puja.

  176. av. sampath kumaar

    My name is sampathkumar I want to perform SARPA samskara pooja & we can not book online & we will go tomorrow or day after tomorrow directly with out booking online this cket

    • HI Sir,

      It will be difficult to get the ticket on arrival it is suggested to get the tickets in online then you can plan.


  177. I want to book for Kala Sarapadosa give the date

  178. Hi sir I want to perform sarpa samskara and ashlesha bali pooja.. how many days we need to stay there..

    • HI Sir,

      you need to stay for 3 days to perform the ashlesha bali pooja and sarpa samskara.


  179. how we book for sarpa samskra pooja we are able book online due to online payment how can we book

    • Hi Sir,

      for sarpa samskara you can book in online “kukke.org” one month before you can able to book.


  180. S. L. N. Krishna Murthy

    Hi Sir
    I have already done Naga Pratista some years ago so can I do again because am doing sarpasamaskara next week.
    Is there any rules for Brahmins that we have my father’s vaidika this week so we can do sarpasamaskara next week or we have to wait for 15 days.

    • HI Sir,

      You can perform after 21 days of your father’s vaidika. once you booked the sarpasamskara it includes nagaprathista too.


  181. Mr. B. Sreekanth


    I have booked online for Sarpa sanskara pooja on 7th July 2017, can I come to Temple on 7th or do inned to come a day early. Second what time Pooja will get over on 8th July 2017.

    • Hi Sir,

      a day before you have to reach the kukke and 8th evening by 4pm you can clear everything.


  182. Hello sir,
    I m Swapna, I have dosha in my horoscope so I booked sarpa samskara pooja .can me and my husband take part in pooja as my in-laws are alive or they should participate

    • HI Madam,

      If you are having the dosha then you both can perform the sarpa samskara.


  183. Hi Sir,

    I have booked sarpa samskara pooja on 22.06.2017 for my son. I have paid the pooja fees online also.
    I request you can you postphone the date of pooja since on 22.06.2017 we are unable to come there.
    Shekhar P

    • HI Sir,

      Please call to the number which is given on that receipt we cannot update


  184. Hi Sir
    I have booked sarpa samskara pooja for 26th , Do I need to come a day early?

    what is the pooja timings on day1 and day2

    plz advice.


    • Dear sir,

      Yes sir, Need to be there before 1 day. Day 1 timings are 08:30 am to 12:00 pm and Day 2 timings are 06:00 am to 08:00 am.

      Thank you.

  185. some of them telling me to i have a naga dosha, but idont no waht kind of dosha i have. in kuke subramanya have any astroleger to check my horoscope and guide me to do what kind of pooja i have to do if ther means how much coust for that and am not married my parrents also compulsory attend pooja becuse my father helth is not good

  186. Hi Sir,

    I have my brother in law who is a bachelor and will be performing Nag Samskaar. Being a bachelor is it required for him to take along his father to perform rituals? I have read on the temple site that unmarried folks cannot perform this samskaar alone.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, need to accompany father.

      Thank you.

      • Thanks a lot Kishore ji !!

        One thing more i want to clarify under your able guidance Kishore Ji.

        To book 2 days of pooja for Sarp Samskaaram, when we open the calender to book the dates, we get one day as a booking conformation. It does not provide us with second day option.

        Does that mean that the second day’s pooja can be performed simultaneously by booking that one day on the calender.

        Thanks and Regards.

  187. Hi Sir,I Want to book for Sarpa Samskara Pooja on 12.08.2017 and 13.08.2017 .these dates are availability to book pooja in online

  188. Hi Sir,

    I have read in the article that we should not eat onions and garlic for 12 days.
    but some of my friends told me such things was not told by the priest in the temple. Please clarify what is the correct method

    • Dear Madam,

      What we mentioned in our site that is got from the temple priests only.

      Thank you.

  189. I have booked for Pooja on 10.06.2017 shall we be at Kukke one day early or can we come temple on the same day of Pooja

    • Dear sir,
      Preferable One day early or (you can come same day you should be there before the reporting time.)

  190. Hello Sir,

    I booked Sarpa Samskaara Pooja for 15.06.2017, is there any accommodation provided for us on this ticket or we should book rooms in outside hotels?


    • Dear sir,
      Whoever participates in this pooja, food and accommodation will be provided by the temple administration.

  191. we booked sarpasamskara pooja on 8/6/17 and 9/6/17 .but that two days are poornami is there.is it goodday or bad day to do pooja.

  192. Hi Sir,

    I have booked Sarpa Sanskara Pooja on 08-july-2017. I will be travelling from bangalore to Kukke I will reach Kukke on the Pooja day early morning. So I can not collect original seva ticket a day before.

    Is it possible to collect the original ticket on the same day (Pooja day) before Reporting time.


  193. We need perform sarpa samskara on 10 & 11 june 2017 we are not able to book it online or any alternative way to do pooja. We have tulabhara for 4 members also.

  194. Sir,

    Please help me with following information as this is my first visit.

    – Where to book tickets through online for Sarpa Dosham.
    – Is it a pooja performed individually or in group.
    – Is room provided to only performer or can mother & father stay in room.
    – Will they provide independent rooms or a open hall.
    – Do we need to carry anything while reaching temple like I.D cards, Puja items etc.
    – Apart from puja fee do they charge anything extra.
    – As per my knowledge this puja is performed for kala sarpa dosham, will someone guide us which type of puja to be performed as per our Astro or is it a common puja for all Sarpa Dosham in Jatakas.
    – Is it required to be performed early or is any there any specific period like yearly once or once in 3 years.
    – Will someone who speaks telugu or English available.
    – We need to reach Banglore and thereby travel from Banglore to Kukki, do we need to pre-book tickets in Advance or will available at time.

