Good day for digging Borewell in 2021

Good day for digging Borewell in 2021 Date and Timings

North-East is the right place for the borewell. Each Plot can be divided into 81 parts whether it is in Rectangle or Square shape ie. 9 x 9.

Red Color is the outer layer (Pisacha Sthana) which is not good for Borewell digging

Yellow Color is for Manushya Sthana

Green Colour is meant for Daivatha Sthana

And Color Kashayam Colour is Brahma Sthana which is not advisable for Borewell

Borewell can be placed either Ishyana or North Ishyana or East Ishyana.

South-East and South-West is not advisable for the Borewell as they not good for the Plot owner.

Please check with a Vastu Siddanthi before proceed with Borewell. There as Vastu Junction Points which are not advisable for borewell either.

Good day for digging Borewell in 2021

Month Date Timings
May 2021 2May 2:54 AM
2May 3.37 AM
  5May 2.42 AM
5May 3.26 AM
Jun 2021 3Jun 12.48 AM
5Jun 12.40 AM
17Jun 11.52 PM
20Jun 11.19 AM
23Jun 11.08 AM
26Jun 12.01 AM
28Jun 11.09 PM
Jul 2021 2Jul 11.37 PM
Aug 2021 12Aug 9.25 AM
13Aug 3.43 AM
16Aug 8.40 PM
20Aug 8.25 PM
22Aug 3.08 AM
25Aug 2.56 AM
26Aug 8.31 AM
Oct 2021 10Oct 8.21 AM
13Oct 3.48 AM
16Oct 12.04 AM
16Oct 3.36 AM
24Oct 11.32 AM
Nov 2021 6Nov 3.51 AM
10Nov 10.25 AM
11Nov 9.49 PM
11Nov 3.27 AM
14Nov 9.37 PM
14Nov 3.15 AM
15Nov 10.05 AM
20Nov 1.18 AM
20Nov 2.52 AM
21Nov 9.09 PM
21Nov 1.14 AM
28Nov 8.42 PM
29Nov 9.10 AM
Dec 2021 9Dec 12.03 AM
9Dec 1.37 AM
10Dec 7.55 PM
13Dec 12.08 AM
18Dec 1.01 AM
19Dec 11.44 AM
30Dec 12.14 AM
Feb 2022 3Feb 8.42 AM
4Feb 8.16 PM
5Feb 9.46 PM
6Feb 8.08 PM
10Feb 8.57 AM
10Feb 9.26 PM
11Feb 8.10 AM
11Feb 7.48 PM
18Feb 8.55 PM

Please check with a known astrologer on the auspicious date and muhurtham time for Borewell digging.

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