Kukke Subramanya Champashasti Mahotsavam

Kukke Subramanya Champashasti Mahotsavam is an annual festival which will be celebrated for 15 days. During this special days, Processional deities will be taken out in Vahanas on each day. Devotees throng temple during this Jathara days.  This festival will be celebrated during Nov and Dec months. Devotees can participate in this event by purchasing tickets over the counter.

Day 1Distribution of Moola Mrithike Prasadam 
Day 2Shesha Vahana Bandi UtsavamUtsava deity will be taken out on Sesha
(Seven Hooded Serpent) Vahana.
Day 5Laksha DeepotsavamOne lakh ghee lamps will be lit in the
temple premises.
Day 6Ashwa VahanotsavamLord Subramanya will be taken
out in Aswa (Horse) Vahanam.
Day 7Mayura VahanotsavamLord Subramanya will be taken out in a
procession on Mayura (Peacock) Vahanam
Day 8Flower Chariot UtsavamLord will ride on a fully decorated Chariot
with flowers.
Day 9Panchami Rathotsavam,



The processional deity will be
taken out in a Cart and Devotees
will be pulling the cart along
the temple streets
Day 10Champa Shashti Maha RathotsavamLord with his divine consorts
will be taken out on a
giant wooden chariot.
Day 11Avabruthotsavam, Nowka Vihar 
Day 16Bandi Utsavam 

Reference Link: Temple History


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