Ear Boring at Tirumala

Ear Boring Procedure and Timings at Tirumala, Booking Procedure

Only traditional method of Ear-boring is performed in Tirumala. Gunshot type boring is not allowed in Tirumala. The ear-boring process usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

Ear boring Procedure and Cost At Tirumala

  • Please note that this event should be performed before Sri Venkateswara Darshan at Ananda Nilayam.
  • Ear boring Tirumala will also be performed at cottages, with additional charges.
  • And also note that advance booking is not required.
  • Plan the event on an auspicious day and head towards Purohit Sangam, which is right opposite Nandakam Cottage for this event and pay the challan at the counter, then hand over the receipt to Ear Boring staff.

    Ear Boring or Ear Piercing  Charges in Tirumala

Ear Boring at Purohit SangamRs. 50
Ear Boring at CottageRs. 100

Ear Boring Location: purohit Sangam beside CRO General counter i.e, inside SUDARSHAN choultry which is opposite to TIRUMALA bus station.

Ear boring Timings: 6 am  Р6 pmThis event will be performed daily at Purohit Sangam (Kalyana Vedika), Papavinasanam Road.

Ear boring will be performed in a traditional way. The gunshot is not available. Please note that there is no online booking for this ticket.

For any queries related to Ear Boring, please leave your comment below, we will get back to you on your query at the earliest.

Auspicious Dates for Ear Boring


  1. What are the timings for ear piercing?

    • Dear Sureskha,

      Ear Piercing Timings : Daily, 6 am to 6 pm at purohith sangam whch is beside C.R.O General counter i.e. Inside SUDARSHAN choultry opp to TIRUMALA bus stand.

      Please let me know if further details required.




    The head shave is done on the same place or we have done separately and go for ear boring.

    please help us.

  3. Hi,

    We are planing to do head shave and ear boring on next month for my son (11months). We need separate place (cottage / small Mandapam) to do this functions with some Mangala vathiyam Music.

    Also if any one can help us to orgainse this earlier will be very help full for us.

    Thanks , waiting for your reply.

    • Dear Murali,

      It can be done at Purohit sangam Tirumala with Mangala Vathiyam music. Let me check with Purohit sangam if it can be pre-arranged.


  4. Hello,

    Please let us know if both ear boring and tonsure done at the same place?


    • Dear Sir,

      Ear boring will be done at Purohit Sangam. Tonsure will be done at Rambageecha Guest House (Paid services), Padmavathi Guest Houes (Paid services), Kalyanakatta( free)

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  5. Sir, v r planning gor ear piercing n tonsure for my son during dec….pls tell me is dhanurmasam the rite time….also pls help me with any package trip available for the same as v r 15 ppl travelling….any likely procedure to b followed also to b intimated. If i cn get an phone number of a prrson who cn coordinate the evnts it wud b of great help

    • Dear Yogesh,

      Not a problem, It can be done. Please reply me with your contact.
      Could you let me know the date you are planning to perform tonsure and ear piercing?


  6. Hi….

    I’m planning for ear piercing for my son on 26.12.2015 in tirumala. i want to do it seperately in a auspicious way. Can you arrange for it?

    • Dear Srikanth,

      If you have already booked the accommodation in Tirumala, then the event can be done at your cottage in a traditional way.

      Please let me know if you need more details.



  7. Hi Sir
    Iam Planning For Ear Piercing for My Daughter on FEB13 I Alredy Book Accomdetion in Tirumala How To Get That Tickets and If u Arrenge in Cottege only. if u arrange in Cottage How Much That Charge. and They r using Gunshot or Normaly please Let me Know

  8. jagadeeshwar kaveti

    We wanted to do our daughters ear piercing in thirumal Temple in special way under graces of lord Govinda on February 11th 2016.May I know the process please …

  9. Is that thirupathis offering gold earings free of cost for children.

  10. Hi kamal,

    Om Namo Venkatesaya…

    Is the Ear Piercing will be available in the Gubba Choultry …

    Any how i need another information.

