Karthika Brahmotsavam Garuda Vahanam

Karthika Brahmotsavam Garuda Vahanam 2015 Tiruchanoor Temple

After taking a lengthy ride on Her favourite vehicle Gaja Vahana on Sunday evening, the Goddess took out a pride ride on Her Love’s favourite ‘Garuda Vahanam’ on Monday evening on the sixth day of on going nine-day brahmotsavams at Tiruchanoor.

The rich elegance on the face of Goddess in all Her rich robes wearing the golden srivari padukalu was clearly witnessed by the pilgrims on the mighty royal golden-winged kite.

As Garuda is also known for his ethics in correcting evil-doers, it is believed by the devotees that worshipping the goddess on Garuda will serve as an act of atonement and wash off one’s sins done in the past.

Garuda Vahana Seva is considered to be the most important and prominent one among the vahana sevas in Sri Vaishnavaite temples.The procession of Goddess Padmavathi Devi adorned with dazzling jewels , special diamond Keeratam and in bright silk vastrams and seated on Garuda Seva was a feast for devotees.

Karthika Brahmotsavam Garuda Vahanam