Kanipakam Temple Vinayaka Pramanam

Kanipakam Temple Vinayaka Pramanam (Promise) is available daily

Pramanam Timings: 5 pm

Ticket Timings: 4:00 pm

Ticket Cost: Rs. 516

No.of persons allowed on a ticket: 1 person

Dress code: Traditional wear is preferred.

Kanipakam Temple Vinayaka Pramanam Procedure

Whoever wants to perform Pramanam, have to purchase a ticket at the counter by 4:00 pm. One has to take head bath and reach Temple in the wet dress at 4:45 pm

Pramanam (promise) in the premises of Swayambu Varasiddi Vinayaka Swamy. Pramanam between two persons. This is very powerful, no one dares to do this pramanam. Usually done during disputes between persons and family.

If they believe that the opposite person is lying, then they will go for Pramanam. Temple priests prior to taking Pramanam. Pramanam is so powerful that whoever does false promise will be punished mentally.

Pramanam also helps in de-addiction to liquor. Whoever participates in this pramanam have to purchase a ticket.


How to reach Kanipakam Temple from Tirupati?

  1. Tirumala Buses (Sapthagiri bus) is available from Tirupati to Kanipakam Temple. It is 1 hour 30 mins by bus.
  2. Kanipakam is at a distance of 10 km from Chittoor Bus station.
  3. Bus frequency is high from Tirupati to Chittoor, either you can get down at Kanipakam Village entrance, on the highway or you can reach Chittoor then to Kanipakam.
  4. Trains to Chittoor available from Tirupati Railway station.

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  1. In 2008 when I was drunk I got a paper of kanipakam vijay aka swamy paper due to over drink I promised on swami from today I will not drink and smoke but I kept my word for one year after that I started drinking and smoking. From that day I started loosing every thing I lost so many jobs till day my wife and children left me three years before .before I have been admitted in hospital now I lost every thing from today will keep up my word what I have promised to swamy is it possible if I stand on my word I will get every thing back.pls answer me back pls