Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary Near Palamner, Route info and Timings

Distance: 136 Km from Tirupati

Stay: APTDC Rooms are available at Horsely Hills

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary Near Tirupati

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh at a distance of 60 kilometres from Chittoor. This Wildlife Sanctuary is near to Palamaner. The sanctuary encompasses an area of about 358 square kilometres. Kaigal and Koundinya streams flowing through the sanctuary for the whole year. 

The main attraction at of the wild animals is the elephants which have returned after 200 years. Previously, there were no elephants in Andhra Pradesh. In the last decade or so, elephants have been migrating more than ever before, looking for habitable forests. It is estimated that there is more than 50 elephants living in this sanctuary. Besides this, wide variety of animals like the Cheetal, the Four-horned Antelope, the Sambar Deer, mouse deers, hares, porcupines, wild boars, the Jungle Cat, jackals, the Sloth Bear, jungle fowl, and peafowl are also found here.

Entry to Wildlife Sanctuary is either from Horsley Hills or Palamer Forest Area. Do visit this tourism places nearby Tirupati if you are interested in trekking.

Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary

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