    We are about to have Tonsuring for nearly 4 to 5 Old People, Can we have that in Ram Bageecha Guest House.

    Best Regards,
    RadhaKrishna K

  11. Hi, this is Krishna. I have planned for my daughter’s ear boring ceremony on 28th Feb. I would like to know if we can have the manual ear piercing by a professional instead of gun shot during the ear boring ceremony.
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Hi, My Name is Suresh and i have planned for My daughter’s Ear Boring ceremony on March -2016, we would like to know about, after Ear Boring we can go for tonsure (puttu ventrukalu ) for my daughter or which one need to perform first ? , please guide me
    Thank in Advance for your reply

  13. Hi, we are planning to do our daughter ear boring. Would like to know whether painless method is available there. My lo is 9 month old.

    • Dear Santhosh,

      Yes, it will not pain. Don’t worry, it is one shot and easy procedure


  14. Prasanna Venkatesh

    Hi, If ear boring is done by gun shot, then is it possible to wear the earring which we bought or only the earring from professionals?
    Will the professionals use the needle to pierce the ear?

    • Dear Prasanna Venkatesh,

      Yes, you can put earrings after this gun shot. No need for professionals for this. They will not use the needle to pierce the ear.

      It will not pain for the kids.


  15. Prasanna Venkatesh

    Thanks for the reply.

    One more question: Do they insert our earring in the gunshot machine during ear piercing itself?

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, they can do that as well on request. ear piercing person will listen to our instructions which will not be a problem


  16. Sir,
    How is the ear piercing procedure done ? Is it still done in a traditional manner or using a shot gun?


  17. Thank you for the response! What kind of gold earrings do you suggest us to get as am not aware if there are any special kind of earrings used for Gunshot? Will the professional use the earrings we get to pierce the ear?

    • Dear Madam,

      Ear rings without hangings is suggestable so that baby will not feel the pain. Just plain ear rings will be good for now.
      Yes, professional will use the ear rings provided by the devotees.


  18. Is traditional method of ear piercing available @ tirumala? Should we buy gold needles in addition to the Ear rings or will the ear piercing person has gold needle? Thanks!

    • Dear Vijay Sai,

      It is by Gunshot so babies will not have pain. Ear rings will do, no need for gold needles.

      • Thanks for your response. Is it only gun shot in entire Tirumala. Or can we choose traditional method instead of gunshot. Kindly suggest place where we can have the piercing in traditional manner.

  19. LAkshmiwill be giving

    For gun shot ear piercing we need to buy ear ring for gun shot type ?

  20. Hello sir,
    Is there gunshot method in temple. How to book for that

  21. sudha srinivasalu

    Whether normal earring can be used while gunshot ????

  22. Adari Hari Venkata Prasad

    there is any gunshot methods in tirupathi.

  23. Sir, for gun shot all day is possible? Is it possible to extend our stay in tirumala for accomodation

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, the gunshot is available for all day. The room will be allotted for 24 hours. Extension may be denied.

  24. Is ear boring will be done for adults also in tirumala.

  25. I want to pierce my ears with gold earrings…
    As an adult boy can I do there..?
    Are earrings available At tirumala

  26. Whether ear piercing is done either on odd or even month of baby

  27. Do I need to carry anything for ear piercing? Like any pooja items…. Please share the detail procedure

    • Dear Sir,
      Please carry earrings alone. No need for any other materials for this event.

  28. Is Ear Boring is done in Aashadam in Tirumala….Please help me in this regard.

  29. Dear sir,
    We are planning for ear piercing for baby girl at 26 month ie in october..is it fine? and which piercing would be better gunshot or normal?

  30. Dear Sir,

    We are coming to Tirupati on 26th Sep 2016 with our baby for ear piercing. We want to go for gunshot. Can you please give more information on gunshot?

    1. Where exactly in Tirupati is gunshot done?
    2. Contact number / person who can guide us on gunshot.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  31. sir does one need to tonsure the head before earboring or it can be done without tonsuring too

  32. does earboring for elders painful procedure and how long will it take to heal
    and secondly weather gun shot or manual ear pearcing is better and less painful
    pl advise.

