Kailasakona falls

KailasaKona Falls also called as Kailsantha Kona Falls

Falls is located at a distance of 70 Km from Tirupati

Kailasakona is one of the popular Tourism places nearby Tirupati, It is a perennial waterfall with sacred Siva and Parvathi temple. This place is famous for its pleasant waterfall with crystal clear water enriched with mineral values. This place historical significance and there is saying that lord Siva came for Venkateswara swami marriage at Narayanavanam a temple near to the falls.

This falls can be reached easily and has good transportation facilities, vehicles can reach the foot of waterfalls. This place is 40 KM away from Tirupati, the best season to visit this would be from November to January.

Entry fees: Rs.10 per person

Best Time to visit: Oct-Dec with good flow.

Tourism Guesthouse is located near Puttur but it is not in good condition. Sivaratri days, Karthika Masam will be devotees. Sat and Sun will be crowded with tourists.

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How to reach this place?

  1. Any bus from Tirupati to Nagalapuram goes by this place.
  2. One should get down here, from it is 20 – 25 mins walk to reach this place.
  3. This place is also reachable by two-wheeler
  4.  Auto rickshaws are available from Puttur to this falls.
  5. Entry restricted after 6:00 pm.
  6. No accommodation is available at this place so one must vacate by 6:00 pm

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