    My mail/query is lengthy but please guide with with details. Appreciate your kindness.

    • Dear sir,
      Sarpa Samskara you can book online sir.
      yes you can perform the pooja as well as group.
      sir for accommodation you can choose up to 6 members you need to pay for extra bed and you will be getting the independ room.
      you need carry identification proof no need of pooja items temple will provide everything, all you need to carry is sarpa samskara ticket.
      No extra fee its no mandatory you can give dakshina to pandit/swami.
      sir pooja is performed all days except During the months of Sravana Masam, Karthika Masam, Margashira masam will be more effective for this pooja.
      Please check the calendar before planning for this pooja. As pooja will not be performed on special days such as Ekadasi, Temple festivals.
      sir you can manage with the language.
      You need to reach the bangalore and then to to kukke, you can book tickets in advance and plan according to it or you can get tickets on arrival too.

      thank you..

  195. Hi sir,
    Yesterday my husband has done sarpa samskarana pooja in kukke temple.They gave prasadam as one full coconut and one half coconut and kalakand.
    What we will do with that full coconut?

    • Dear sir,
      You need to make sweet with coconut (eg: you can add the coconut in sweet while making i.e Payasam etc)

      thank you..

  196. for sarpasamskara seva, how many people can attend from a family?

  197. Dear Sir ,

    Do I have to book for Madhyana Mahapooja in advance . Hope this pooja is available on all the days . I am planning to go to Kukke on 23rd Jun 2017 . Please advise.

  198. Hi i hve booked for pooja on 3rd and 4th of sep 2017 after booking i came to know that the transportion is not possible at day. we are located at Hyd. can you please help me can i change the pooja date 4th and 5th instead of 3rd and 4th.
    Please advise me

    • Dear sir,
      May be you can shit the pooja/cancel the date sir,please visit the temple official website for more information.

      thank you..

  199. [email protected]
    Hi can we perform pooja on aastami day as we booked pooja for 30th july 2017 & 31st july 2017 but after booking d tickets we came to know thst on 2nday i.e is on 31st July 2017 is aastami so I’m worried is it ok to fo pooja will be good or bad for us…plz let me know




  201. Hi Sir

    We have booked for sarpa samskara pooja on july 1 and 2.
    Is it performed for the whole family we are 5 in numbers.


    • Hi Madam,
      you can perform for the whole family by getting tickets for all members.

      Thank you.

  202. Sir,we are coming to kukke for the first time from Hyderabad.Our family consists of my mother,brother and me(daughter).Is one ticket sufficient for the entire family.pls adbise

    • Dear madam,
      Yes madam, all are 4 members right?. in that case devotee can perform the pooja i.e Sarpa Samskara Pooja.

      thank you..

  203. A blind girl studying 6th class, is she perform pooja with her mother? And she dont have aadhar card, how can I book from online? Pls, suggest me.

  204. Planning to book 9th and 10th July 2017, this is for my son studying in 10th, for Pooja he has to sit alone or with parents. and it is sat and sun, so Mon we can be back to Bangalore, as I have to apply for leave.

    • Dear sir,
      Kukke Subramanya Sarpa Samskara pooja you can book before 90 days well in advance at temple’s official website. Parents can also accompany with the boy sir.You need to book online sir, you may get the tickets offline sir we can’t assure you sir.

      thank you.

  205. Hello sir we have booked sarpa samskara pooja on 12 th july… But we can’t do that day so we have to cancel the pooja can help us pls

  206. Hi i m malini from bangalore , pls help me out , our astrologer has told to do sarpa shanti homa , which is inclusive of ganapati homa, sarpa shanthi and navagraha shanthi , pls let us know uf this pooja is done in kukke , as we need to proceed to do the booking , pls let me know thanks

    • Dear Madam,
      You can perform the Sarpa samskara pooja at kukke you can book before 90 days well in advance. For more detail and update please visit the temple official website.

      thank you..

  207. Dear sir , please help us out in knowing whether there is sarpa shanti homa done in kukke temple , or is there anything known as sarpa shanti homa , in which there is sarpa shanti , navagraha shanti , and ganapathi homa , thank you sir

    • Dear sir,
      Sir you can preform the Sarpa Samskara pooja at the Kukke Subramanya Temple. You can book online sir before 90 days well in advance.

      thank you..

  208. shivaraj k chavadi

    Hello sir

    Which Pooja is for one day please tell us

  209. We booked for Sarapa Samskara pooja on Aug 20th, 2017. Our flight from hyderabad to mangalore( on Aug 19th, 2017) will reach only after 8PM and then it may take 11PM to reach the temple. So i cannot collect the original receipt on Aug 19th.

    1) Is it okay to collect the original receipt on pooja day or will it be a problem?
    2) As i reach temple by 11PM, will the temple administration be able to provide accomodation?

    Please reply.


  210. me and my husband wants to do pooja together. Do we need to do 2 bookings or just 1?

  211. Me and my husband wants to do kalsarp dosh pooja together. Is one tickrt sufficient r need to book ticket for each person?

  212. Dear Sir, Booked Sarpa samskara pooja on 4th and 5th Aug 2017 i.e., Fri & Sat, on 7th Mon Chandra grahan is there, so no problem to carry the pooja, and in seva details it is mentioned booking to be made prior 90 days, but today only I have booked after checking the availability on temple calender full 3096 Rs. paid.