    • Dear Sir,
      It is a simple process and will not take much time to heal. Gunshot is just a sec, babies will not feel the pain

  33. Sir,
    Which method better gunshot or normal

  34. can we bore ourv daughter’s ear without tonsuring?

  35. Sir,
    I would like to know if tonsuring and ear boring can be done at a same place ? I have planned this event on September 8 for my 2kids. Would like to know infant queue timings to see dardars bcz I have planned the timings between 10 am to 11am.

    • Dear Madam,
      Ear boring at Purohit Sangam. Tonsuring at Rambagicha Guest house near main temple.

      Near SUPATHAM entrance
      8.30-10.30 am
      12 to 5 pm
      both parents and infant are allowed without any ticket
      sometimes asks for child dob.if proof is there plz carry


      • Sir,
        Thanks for your reply,, I would like to know if the Infant queue is a moving Q or we will be put in gallery ? because I am carrying 7 months baby with me so need to be well prepared.

        Also if I get in 1pm slot , how long it will take to see the darshan

        • Dear Madam,
          Most of the days it will be moving Q. At times, it will be gallery for 30 mins. It might take 2 hours max.

  36. Can we get staff and purohit for private ear boring and chowla ceremony for my 8 month old boy at our accommodation in a mutt?

  37. Gunshot is available in tirumala??

  38. Hello Sir, My daughter is 3 years and want to do tonsuring and ear pericing. what method r u gonna pierce the ear – Gun shot / pierce with earings. is there any rituals to be followed. who will do it, where should v go. will b there on aug 22 2016 at tirumala. Kindly help us.Anything to be brought for the ritual as this is the first time ear piercing.

  39. Dear Admin,

    We are planning for ear piercing for my kid on 08-09-2016, We are about 40 persons coming from chennai, let us know where we can accomadate those people for ear piercing and which rooms should i book if we are coming in a day advance.

    • Dear Sir,
      One can book 1 room using 1 login ID. For 40 members, you would need 8 rooms.Please look for Rs.500 and above if available

  40. Hello Sir,
    We planned for ear piercing on 4th Sep 2016 at Tirumala. Will the Purohit sangam people will have disposable/hygienic ear piercing instruments for both manual or gun shots?
    Or do you suggest getting new one by our self?
    Plz advice.

  41. Namaskaram sir,
    Ma Papaki eppudu 9th month September 14,15 kaani chevi pogulu kuttinchavacha memu 14 th ki tirupathi ki vasthunam puttiventrakulu thiyenchadaniki oka vela chevi pogulu kuttinchadam kudhirithe memu am thechukovali eppudu mutam antunaru konchem dhayachesi maku samdhanam evvandi ayyavaru namaskram

    • Dear Madam,
      Meeru chevipogulu thecchukovaali… advance booking emi avasaram ledu.. Purohit sangam lo chevi pogulu kuduthaaru. Puttiventrukalu ni Rambagicha guesthouse lo theeyinchandi..guesthouse main temple dagarra vundhi.

    • Namaskaram Sir,
      Ma Papaki Ipudu 11 months October 9th ki 11months Complete avtaee nenu October1st ki vastamu puttiventrakulu thiyenchadaniki yekada thiyenchalo kocham chepandi ayyagaru

      • Dear Madam,
        Purohit Sangam ani.. Papavinasanam road lo vundhi ear boring center akkada chevi pogulu kuttinchaali..
        Putti Ventrukulaku ithe.. Rambagicha guesthouse near main temple..akkada chesthe sari pothundhi

  42. December lo babu dhi function undhi.
    Room e-accommodation 500rs dhi book chesam adhi 12hrs ani chupisthundhi.. is it 12hrs or 24hrs koncham details chepandi.
    And babu ki ear piercing and hair offering cheinchali, e function cheyadaniki marriage hall laga mini hall emana undha.. okavela unte details chepandi.
    please Reply me as soon as possible.
    thank you

    • Dear Sir,
      Room ni 24 allot chestharu.. 12 hour anedhi check-in slot mathrame. ante meeru 12 hours lo eppudu ina check-in avvacchu. Halls unnayi..dhaniki booking. in person ga vacchi chesukovaali.


