Karthika Brahmotsavam Hanumantha Vahanam

Karthika Brahmotsavam Hanumantha Vahanam

Karthika Brahmotsavam Hanumantha Vahanam 2015, Tiruchanoor Temple

As a part of the ongoing annual Karthika Brahmotsavams, on the serene evening of Friday, Goddess Sri Padmavathi Devi dressed up as Lord Sri Rama with bow and arrow in Her hand, mounted on the mighty Hanumantha Vahana blessed Her devotees at Tiruchanoor.

Hanuman is considered one of the top devotees of Lord Vishnu in one of his avatars as Lord Rama. He is also hailed as a exponent of all four vedas, Nava vyakarana pundit and destroyer of Lanka. He is an embodiment of Wisdom, Muscle power, success , Courage,health, dynamism, and common sense. One of the hillocks on the Tirumala hill range is also named after him as Anjanadri and a temple in front of  Srivari temple is built for him- Bedi Anjaneya.


As done ardent devotee who carried Sri Rama on his shoulders, It is said that Lord Sri Rama had taught the secrets of Atma Tatva to his most loyal disciple, Hanuman. The Sita Ramanjaneya Samvadam is the basic theme of a Telugu poetry of yesteryear.Hanuman is also described as Bhavishyat Brahma for his blessings and acts denote a special and spiritual path for everyone to abide and to lead a peaceful and prosperous livelihood.


Karthika Brahmotsavam Hanumantha Vahanam

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