  213. Hello,

    Can you please clarify the below queries?

    1.Is devotee should not visit the temple on first day of the Sarpa Samskara pooja?
    2. When can we visit the temple? on second day after completion of pooja?
    3.After Sarpa Samskara, can we do the Ashlesha Bali pooja?

    • Hi Sir,
      on the first day you can visit the temple,and also on the second day after the pooja you can visit,and also after sarpa samskara you can perform ashlesha bali pooja.

      Thank You.

      • Hello Kishore,

        But in the temple website(kukke.org) they mentioned below:”
        Temple entry is forbidden on the first day of seva”

        Can you please check?

  214. Sarpasamskara

  215. Hello Sir,
    Our wife’s family members had seen a dead snake on the road and later performed Sarpa Samskara at native place in our Naga Bana. This was about 20 yeras ago. Now, we are told that there is some dosha in wife’s horoscope and we need to performa Sarpa Samskara at Kukke Subramanya Temple. I have the following queries:
    1. Since Sarpa Samskara has already been done at our Nagabana at Native place about 20 years ago for having seen the dead snake, is it ok if we do again Sarpasamskara at Subramanya?
    2. We have booked for Sarpa Samskara at Kukke online for 6th August 17 and the I have got the receipt as well, as a confirmation. Now, I got to know that there is Chandra Gahan on 07th Aug. 17. Since Puja starts on 06th and goes for two days upto 07th Aug 17 Grahan Day), is it ok to have Sarpa Samskara on 06th August?

    Please reply to the above queries.

  216. My wife want to perform ashlesha puja on 24th july 2017. What is the procedure to take ticket. Can i book online or can i take in temple. Should i take ticket earlier only.

  217. Hello sir,
    If want to perform sarpa dosha puja the same month before 23.
    Is it possible to get the ticket in so less period?
    And can I perform it if my husband wont be there?

    • Hi Madam,
      for tickets you can book in the kukke official site and you can perform the pooja even if your husband is not there with you.

      Thank You.

  218. Sir this sarpasamskar pooja who should do only who is killed sarpa or it can do any one for my bright future and good things

  219. Vakamalla brahmanandareddy

    Hello sir,
    My sarpasamskara pooja on 29/08/2017 how to get original ticket when I coming on pooja day counter Will be opened 9 am but pooja starts at 8:30am.

    • Hi Sir,
      you have to collect the tickets on the previous day before 8pm for the pooja at the ticket counter.

      Thank You

  220. Hiii sir, we are from Hyderabad we want to perform sarpasanskara pooja at juke temple
    Can we book tickets for Pooja on. August 7 and 8, it is pournami and chandragrahanam will Pooja be performed on those days
    Please confirm us regarding pooja performance

    • HI Madam,

      to perform the pooja at kukke you need to book the tickets 2 months before current month tickets are not available now.


    • Please let me know following is done at kukke Subramanya
      1. Rahu Sandhi Dosha
      2. Rahu Dsaha seni bhukthi
      3. Rahu Dhrushti (Chandala) DOsha parihara

      • HI Sir,

        This will not available in the temple if you want you can done it privately outside the temple for any assistance call 9393939150


  221. We have a doubt that after completing the Pooja on 24th and 25th August 2017, we plan to go to dharmasthala udipi and sringeri

    Is it ok if we go to other temples after that pooja as i have heard that after the completion of pooja we have to go to the house directly and should not visit other places

    Please clarify on this

    • HI Sir,

      Yes first visit other temples before 24th and then you can perform the pooja at kukke.


      • Sir thanks for your reply.But we have booked Flight tickets for 23th of august 2017 and we have pooja on 24th of August and 25th of August.

        So we are in cofusion whether to go to other temples after the pooja or Just return home from pooja directly


        • HI Sir,

          For getting good results you can go back to home once you perform the pooja or else plan before pooja for any other temples.


  222. should we not perform any vrathas before or after the sarpa samskara pooja.

  223. Hi sir we are from Hyderabad, we had book our puja tickets at subramanya temple on 17th sept.

    So please advise if we reach by mangalore central by trains, how much distance from temple and how to come.

    Or if we come by hyd to bangalore to kukke, from bangalore where we can get the kukke busses.

    which is best way to come by bus or by train please advise.

    • Hi Madam,

      You can have good bus facility from mangalore as well bangalore too its upto your comfort and for sarpa samskara there is online facilty to book depends upon the availability you can plan for kukke madam. for kukke there is no trains available it is ghat section.


  224. Hi sir,

    Can we buy tickets at the counter after arrival by paying extra amount? we want 3 tickets for 3 families and it is not possible for us to book online 3 months in advance. can you please advise for our problem sir?

    Thank you,

    • HI Sir,

      it is difficult to get the tickets on arrival it may workout with any reccomendation letters.


  225. my pooja date is on 12th, i got bus tickets only on 11th night . please confirm i can collect original tickets on 12th early morning. if not collected previous day will my tickets will be cancelled ?

  226. Hii sir,
    I am Mahalakshmi. We are going to perform pooja on 22 nd of this month. 21st is eclipse. We will be there in temple one day before. So 21st(eclipse)day temple will be opened or not. Nd what we have to bring before attending the pooja..

  227. Sarpa samskRa

  228. I need ticket in this month (August) please can I get

  229. Hi sir,

    I am planning to book a pooja ticket on 2nd oct 2017 i.e on Monday. If I book on this day Pooja will be done on Monday & Tuesday. Isn’t it?

    Or It will take only one day. Please let me know.