    We are planning to book 50rs room through ttdsevaonline in tirumala. We want the head tonsure and ear boring to be done at the room itself. I understand it is additional charge.But could you please tell how/where to contact that person to come to our room?Is there any specific timings for the person to come to room?Thanks

    • Dear Madam,
      You can request for the person at Purohit Sangam inperson. I doubt if they can come to cottage. Rs.50 tickets to be booekd at TTD Counter. Purohti Sangam will be available from 6 am – 6 pm

  44. Hi…iam planning my son’s annaprasanna puja at tirumala.tell me what is the procedure?

  45. Hi,,,, Iam planning my daughter’s ear pierce. where i have to approach at tirumala. please help. some people are saying papanasam. please guide

  46. Hi

    memu chevi pogulu tirumala lo plan chestunnamu . Emi aina gunshot dorukutunda ? If yes Please checppandi .


  47. I am planning for ear boring to my 11 months old baby. I have already booked cottages. Could you please let me know whether the ear boring can be done at my cottage or should I take my baby to Purohit Sangam ?

    • Hi madam,

      You have to contact at purohit sanagam for ear piercing only head tonsuring avilable at guest houses.


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  49. I Planned to visit Tirumala on 22.04.2017 Saturday and Ekadasi day. My doubt is whether ekadasi day and Saturday is good day to do hair offering and ear to my baby girl 5 years old.

    • HI Sir,

      Please contact at local astrologer to get the best days to perform the ear piercing and hair offering.


  50. Hi i have planning for ear boring for my daughters. I want to know how long it takes for ear boring at Purohit Sangam

  51. Hi.. Sir
    Memu Aprl 25th ki ventrukalu thiyistham.. Chevi pogulu kuda kuttinchali ani plan.. Gunshot emaina undha akkada… Plzzz chepandi..

  52. senthil kumar v

    we are a plan to invite 20 peoples ear boring function as well Swamy darshan. it is possible to room accommodation any other facility stay there…

    • HI Sir,

      till june mid accomadations are fully booked so on arrival under current bookings you can check.


  53. I am living in gobichetitpalayam(tamilnadu), my child ear boring date april 2018. invite 20 peoples. so please I will advance booking ideas request.

  54. Hi sir,
    Menu July 6 Thursday ventrukalu mariyu chevi pogulu kuttinchaali.
    Please provide available timings

    • Hi Sir,
      you can do at purohit sangam in tirumala and the timings are 6am to 9pm.

      Thank you.

  55. On August 11,2017 we planned for ear boring toy grand daughter.where can I contact ?

  56. We will planing to ear boring to my child at tirumala on September 2017, which material to use for boring….gold or copper ?

  57. Hi there,

    Where can we get gunshot based ear boring in Tirumala ?

  58. Hi Sir,
    To perform ear boring at cottages, whom should we contact.. could you please provide the contact details ? Also, for baby tonsure( head shave) similar facility to perform at cottages available Sir?

  59. Namastey
    We have planned to make ear boring for my 11 months old daughter… Is gun shot available or only in the traditional way

  60. Hi Sir

    I want know which place in ttd for ear boring. kindly share

  61. Required details regarding ear boring

  62. Coming Saturday in Tirumala I want to do ear piercing for my 10 months old kids.. is there is any advance booking to be done for that..

  63. And also confirm.. if they come to cottage where we going to stay and do the ear boring

  64. Can they do ear boring with our gold Ear rings or stud

  65. Can anyone please answer my queries

  66. Sir/madam Anna muhrtam spot is available r not in Tirumala?

  67. We require tonsure and ear piercing on 7th of April.. can any one help..

  68. Exactly where ear boring spot
    Plz reply me sir

  69. Our native place is villupuram . we planned to start on 14th april 2018 night from villupuram. we want to do ear borings for our children on 15th april 2018 in the morning. kindly guide us how to be in preplan without any struggle visiting tirupati

    • HI Madam,

      You can contact at 9393939510 they will suggest you the good plan about your visit


  70. Hi..We are from Chennai..we need to know that ear boring and hair taking is available in sapthagiri cottage..pls make us clear

  71. Parameshwarimurugan

    Hello madam we from dharmapuri I need some information for ear boring and take hair for my children kindly request you have to guide me

  72. Hello Sir/madam,

    I need guidance for ear piercings for my daughter.


