Divya Darshan Tokens New Process at Srivari Mettu

Divya Darshan Tokens New Process at Srivari Mettu and Alipiri Mettu.

  • Srivari Mettu Opening Timings: 6.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m (Daily)
  • Srivari Mettu Divya Darshan token quota: 5000 tickets per day.
  • Alipiri Mettu Opening Timings: 2.00 a.m.
  • Alipiri Darshan tickets quota: 20,000 (SSD Tokens)
  • Alipiri Divya Darshan tokens will be issued at Alipiri Bhudevi Complex.

Divya Darshan Tokens New Process at Srivari Mettu

The TTD has restarted the scanning of Divya Darshan tokens at the 1200th step along the Srivari Mettu footpath route, and the trial run for the same is being carried out on June 20, 2024.

Those devotees who have obtained Divya Darshan tokens at Srivari Mettu will be required to go through the scanning process at the 1200th step; otherwise, they will not be permitted to proceed through the Darshan queue lines, as was the case in the past.

It has been requested that the devotees take note of this modification and ensure that their darshan is planned correctly.

Alipiri Mettu Divya Darshan Procedure

As of now, Alipiri Mettu Divya Darshan tokens have been merged with slotted Sarva Darshan tokens. SSD tokens will be issued at Alipiri Bhudevi Complex. Devotees who get these tokens can reach Tirumala by foot or by their own transportation.

Luggage Depositing Counters at Alipiri and Srivari Mettu

With the new system, the Darshan tickets will be scanned and automatically preserved, along with information on the passengers’ mobile phones and luggage. Additionally, for those passengers who do not have Darshan tickets, their items will be scanned, and a QR code receipt will be generated along with an RFID code. Similarly, for mobile deposits, devotees’ Aadhar details are collected together with Srivari Darshan tickets, and a QR code and receipt are provided to the devotees.

The devotees receive a text message (SMS) on the time that their luggage arrives because the luggage vans are equipped with a GPS link. As soon as the receipts are scanned at the display kiosks in front of the luggage counter, the availability of luggage is immediately signaled at the luggage centers using a color-coding system. The luggage is then put on trolleys and sent to the counters.

From the beginning of the month, the new system has been in operation, and on a daily basis, around 60,000 mobile phones and 40,000 bags are placed and distributed in a hassle-free manner through 44 counters located in 16 different centers.

At the ticket kiosks for the Rs. 300 Darshan, as well as at the Divya Darshan, Sarva Darshan, Supadam, Srivari Mettu, and Alipiri check points, special deposit centers have been installed. The Transportation Department has erected twenty counters in common luggage centers, six counters at GNC, and two counters at TBC for the purpose of retrieval.


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