Idagunji Sankashta Chaturthi

Idagunji Sankashta Chaturthi Pooja Dates, Timings, Ticket Cost

Devotees used to fast on this Special Day till moon appears in the Sky. Devotees will break the fast after having Lord Vinayaka Darshan. It is believed that by doing so will be blessed with good fortune and will not have any hindrances.

Month Sankashta Chaturthi
January 5th, Friday
February3rd, Saturday
March 5th, Monday
April 3rd, Tuesday (Angaraka)
May 3rd,  Thursday
June 2nd, Saturday
July 1st, Sunday
August 30th, Thursday
September 28th, Friday
October 27th, Saturday
November 26th, Monday
December 25th, Tuesday (Angaraka)

The above mentioned might change + or – 1 day. Please make sure before planning your Darshan.

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