Kayarasayana Theertham

Kayarasayana Theertham

Kayarasayana Theertham is located near Sanaka Sanadhana Theertham. It is said that the body of one who drinks the water of this Theertham would be instantaneously purified. It is said that even a rotting yellow colored leaf thrown into its waters would at once turn green.

Kayarasayana Theertham is hidden from view for the common man and is visible only to the Mahatmas. It is believed that the source of this Theertham was blocked with stones by Sanaka and other Rishis.


How to reach Kayarasayana Theertham?

One should trek from Old papavinasanam bridge to deep into forest. It is not safe to reach this place without guide or mentors.

We do organize Spiritual Trekking programs to promote devotion, If interested, please leave your comment below.


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