Garuda Vahana Seva

Srivari Garuda Vahana Seva

SriVari SalaKatla Brahmotsavam Garuda Vahana Seva

Tirumala 20 Sep 15: All the ways in temple town of Tirupati led to Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple on sunday evening owing to the important fete of Garuda Seva as a part of the ongoing SalaKatla brahmotsavams in Tirumala

Garuda being the mighty servant of Lord Sri Venkateswara is also considered to be the King of Aves. Without the Garuda Seva, the VahanaSeva of Lord will not be complete.

This event has gathered huge reception among the devotees and pilgrims, as Lakhs of pilgrims converge to witness the procession of Lord Malayappa Swamy in the four-mada streets.

Garuda Seva will be performed on Pournami days and during Brahmotsavam days.

Garuda Vahana Seva Gallery

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  1. Galiuka deivam garudavahanam namaste govindagovinda