  230. Sir as per your notice please tell us the link to book for a pooja of asleshaballi please guide us with the information

  231. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to book ticket for Sarpa samskara . May i know the following details:
    1.When we should report (on or before the day of fisrt day pooja)
    2.Is there any for accommodation provided by temple
    3.After doing pooja on second day when we can leave the temple (point of time )
    It would be helpful for the people who are coming from long distance.

  232. Hi Sir,

    Can I know if the rooms will given or that should be booked separately, I know the rent is not included in the seva ticket but wanted if we need to book ourselves or will this be booked for us

  233. Hello Sir,
    It is mentioned that man needs to wear dhoti. I do not have a dhoti. hence wanted to check if it can be provided by the administration for some fee etc?

  234. Hi! I am not getting d desired dates for booking online …as per our pandit we need to perform d puja on that date is it possible to talk to someone or someone can help us in scheduling the puja.

  235. dear sir,
    My sarpasamskara pooja on 14/09/2017. Iam coming from ernakulam by train ON13/9/2017.I will reach temple night.My order no.KKSV128033

  236. Hi sir,
    If I book ticket for sarpa samskara can I get any SMS or mail? And how can I make a payment and how much amount? Is it 3000 or 3095?

  237. One punditt told to do sarpa shanti pooja according to my jathakkam but in online sarpa samskara Pooja available is both Pooja are same or different please clarify my doubt

  238. Hi sir,

    My name is venkat , can i book sarpa samskara on sept 24th and sept 25th 2017 dates now? if available in site.

  239. Sir,I am not having children past 8 years, which puja is recommended for us,please give details

  240. Hello sir,
    I am Anil from Bangalore.
    My sis need to Do Sarpa samskara pooja by this month end or by next month starting.I have some doubts. Pls clarify.
    1) Is ticket available in this month end or next month starting.
    2) What is the cost for single person.

    3) How many ppl should attend the pooja.( Is any limits)

  241. My sister is facing some skin issues on stamack some wher told it’s naga dosha wt i have to do for this i was ful confused on this

    • HI Sir,

      Your sister can perofrm the sarpa samskara pooja at kukke to get rid of naga dosha.for any assistance you can contact 9393939150


  242. Hello sir

    We have booked for sarpasankara Pooja in online , we will come to kukke from Hyderabad at night of before Pooja days. So can we show online Pooja SMS at hall and can we enter the hall or we should get separate ticket for Pooja at counter by showing SMS. If so can we get ticket at counter on the same day of Pooja which we had already booked online. Because we are coming from outstation

    • HI Sir,

      you need to get the print out and after arrival you can get the ticket at temple counter.for further details contact 9393939150


  243. Sir we haven’t booked tickets for sarpasamkara pooja but we want perform pooja on September 21,22. Is there any chance?

  244. Hi Sir,

    I am told to perform sarpa samharam and nagar pradistha as my father sister expired last month can i perform this pooja or after how days should i perform this pooja what will be the approximate cost when is the right time to perform pooja .

    As I am facing lot of financial, job and health issue.

    Is there any other pooja to be performed . Please advise sir


    • HI Sir,

      If your father sister is married then its not affect to perform the pooja and you can book it in online, sarpa samskara includes naga prathista too and it costs 3500 rs for further details you can contact 9393939150


  245. I’m suffering from financial problems which pooja recommend for me pls give guidence

  246. Hello sir….I want to perform sarpa samskara pooja….
    If I book on 6th Oct 2017.when I will come to kukke…..
    One day before that pooja? Or shall we come on that day itself early morning sir before 7 o clock?

    • Hi Sir,

      Its better to reach a day before to perform the pooja and next day early morning you can take bath and freshly attend the pooja.


  247. Purnnima,

    Sir, I am 39 years still unmarried. which pooja is recommended for me, request u to please give me details sir.

  248. hi sir,

    i am prasad, plz give a one date for sapta samskara pooja


  249. Sir, I am from andhra pradesh.my family wanted to perform sarpa dosha
    pooja.can it be done without booking?
    I heard that without booking also we can perform it by paying 500/- extra to temple authority.is it true?

  250. How to cancel sarpa samskara pooja which I have already booked

  251. I had postponed sarpa samskaara long back. Now i want to perform. Available date is 20th October. How do i go for it

  252. I want to do puja on the day Monday I’m coming this Sunday evening if I cm nd book Fr puja is it possible to book on the of Sunday evening nd Monday morning can I sit for puja ( the puja thy said to do is KALASARPA puja) .

  253. I do sarpa dosha pooja in kukke subramanya

  254. How long we should not eat Nonveg after sarpa samskara Pooja?

  255. does sarpasamskara pooja pacage includes hotel accomidation and food ?

  256. Potnuru Venkata Radha Krishna

    Please intimate us Wheather we have to take accommodation for celebrating the SarpaSamskara Pooja on 2nd December’17. Or it Will be provided by the Temple management.

  257. Potnuru Venkata Radha Krishna

    If not provided by the Management Please reserve a Double Bed room Ac. for us. Payment will be done at the time of arrival Please.

  258. Hello sir, I need information regarding to perform puja at kukke. For marraige what puja we have to do and for to concieve what puja we have to do .. my cousin is not getting married and one is not conceiving. Tell me please it would be help full. How to reach kukke from Hyderabad. Do we have to book online before? If we want perform is there any special days? Please tell me the procedure.

    • HI Madam,

      You can perform the sarpa samskara for these kind of problem and for further details you can contact at 9393939510 for further details


  259. I want to do puja at kukke. I am confused which puja I have to do so. Iam married and divorced within 5 months. So many problems. Can you tell me which puja I can perform. I have kuja dosha. No astrologer suggest me to do so iam interested to do. Can I?

