Gujjana falls Tirumala Seshachala Hills

Gujjana falls Tirumala Seshachala Hills

Gujjana Falls Tirumala is the highest falls in the Seshachala hill ranges. Gujjana falls is located deep in Seshachala forest area. To reach Gujjana Falls one should trek up Hills from Kukkala Doddi or Trek down Hills from Papavinasanam Tirumala.


Gujjana Falls Tirumala – Gunjana Waterfalls Photo Gallery

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Gujjana Falls Tirumala Seshchala Forest  – Video



1) Please don’t plan for Seshachala Trekking without prior knowledge as route is quite complicated and need input from Known persons.

2) While trekking please carry necessary food materials and Swimming materials.

3) Seshachala Theerthams are not meant for fun and sporting, it is devotional where great Saints meditated here in these hill ranges.



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