Chakratheertha Mukkoti

Chakratheertha Mukkoti

Chakratheertha Mukkoti on 30 Nov

One of the most important Teertha Mahotsavams, the Chakra Teertha Mukkoti will take place in Tirumala on November 30.

After the morning and noon bells and naivedyam, a team of TTD officials, archakas will go to the Chakra Teertham which is located few miles away on the southern side of the Tirumala shrine in the Seshachalam ranges.

The priests offer special Abhishekam and pujas to the Sudarshana Chakrattalwar, Sri Lakshmi Nrisimhaswamy and Sri Anjaneya Swamy located in this holy place. After performing Harati they will return to the temple.

According to Skanda Purana, a sage Sri Padmanabha Maharshi did 12 years of penance in this area and appeased Lord Venkateswara who granted him the boon of worshipping Him till the end of the aeon. One day, a demon tried to kill the sage and the later prayed Lord, who sent His Sudarshana Chakram to protect Sage Padmanabha. The divine disc killed the demon and on the request of the Sage, it resided here and since then has been protecting the devotees from evil forces. So the holy place is named as Chakrateertham.

The Varaha Purana describes that there are 66 crore Teerthas located in Seshachalam ranges. Chakrateertham is considered as the most powerful one after Swamy Pushkarini Teertham. Hence it attained a special place among the seven important Saptha Teerthas located in Tirumala Seshachalam ranges.