    • HI Madam,

      you can perform the sarpa samskara it includes naga prathista too so for further details you can contact at 9393939510 for further details


  260. Sir I want to perform kalsarp doshnivaran pooja ion behalf of my aunt is it possible

  261. As we need to come to kukke subramanya we need to get sarpa samhara pooja so we are booking it here at near by 1 to 10 . Can u please give as information and do the needful

  262. how to book online ple help me i want coming in kuke subramanya temple doing naga shanti pooja

  263. i am in usa now i want to do sarpa samskara pooja but i cant come there is it possible do the pooja? if i book the pooja online and if i provide my details

  264. Does sarpa samskara and sarpa dosha poojas follows same proceedure ?
    For Arda Kaala sarpa dosha which pooja has to done in kukke subramanya?

  265. Which puja should be done for kaal sarp dosha ?

    • HI Sir,

      You can perform the rahu kethu pooja at kalahasthi during rahu kalam to get rid of dosham and also you can plan for sarpa samskara at kukke it includes naga prathista too.


  266. Hi sir,
    if we do sarpa samskara at kukke it includes all then no need for kaala sarp dosha puja .
    please explain in detail.The website is not opening wat are the prices for different pujas.

    Thank You.

    • HI Sir,

      If you perform the sarpa samskara thats is fine it includes naga prathista too so you can try to book in online


  267. Hi, I’ve booked Sarpa Samskara on 7th January, Can you please help me.

    1. When I need to collect original receipt. The temple site says, the original receipt should be collected one day before, i.e. 6th January evening. Please advise.

  268. Which Pooja should be performed for delayed marriage for female ? Thanks

  269. Can I attend sarpa samskara 2 day’s programme for better of my family without astrologer contacting, please let me know

  270. Is it compulsory to stay 2 nights when the Pooja is performed

  271. I am performing Sarpasamskara how many days one should avoid non vegetarian one should abstain from sex?

  272. How many persons in a family attend on one ticket

  273. Hi sir,
    We want to have sarpa sanskara pooja after feb 15th,so can u tel me when we have to n attend sarpa sanskara pooja

  274. Hi sir is there tickets available for sarpa samskarna pooja on 22 nd march since it is nagapanchami pooja will be held or not pls inform us

    • HI Sir,

      pooja is available and you can try to book the tickets inadvance or else once contact at 9393939510 for further details.


  275. Hello sir…..after worshiped how many days we can get result?

  276. How many are allowed to perform this pooja

  277. Dear Sir,
    We performed sarpa sanskara puja on 13th and 14th Jan 2018, however my wife ‘s menstrual cycle started on 2nd day of puja so my son and I performed the remaing rituals without my wife participating on the second day. Please let us know if the puja is valid? Also since she did not have darshan of Sri Subramanian swamy on 2nd day do we need to visit the temple once again? Please advice.

  278. Hi I would like to know how many people are allowed on 1 ticket for sarpa sanskara pooja?

    And do we have to follow some instructions before 15days of pooja and after 15days of pooja ??

    And in which moortha is the good for this particular pooja ???

    And do we have to leave onion and garlic and ginger for this pooja, before 15days of pooja and after 15days of pooja ???

    • HI Madam,

      You can get the dates while booking the tickets and for one ticket they will allow 2-3 members for pooja and for further details you can contact at 9393939510


  279. I want sarpa samskara Pooja in kukke Subramanya Swami Temple dates in mind Feb 2018

  280. Hi I want to do sarpa samskara tomorrow I have not done any bookings as it’s urgent I need to do the sarpa samskara it’s quiet urgent
    Is it possible?

  281. Ghatigeppa irappa gadakari

    Safar Sanskar

  282. Thanks for your information sir ! Does this sarpa samskara pooja will completely remove sarpa dosha completely from one’s horoscope ? Sorry to ask you such kind of question to you because we already have performed something similar with snakes image made in black stone and put in rameshwaram sea after performing homam by our astrologer but still recently I miscarried for third time so does this pooja in kukke temple will completely remove sarpa dosha from our horoscope and give good effects in our life ?

  283. hello sir ,
    For sarpa sankara puja is it ok if some other person other than the one performing the puja can collect the token on previous day on
    behalf of person doing the puja

  284. Sarpa dosha

  285. Sir we want to book for sarpa sanskara pooja for information we want tele phone no

  286. Please give me confirm date for pooja

  287. Yeth Dina non veg budod… April 30 g booking malthnda yeth Dina kulod..

  288. After 2days of sarpasamskara Pooje, it is necessary to do bath before leaving subramanya.

    • HI Sir,

      there is no such kind of formalities sir not required


      • yestrady we did sarpasamskara Pooje and we came to native,. Before leaving subramanya I did bath and came.some one told here why you take bath after Pooje and no need to have bath, so I asked.

  289. ಸರ್ ನಾವು ನಮ್ಮ ಮಗುವಿನ ಒಳಿತಿಗಾಗಿ ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಪೂಜೆ ಮಾಡಿಸಬೇಕು ಅನ್ಕೊಂಡಿದ್ದೇವೆ…..ಈ ಪೂಜೆಯನ್ನು ನಾವು
    25-04-2018 ಅಥವಾ 22-05-2018 ರಂದು ಮಾಡಿಸಬೇಕು ಅಂತ ನಿರ್ಧರಿಸಿದ್ದೀವಿ …..ಆದ್ದರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನಾಂಕಗಳಂದು ಪೂಜೆಗೆ ಅವಕಾಶ ಸಿಗುತ್ತಾ..? ಏನು…? ಅಂತಾ ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ತಿಳಿಸಿ….

