Karthika Brahmotsavam Rathotsavam

Karthika Brahmotsavam Rathotsavam 2015 Tiruchanoor Temple

On the penultimate day (eighth day) morning Goddess Sri Padmavathi Devi as “Sarva Swatantra Vara Lakshmi” taken out for a celestial ride on the four-mada streets encircling the shrine at Tiruchanoor on Tuesday.

Goddess who was dressed in a pearl studded robe with pearl garments seated on the fully decorated mighty wooden Chariot. The uniquq name “Sarva Swatantra Vara Lakshmi” signifies that Goddess Padmavathi Devi is the Supreme deity who can execute Her royal duties with aplomb even in the absence of Lord. Her chief duty is to bless Her devotees to live in prosperity for ever.

According to Puranas, human body is considered to be chariot, Wisdom the charioteer, soul the clutches and senses as the horses that pull the cart. On the whole, the supreme almighty preaches that one has to control his or her senses in order to pull the body which is described as chariot using wisdom to lead a peaceful life. Hence Rathotsavam is considered to be one of the most important religious fetes during Brahmotsavams.

Tiruchanoor is flooded with devotes who thronged to witness the Goddess on this occasion. Devotees competed to take a chance to pull the rope of the chariot. TTD has made elaborate security arrangements with vigilance sleuths, police and srivari sevakulu to see that no untoward incident takes place during the mammoth chariot procession.

Karthika Brahmotsavam Rathotsavam