    • HI Sir,

      On arrival at you can get at kalayanakatta to plan your daughter ear piercing.


  73. Sir,
    My age is 35 but didn’t done ear boring yet. But I want it to be done now. Can I do ear boring now if yes what is the procedure to do ear boring at thirumala thank you in advance

  74. Hello ,
    We are planning to do Ear boring for my son 10 months on July 1,we are planning to arrive their with relatives of 30 members ,we need accommodation for 30 members for one night and ear boring function in the morning.Kindly advice me the procedure to do all those things.

    Thanks in advance.

    Dinesh kumar R

    • HI Sir,

      it is difficult to get the rooms in tirumala sir and rooms also fully booked so it is suggested to stay at at tirupathi and you can travel at the time of ear boring for more details you can contact at 9393939510


  75. Mythili Venkatesh

    We need to do head shaving and ear piercing in October 2018 preferably at the cottage. Is it possible on the same day?

  76. Hi

    We have planned for ear boring for my 10 months old daughter on Nov 9,2018 at tirumala. We are coming with 20 family members.

    In what Seva we can book for all 20 members together, so that we can make darsan at same time?

    Pls suggest.

    • HI Madam/Sir,

      You can plan to book the tickets in same slots for all so that all together you can get the darshan


  77. Hi sir
    My two children of 10 months , I have to make ear boring and head saving on 18th of July 2018 we are 9 member traveling to Tirupati pls can you help us whom should contact

  78. Hi my baby is 7 months old and we are planning for ear piercing and head shaving on 20th October 2018. We are 5 members travelling. Can you help us whom we should contac and how to proceed.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can plan it on arrival directly at kalyana katta for further details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  79. Dear Sir/Madam,
    You need to get directly at kalyana katta for further details please contact 9393939150.
    Thank you.

  80. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Yes you will be provided with good well maintained staf.
    Thank you.

  81. Hi my baby is 7 months old, we are planning for ear piercing and mottai on 19 the February 2019. We are 5 members travelling , can you help us for whom we contact and where we report

  82. I am planned on april. My baby is nine months on april month. Is there any seperate place for babies ear piercing. we can go to dharshan straightly after the ear piercing and mottai. and is there any age restriction is there have any room near that cottage

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can avail infant darshan from 12 pm to 5 pm , for more details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.


    Planning for ear piercing on 18th Feb..do we need to bring ear rings for the baby or is it provided at the venue

  84. Hi,

    We are planning to have Tonsure and Ear boring for our child next month in thirupath.

    Can you please let us know the Venue ? Ear boring and tonsure can be done in same place or in different place?

    This place is situated to near dharshan place or long way from that?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can plan the ear boring at purohith sangam and head tonsure at kalyana katta, which is little away from the main temple but not too far .
      Thank you.

  85. Sir iam neelima.. My daughter ear boring is with gun shot is possible at thirumala

  86. We are planning on June. Need to take 50+ people. Is there any arrangements can we make for accommodation, food and hall??

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes you can get the ear boring done at Tirumala purohit sangam and for further details call on 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  87. Tarun Kumar yadava

    I have booked for darshan on 21st April 1600 hour slot. Is it possible to complete the ear piercing activity morning itself. Do any priest I can get to perform a small puja over there and how much it will cost.

  88. Hi ear boring do in night..

  89. Shanmukha venkatesh

    Hai can you send me the ear boring person on my cottage..at 8Am

  90. For ear boring we need to book or we can come directly and do boring

    Pls let me know and which place for boring

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You can get ear boring at purohit sanagam in tirumala you can directly get that on arrival .
      Thank you.