    • HI Sir,

      you can check in online if available you can plan or else you can plan seperately for further details you can contact at 9393939510


  290. RAMAKRISHNA C bagiger

    I payed money online I dint take receipt but I got seva no. Printed reciept is need? If so how to get my reciept plz tell me
    Thank you

  291. I have one question – The person who is having his father they can do this pooja , or on behalf of that person his/her father can do this sarpa sanskara pooja

    • HI Sir,

      if possible concern person is suggested to perform this pooja if not available then parents can perform on behalf of their children


  292. Hi, I have been advised to perform ashlesha Bali and sarpashanthi pooja what to book in online pls guide me.

  293. Online booking ಸರ್ಪ ಸಂಸ್ಕಾರ ಕ್ಕೆ include rooms irattha

  294. Please sir, send me your contact number

  295. I have booked for sarpa sanskara pooja on 30.04.18. Will i get accommodation?

  296. How to book a ticket#how many days#and other details plzz send me…

    • HI sir,

      You can check at kukke online official website for tickets availability and you can book the tickets sir


  297. booked sarpa samskara pooja.how many pepools allowed

  298. Bhavani Manjula

    V want to do sarpa sanskara pooja for the sake of my daughter.But my mother in law expired one month back.Can my husband and myself participate in the Pooja or my daughter only has to do ? V r getting problems with her marriage . Kindly suggest.Can my husband, myself and my son along with daughter sit in the Pooja or she only has to do it?

  299. I am having kala sarpa dosha.. Is there any seva to clear this dosha??? How i have to book for this seva???

    • HI Madam,

      you can plan kalasarpadosha nivarana pooja at kalahasthi in andhra pradesh so that you can get the releif


  300. HI Sir,

    when you are planning to perform sir


  301. Namasthe sir, one of our astrologist take 35000 to one of the Pooja at kuki subramanyam, any Pooja is there in that cost, they did that two days second day we did Naga prathista, first day dahana samskaram for one wheet flour sarpa idol

  302. For ashlesha bhali is there any online booking

  303. After sarpa samsjara pooja can I vist dharamsala temple on same day and next day vist Perdur Shree Anantha Padmanabha temple perform old seva kanike and then return home.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      actually its advisable not to visit any other temple after pooja.
      Thank you

  304. Kumar. s kanade

    Sharp samskar puja

    • HI Sir,

      You can book the tickets in online sir and you can choose the available dates


  305. Hii nice place

  306. Hi,
    I have a kaal Sarp dosha in my chart and i have ask to do saarpasaamskara with nagaprathista puja at kukke subramanya temple. I am a single day and my parent cannot accompany me due to health problem and they stay very far.

    Can i perform this puja in their absence? please guide as i am not aware of the rituals. I belong from north India.

  307. Sarapa dish

  308. Hi Sir,
    I want to perform “Sarpasamskara with Nagaprathishta” pooja in Kukke subramanya temple as i have kalp sarp dosha in my chart. After booking online can i alone do the pooja as my parents will not be able to accompany me due to health problem and they stay very far. Please let me know.
    Thank you.

  309. I want to do Sarp sanskar and Ashlesh bali on 27th June can it b arranged

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can get directly at temple counter sir, for any further queries please call at 9393939150
      Thank you

  310. S Murali Krishna

    R d tickets available for sarpa samskara by person at the Temple,,, because d online booking was already filled…

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes you can try on arrival. please call at 9393939150 for pooja related help in kukke
      Thank you

  311. Hi Sir, As per one priest as per my horoscope , they asked me to perform Ashlesha Bali , we did it last year in the Kukke temple at Bangalore, after that now priest is saying that it has to be done at kshetra also along with Ashlesha Bali , Nagapratisthapane as i have Kala sarpa dosha, is there anyone who can help please on what actually has to be performed since my marriage is tooo delayed , also my parents will not be able to accompany since they cannot travel so far due to health issues, can the pooja performed by me alone ?

    • HI Madam,

      You can perform the sarpa samskara so that it includes naga prathiste also in kukke so plan accordinlgy madam


  312. How to confirm my pooja booking

    • HI Madam,

      once you book the pooja in online then you will get the message to your registered mobile number


  313. Sir whether we are allowed to do the sarpa samskara Pooja on nagara panchami festival in kukke

  314. Hi

    I need urgent help , I have kala sarpa dosha and I want to perform Sarpasamskara puja at earliest possible . When I checked booking in online the earliest date showing as July 19th.

    I am flying back to Usa on July 10. So I need to perform anytime in this week , please help if I can book this puja directly on some date before July 5th.. I am in Hyderabad, if you can accommodate me some time for puja I will come and perform puja.

    Please please help me out in booking this puja .

  315. im from hyderbad.is it compulsary to book online.directly we can come there and perform in pooja.ihave kuja doshan and kalasarpa dosham.

    • HI Madam,

      if you book in online it is confirmed madam and on arrival also you will get but depends upon the crowd madam


  316. Wich parsan name booking pooja in kukke affected family member or family hed

    • HI Sir,

      Family head can perform the pooja or else those who are having dosha can perform the pooja


  317. Very nice piece of Information. Thank you.

  318. Sir please help they have available telugu priest?

  319. Sir my son is having naga dosha and my daughter having kuja dosha. I was suggested to perform Sarpa Sanskara puja. Can I perform the same on their behalf? Is their presence is required? Please advise.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need to perform pooja on your presence only and it is applicable to everyone for better result
      Thank you.

