Gokarna Narayana Bali Puja Procedure Cost and Timings

The Gokarna Narayana Bali Puja: A Spiritual Sojourn for the Departed Souls at Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple

Fire, a symbol of purifying energy, plays a pivotal role in the Gokarna Narayana Bali Puja. This profound Hindu rite is a gentle way of channeling positivity and facilitating the passing souls to find ultimate liberation. Join us as we delve into the intricate elements of this ceremony, from its significance to the intricate rituals and the weighty reasons why it is a customary practice in Gokarna, Karnataka.

Unveiling the Narayana Bali Puja:

Derived from the scriptures of the Garuda Purana, the Narayana Bali Puja is an obligatory rite conducted during instances of unusual or sudden deaths. Examples include deaths resulting from mishaps, animal attacks, uncommon ailments, fasting, or suicide, among others. This effective ritual, under the direction of a knowledgeable Brahmin, aims to free the deceased soul from earthly ties and assist it in traveling to Yamaloka, where it will rest forever.

The Narayana Bali Puja: When to Perform?

One should ideally perform the Narayana Bali Puja shortly after an unexpected death or upon discovery of the ancestral curse, the *Pitra dosh*, in one’s horoscope. Also, if you face hurdles in marriage, challenges in childbirth, or personal and professional misfortunes, this ritual could prove beneficial. To further enhance its effectiveness, it can be performed concurrently with the Thila Homam ceremony.

Why choose Gokarna for the Narayana Bali Puja?

Home to the Atma linga with Lord Shiva as the patron deity, Gokarna, a revered temple town in Karnataka, is respected for its religious significance. Listed as one of the seven major Hindu pilgrimage centres in India, Gokarna is recognized globally for its spiritual connotation. It’s where the Skandha Purana references Lord Shiva’s emergence from a cow’s ear, a testament to its spiritual relevance. Adding to that, the presence of scholars proficient in Sanskrit and Vedic practices lends Gokarna its unique touch.

### The Sequence of the Narayana Bali Puja:

Here are the ten-step sequences to perform the Narayana Bali Puja effectively:

  • Narayana Bali Sankalp**: Initiate by chanting sacred Vedic verses and announcing the performer’s name, Nakshatra, Gotra, and the purpose of the puja.
  • Pretha Sankalp**: Invite the departed soul, detailing their name, relationship with the performer, cause, and nature of death.
  • * **Vinayaka Puja**: Honor Lord Vinayaka, as per the Shiva Purana, before commencing any propitious endeavor.
  • Pretha Avahana: Call the deceased using a coconut (Sriphala) in a methodical order according to Vedic customs.
  • * **Dash Pind Pradhan**: Make an offering of food to the departed to symbolize nourishment.
  • * **Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Yama, Savitra Devatha Kalasha Sthapane, and Avahanam**: Seek the blessings of the five gods and perform Kalasha Sthapana and Avahanam.
  • * **Panchaka Shraddh**: Offer five pindas (rice balls) to Lord Vishnu.
  • * **Narayana Bali Homa**: Recite Narayana Bali mantras as a part of a sacred fire ritual (Homa).
  • **Brahaman Muka Dwara Panch Sukta Parayana with Prayaschita Tila Homam**: Recite the Panch Sukta and perform Prayaschita Tila Homam.
    * **Dasha Daan**: Conclude the ceremony by distributing ten types of donations as per the performer’s feasibility.

The Boons of the Gokarna Narayana Bali Puja

  • The Narayana Bali Puja can bestow several virtues on the performer.
  • A primary one is the release of the departed soul in tranquility towards its destined journey.
  • This ceremony can also bestow on the performer improved health, mental calm, business triumphs, and educational successes. Additionally, it can remove obstacles in marriage and ensure the timely occurrence of various life events.


The Gokarna Narayana Bali Puja holds immense spiritual value for those seeking to mitigate the adverse effects of unusual death instances and to pay tribute to the departed. Through careful execution of these sacred rituals, Gokarna, steeped in spirituality and ancient customs, provides an ideal ambiance for carrying out this ceremony. Immerse yourself in this divine journey and ferry the departed souls to peace through the sacrosanct practice of Narayana Bali Puja at Gokarna, Karnataka.

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*Note: The expenditure involved in conducting the Narayana Bali Puja at Gokarna may vary according to personalized requirements and arrangements.

Auspicious Days for Narayana Bali Puja in 2024

MonthNarayan Bali Puja Dates
Jan 20244jan, 8Jan, 13Jan, 18Jan, 21Jan, 23Jan, 25Jan, and 31Jan
Feb 20241Feb, 4Feb, 6Feb, 15Feb, 18Feb, 22Feb, and 27Feb
Mar 20241Mar, 3Mar, 6Mar, 8Mar, 13Mar, 16Mar, 20Mar, 26Mar and 30Mar
Apr 20242Apr, 4Apr, 9Apr, 12Apr, 16Apr, 20Apr, 22Apr, 26Apr, 29Apr
May 20241May, 7May, 10May, 14May, 17May, 19May ,24May ,27May, 29May
Jun 20243Jun, 6Jun, 10Jun, 13Jun, 16Jun, 20Jun, 23Jun, 25Jun, 30Jun
Jul 20243Jul, 7Jul, 11Jul, 14Jul, 17Jul, 20Jul, 22Jul, 28Jul, 31Jul
Aug 20243Aug, 10Aug, 13Aug, 15Aug, 20Aug, 23Aug, 30Aug
Sep 202412Sep, 18Sep, 21Sep, 24Sep, 28Sep, 30Sep
Oct 20243Oct, 7Oct, 9Oct, 14Oct, 17Oct, 21Oct, 24Oct, 29Oct
Nov 20243Nov, 7Nov, 9Nov, 14Nov, 17Nov, 21Nov, 29Nov
Dec 20241Dec, 4Dec, 6Dec, 12Dec, 18Dec, 21Dec, 26Dec and 31Dec
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