Kalabairava Theertham

Kalabairava Theertham Sri Kalahasti

Kalabairava Theertham is located at Kalabairava Hills which near to Temple. One should start trekking hills from Panasa Kona Village to reach this place. This theertham holds medicinal values, bath here gives good health. Wounds and other external injuries will be cured by taking here. Bath here also bring peace to mind and generates positive thoughts.


It is two hours trekking from Panasa Kona Village. Best time to visit this theertham is ¬†during the months of Nov-Dev- Jan-Feb. It is sacred theertham so anyone approaches this theertham with bad thoughts or for fun will be punished. Don’t take Alcohol and Non Veg here.

Kalabairava Theertham Sri Kalahasti


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