  320. Dear Sir/Madam,
    they has to perform the pooja, in there presence only you need to perform the pooja
    Thank you.

  321. sir some pandith advice me to do sarpa samskara will plz tell how it will be plz
    actually i had carrier growth problem as well as delay in marrage

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can perform the sarpa samskara its a 2 days pooja, please contact 9393939150 for pooja assistance.
      Thank you.

  322. Hello sir my family having nagara dosa i was doing sarpha samskara pls send u r contact no i need u r suggestions sir

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can perform naga dosha its a two days pooja, please contact 9393939150 for pooja booking and we will guide you.
      Thank you.

  323. I want to Naga dos Pooja I have to go to dharamasthata first or I can directly go to kukke Subramaniyam swami temple to do pooja

  324. Somashekar k somanakatti

    Sarpasamskar pooja

  325. hello sir ,if some of relatives are not doing sarpasamskarana pooja, they can join us for sarparsamkarana pooja with us? and if they are doing sarpasamkarana pooja their whole family is not coming except father in family does it fine?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Its fine and who is having dosha usually performs the pooja rest is your wish please do check with your priest, for booking please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  326. Can urulu seva be done in morning before sarpasanskara pooja

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Urulu seva can be done before the sarpa samaksara pooja, please contact 9393939150 for detailed information.
      Thank you.

  327. Dear Sir/Madam,
    You need to contact the nos available in the site you booked, for detailed information call at 9393939150.
    Thank you.

    • Kiran kumar HN s/o Narasimhaia
      Hosapaya s Kodagihalli (post)
      Gubbi (Taluku) Tumkur (district)
      Karnataka (state) pin cold 562213

  328. My husband is having severe back pain,we want to perform tulabharam at kukkesubraanya,pls help

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform directly at temple counter from 10.30 to 11.15 am it will be performed daily each ticket cost you Rs 75 and you need to get the tickets before 10 am.
      Thank you.

  329. Dear Sir/Madam,
    You can perform pooja daily from 6 am if you need special darshan please contact 9393939150.
    Thank you.

  330. What date this month pooja will be kukke

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can perform pooja from 8.30 am to 12 pm. and from 6 am to 8 am. you can perform daily.
      Thank you.

  331. Would like to perform sarpa sanskara Pooja for my son between 5 to 9 Nov 2018, any day. Please confirm slot availability and how to book online.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get directly on arrival, or else you can check with the official site
      Thank you.

  332. Sarpasamskar pooja

  333. I have booked for sarpa samskara pooja on 28th Nov 2018 by online. When should we reach the temple ? Should we arrive on the previous day in order to submit the pooja receipt? Please let us know

  334. whats the cost for sarpa sanskara and ashlesha bali…

  335. I want to Perform Sarpa Samskara on 22nd and 23rd Dec 2018. How to Proceed

  336. details reg.seva details of mrustanna santharpane and nagaprathiste

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      All ttd rooms are fully booked, if you need alternate accommodation please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  337. Hi.. do we have to come a day early for sarpa samskara pooja?? How many days do we have to stay there for pooja???

  338. Sarp samskara and aslesha bali can be performed on same Day?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No you can not perform both poojas in same day as sarpa samskara is a 2 days pooja.
      Thank you.

  339. Dear sir, i am not able to book online for sarpa samskara pooja since 1 month. Want to do it on 13 dec 2018. Can u please help. 1 person alone can do that pooja? Or parents required compulsory? Pls help me krishna sir.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book online for booking and further information please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  340. I want to perform sarpa samskara pooja on ashlesha nakshatra can I know how to book

  341. Hi I had booked sarpa samanksara for 27 th and 28 Dec ..but due to death of relative i need to postpone the Pooja date to next week ..can u provide me the contact information..I tried calling the number given in website but no one pick up…

  342. I need for room 4 members on – 24/12/2018 Sunday 6-30 pm

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book online for booking accommodation please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.


    I need for room 4 members on: 24/12/2018 Sunday 6-30 pm

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book in advance for booking accommodation in kukke please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  344. Hi, I have booked sarpa samsksara for 4th Jan 2019 in online on what date should we come before to temple & how many days should stay there please inform us we tried to call but no one answering…..

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Its a 2 days pooja you need to stay there for 2 days to complete the pooja pooja starts at 9 am .
      Thank you.

  345. If we are going to sarpasamakra in kukke subramanya before we visit shrisketrha darmastala manjunatha swamy as per our Hindu custom is prohibited or good.

  346. Manjunath M Patil

    Kala sarpa dosha parihara

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform that on arrival for pooja please contact the temple counter.
      Thank you.

  347. Ramesh Babu Gurram

    We are intending to perform sarpa sankalp pooja in the month if April or May. Kindly suggest the dates for performing the pooja.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes you can perform directly on arrival , for booking please check with the official site.
      Thank you.

  348. For sarpasanskar puja, can they provide token against online booking , 2 days prior ( 17.02.19 evening time) ? .Because I have booked for 19.02.19 and , on 18.02.19 I am visiting to other place(full one day tour).


    Shell I collect the token on puja day.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book in advance for booking please do check with the official site .
      Thank you.

  349. Dear Sir/Madam,
    You can perform sarpa samskara please check with your priest, for booking please contact 9393939150.
    Thank you.

