Gangapur Temple

Gangapur Temple History, Timings, Pooja and Route details

Gangapur Temple History

As per the Legend, Sage Atri performed strict penance for years and his powers grew so much that flames began to emerge from his Jatas. Lord Vishnu, Siva, Brahma appeared before him and asked him as to what he desired. Atri asked for a son who had Gunas of all Gods. They promised him that in the second part of Yuga of the Vaivaswat Manvantar, children would be born to him. who would be incarnations of themselves, Accordingly, in due course, Anasuya gave birth to a number of children, the number is variously stated to be either ten or three, anyway, three of children were the Amshas or parts o part incarnations of the three gods. The first son, Soma, was an Avtar of Brahma, the second Datta that of Vishnu and the third Durvasa that of Siva. Dattatreya performed strict penance for the attainment of ‘True knowledge’. He performed penance for hundreds of years on the banks of River Gomati and acquired Satya Gnyana.

The Crowd will be high during Purnima (Full moon day), Amavasya (No moon day), Thursdays, Sundays and other Festival days.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

Places nearby Gangpur Temple

  1. Samarth Kshetra in Akkalkot which is 40 km from Solapur
  2. Panduranga Vittal Kshetra at Pandarpur is 75 km from Solapur
  3. Tuljapur Bhavani Temple is 50 km from Solapur

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How to reach Gangapur Temple?

By Air.

  1. The nearest airport is at Solapur which is 95 km away.

By Train

  1. The nearest station is at Gangapur Road which is 23 km away.
  2. Gulbarga town is 40 km away.
  3. Gangapur railway station is well connected with major parts of India

By Road

  1. Temple is easily reachable from Gulbarga in Karnataka.

Gangapur Temple images

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