  350. Sir kalla sarpa pooja is same as sarpa samskara OR it’s different

  351. Sir I am married. I am from Hyderabad. My father, mother and wife unable come there . Can I do sarpa samskara Pooja (single person)

  352. I have doubt that the sarpasamskara pooja includes ashlehsa bali pooja or not?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      It doesn’t include aslesha bali pooja, for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  353. I’m Narendra kukke subramanya sowmy Pooja

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform sarpa samskara its a 2 days pooja for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  354. After performing Sarpa smsakar pooja can we eat onion garlic food and nonveg.Kindly suggest me.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No you should not eat after finishing the pooja for a particular period of time , please check with your priest .
      Thank you.

  355. sir. last year I performed sarpa samsakara pooja. please suggest me what pooja is to be performed next.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check that with your priest for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  356. Sarpa dosa nivarane pooj booking

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book that online for booking the sarpa samskara please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  357. Dear Sir/Madam,

    i need to book that online for booking the sarpa samskara please contact 9844238383 or 8105175277.

    thank you

  358. We need to perform Shani shanthi and Rahu shanthi what is the procedure, can you please guide.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform sarpa samskara and its 2 days pooja , you need to book that online in the official site .
      Thank you.

  359. sir i am booked sarpasamskara ticket in online but text message is came and receipt is not came my mail id so please forward receipt once again sir

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check with the site where you booked and for the stay related help contact 9393939150
      Thank you.

  360. sarpa samskara pooj aonline booking

  361. sarpa samskara pooja online

  362. Sir Sarpa samskara pooja required two days or we can completed in one day.
    We have planned to come on Saturday night and come back Sunday night.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Sarpa samskara is a 2 days pooja , you need to get it done by 2 days for booking the stay please call at 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  363. Dear Sir

    Is it necessary to take bath in river on the first day. Since its summer is there water in river.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes there is particular procedure to be followed, please call at 8500898000 for detailed information .
      Thank you.

  364. Ok sir i will be booked for pooja… i request you let me know days timing …
    If i reached Saturday morning 7am( 30th march morning) to kuke .. can we complete pooja before Sunday evening 8pm ( 31st march19)

  365. sir we will plan two days … can i know timings of two days.
    means if we reached kukke Saturday morning 7pm 30th march 19 …can we complete pooja before 8pm of Sunday ( 31st march)

  366. sir Please let me know sharp samskara pooja can come alone or family is compulsory

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform alone also, who is having dosha will be performing the pooja , its a 2 days pooja .
      Thank you.

  367. Sir ,
    Pooja will be done for separate one family or in group family ,and on which month the pooja is good for doing

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform pooja on any day , please check with your priest for the best dates as per your concern .
      Thank you.

  368. Sarpasamskara puje

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      It is a 2 days pooja, for booking and more information call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  369. Hi
    I wanted to Postphone the Pooja Date due to personal reason,
    kindly help me how to procceeds the next step only 3days left

  370. Can we go to temple directly and perform sarpa namskara pooja without online booking

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book online and can perform pooja as its 2 days pooja , for any assistance call at 8500898000.
      Thank you.

  371. Sir/madam is there sarpa samskara pooja on 15th april

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes its a 2 days pooja you need to perform that on arrival at the temple , please check the official site for booking .
      Thank you.

  372. Hello

    I have booked online sarpa samaskara through kukke website, but I have received payment acknowledgement but I didn’t received any other information like date n name of samaskara.
    Is this acknowledgement copy is enough same I can show in counter right.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check with the site where you have booked, yes the acknowledgement copy is enough .
      Thank you.

  373. Sir I am Srinivas I want pooja

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can book online in the official site, for booking please call at 8500898000.
      Thank you.

  374. Dear Sir/Madam,
    You need to book online in the official site, its a 2 days pooja.
    Thank you.

  375. Dear sir,we want book sarpasamskara POOJA on 14-August-219 Wednesday with family.kindly suggest how many days in advance need book.wgat is the procedure .can we book over the phone directly to temple.Shankaragouda B & Family.Cell 9945925581

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book that online in the official site, for more details please call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  376. Sir,

    I am madhwa brahmin from Hyderabad. I wish to know — if I can perform Sarpa sanskara pooja with in eight months of my father’s death ie. before performing VASHA SRADDHA. Please clarify.


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check that with your local priest, its a 2 days pooja which starts at 9 am and ends the next day afternoon .
      Thank you.

  377. Shravan Kumar S H

    Sarpadosh nivarane

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can book that online , as its 2 days pooja you need to book that online.
      Thank you.

  378. Can I perform sarp samskar Pooja on 27 or 28 May 2019 by paying cash at counter and also inform whether accomodation is available on these days

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform sarpa samskara by booking it online and for booking of pooja and accommodation in kukke please call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  379. A priest during our house construction said to offer sarpasamskara, if any serpent was living or its eggs have come under buldozer while land levelling. we have already constructed house but present none r living in it & no peace of mind after completion of house between husband & wife.Hence we r thinking of offering pooja at the earliest with my husband & 2 children one 4yrs old son & another 6yrs old daughter.what rituals have to be strictly followed while coming to offer pooja?we r non vegeterians so plz guide to offer pooja accordingly..

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You can perform sarpa samskara at kukke , its a 2 days pooja for pooja and accommodation related help call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  380. Marriage delay

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You can perform sarpa samskara , its a two days pooja you need to book that online .
      Thank you.

  381. How many days non vegetarian has to be avoided before/after sarpasamsakara pooja strictly.plz guide sir & prasadam (coconut) have to taken by both couple & childrens strictly how many days after pooja?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to take coconut prasadam for almost 15 days , And for minimum 15 days you should not eat nonveg, garlic and onions very strictly .
      Thank you .